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Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you, i hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you top fashion shops in The Netherland in my opinion.

1. Primark
2. Dior
3. H&M
4. C&A
5. Gerry Weber
6. Bomont
7. Zara
8. Nike
9. Michael kors
10. Sissy boys
11. Timberland
These above mentioned shoos are present in Amsterdam, Rotterdam. and more other cities

Some of these above-mentioned shops are present abroad too.

For example. Timberland shops are present in Belgium, Germany and in The United Kingdom.

Dressing properly is advised.

Most students are usually in budget, in order to save cost and be able to afford other essentials we do need on daily basis, it is advised to buy cool outfits from primary, c&a, h&m and so on.
Are you a student or a working class living in Antwerpen Belgium, London, the United Kingdom or
are you living in Goes, Vlissingen, Rotterdam or any other neiboring cities in The Netherland, do shop for your fabulous outfits from these above-mentioned shops.


  1. Gerry Weber
  2. Zara
  3. Chanel
  4. Boohoo
  5. Bomont
  6. Gucci
  7. Michael Kors

These above-mentioned fashion shops offer very beautiful outfits.

Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear in advance. Zara, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Prada, Jimmy Choo are great brands to shop for this festive season.

Are you living in Antwerpen, Amsterdam, please visit the Michael kors shop in Rotterdam for our fabulous shopping!

There is Gerry weber shop in Middelburg, Vlissingen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and many other cities in The Netherlands, Gerry weber has very fabulous outfits!

Chanel is a great brand that makes very feminine outfits perfumes and makeup!

Would you like to look more fabulous this festive season? I do advice you shop at these above-mentioned shops and also other shops i added on the top pages of my websites blacknoir and my fabulous beauties.


  1. Primark
  2. Zara
  3. Cluse
  4. Tedbaker
  5. We Fashion
  6. H&M
  7. Gerry Weber

These above-mentioned fashion shops are present in different cities in The Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and so on. You may find some of these fashion shops in other cities outside the Netherlands.

You may find these fashion shops in London, Newyork, Spain, Paris and more!

Cluse is an online shop. You may be able to shop for school bags,  earings and more on cluse.

I have experienced some outfits from some of these above-mentioned fashion brands.

Are you living in The Netherlands, United states or in The United Kingdom, I do encourage you to shop from these above-mentioned brands.


1. Michael Kors

2. Dior

3. Gucci

4. Prada

Louis Vuitton



8. Alexander McQueen

9. Chanel

These above-named brands have fabulous outfits for male and female.

I like to wear very stylish outfits. I have had the ample opportunity to have worn outfits from these above-mentioned brands, I am very with the texture and durability.

Are you living in Belgium, The Netherlands Spain, Milan or France, or any other country you can shop for these outfits online from their nearest outlets in your vicinity.

I promote goods and services aswell for companies on my websites blacknoir and on myfabulousbeauties


1. Primark

2. Dior

3. H&M

4. C&A

5. Gerry Weber

6. Bomont

7. Zara

8. Nike

9. Michael Kors

10. Sissy boys

11. Timberland

These above mentioned shoos are present in Amsterdam, Rotterdam. and more other cities.

Some of these above-mentioned shops are present abroad too.

For example. Timberland shops are present in Belgium, Germany and in The United Kingdom.

Dressing properly is advised.

Most students are usually in budget, in order to save cost and be able to afford other essentials we do need on daily basis, it is adviced to buy cool outfits from Primark, c&a, h&m and so on.

Are you living in Goes, Vlissingen, Rotterdam or any other neiboring city, do shop for your fabulous outfits from these above mentioned shops

Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you seven top shops for buying personal essentials as a student in my own opinion

1. Amazon
3. Cluse
5 We Fashion.
6 Zara
These above-mentioned shops have cool items for students.

For example, Amazon is a great shop for shopping for stylish outfits, books and more.

Wehkamp offers very beautiful shoes, fashionable items and so on.

Wehkamp and ships to cities in The Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and also to cities outside the Netherlands.

You may want to shop from cluse, we fashion and from eBay as well. Cluse offers very modern and trendy school backs dutch students loves very much!

Are you studying in Spain, Accra Ghana, India, China or any other country, do shop from these above mentioned shops


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you seven top shops for buying personal essentials as a student in my own opinion

1. Amazon
3. Cluse
5 We Fashion.
6 Zara
These above-mentioned shops have cool items for students.

For example, Amazon is a great shop for shopping for stylish outfits, books and more.

Wehkamp offers very beautiful shoes, fashionable items and so on.

Wehkamp and ships to cities in The Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and also to cities outside the Netherlands.

You may want to shop from cluse, we fashion and from eBay as well. Cluse offers very modern and trendy school backs dutch students loves very much!

Are you studying in Spain, Accra Ghana, India, China or any other country, do shop from these above mentioned shops

Thank you so much for reading my blog!


Ekene Patience


  1. Chanel
  2. Louis Vulton
  3. Gucci
  4. Prada
  5. Dior

I have been admiring these brands for very long time. I do like chanel handbag very much. Gucci has very nice outfits too. Louis Vulton is a french brand. Louis vulton has very nice outfits for male and female.

I have been using the makeup items from the brand dior for a while now, aside from makeup, dior also makes very very pretty dresses. I do like chanel perfume very much and wear it seldomly. I wear channel perfume whenever i have a very important occasion. Chanel also have nice male perfumes too. You may shop for the items offered  by these above mentioned brands via their websites, you would love it.

Is your loved one celebrating his or her birthday soon? I do recommend you gift him or her a nice louis vulton perfume or chanel perfume, that would be fabulous! I do advise you purchase a nice outfit from these above-mentioned brands because their outfits are very durable and stylish


1. Open 32 Fashion Goes, Zeeland
2. H&M Vlissingen
3. Omoda Vlissingen
4. C&A Middelburg
5. Bomont Middelburg
Man field Middelburg
Esprit Middelburg

Winter period is around the corner, Bomont is a great shop for shopping for winter outfits. You can buy lovely winter jacket from Bomont in Middelburg. Bomont is also in Goes Zeeland.

Omoda offers very lovely winter shoes from brands such as Cruyff, Shabbies and more.

H&M Vlissingen has very nice blazers, winter outfits suitable for working environment.
I like esprit outfits very much. You can buy nice trousers from esprit shop in Middelburg or at the esprit shop in Rotterdam.

Wearing great outfits from these above-mentioned shops would make you feel fabulous.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

I am it and web shop designer and web designer. I build basic websites. I am also a photo model.


1. Vogue

2. Cosmopolitan

3 Elle


5. Grazia

These above-mentioned magazine offers very interesting topics.

For example, vogue magazines feature top models such as Aduth Akesh, Naomi Campbell on their magazine.

Are you a fan on lifestyle, beauty, makeup and fashion topics, please read these above-mentioned magazines

Thank you so much for reading my blog


1. Ash Luxury

2. Shoprite victoria island Lagos tommy Hilfiger shop

3. Zizi cardow

4 Shopkyluxury

5. Jumia

Wearing very pretty is highly recommended for ladies. Dresses makes a woman look good and feel feminine.

I like wearing dresses very much. Jumia is an online shop in Nigeria, you can buy very nice dresses and lovely gadgets on Jumia as well.

Are you planning for a party soon? you may want to shop for elegant outfits from this above-mentioned shop. also sells very nice dresses.

Lagos Nigeria a very beautiful city.

I do recommend you visit these above-mentioned shops or shops online for your fabulous dresses.


1. Edmond Paris


3. Chanel

4. Michael Kors

5. Louis Vuitton

6. Gucci

7. Prada

Paris is a beautiful city. Parisian ladies love to look chic and elegant. Most Parisian ladies does shop at the above-mentioned shops.

We all love to wake up, look good and dress up properly. Wearing tidy clothes, nice handbag and sleek shoes is recommended.

Are you planning to visit Disney land Paris soon or are you living in Paris or just visiting Paris for fun or for holidays, i do recommend you shop at these above-mentioned shops


  1. Chanel
  2. Tommy Hilfiger
  3. Gucci Paris
  4. Michael Kors
  5. Dior
  6. Louis Vuitton
  7. Tom grey hound

Paris France is a beautiful city and a great place for holiday. Many persons love to travel from all around the world to Paris for great side attractions. Aside from shopping in Paris, you might wat to visit Disneyland paris or spend the night at the Hilton hotel Paris. I have been to Paris, I really like the pictures i took close to the ivory tower.

Paris is a fabulous city and i do recommend Paris as your next holiday destination!


1. Gerry weber vlissingen

2. H&M Vlissingen

3. Bomont Goes

4. Omoda Vlissingen

5. Open 32 Goes

6. We fashion shop for men Middelburg

C&A Middelburg

Zeeland is a beautiful place to be. Aside from shopping at these above-mentioned shops, you can lodge at the fabulous hotel called Fletchers Hotels Vlissingen or you can spend the night at Van der Valk Middelburg.

Roompot also has fabulous holiday homes. Roompot is a German brand in The Netherland. The company builds amazing holiday homes.


  1. Wear outfitf from bomont shop in The Netherlands
  2. Wear esprit trousers or other outfits
  3. Wear c&a outfits
  4. Wear Chanel dresses
  5. Wear boohoo dresses
  6. wear femme luxe dresses
  7. Wear h&m outfits

C&a,  h&m has very nice outfits for men and women, we fashion too. Dressing up is really nice. I like outfits from  the above mentioned brands. You may buy nice jeans from bomont in Middelburg, or a nice t shirt from C& A in Vlissingen.

C&A also has very nice bikini for going to the beach! The beach is really nice for chilling out with friends and family and also for making nice pictures!

If you do want to buy nice fashionable items in Lagos Nigeria, you can buy it at tommy hilfiger shop at shoprite in Lagos Nigeria or from ash luxury. if you do live in Newyork, you may shop for chanel dresses .

Kukus hair lagos Nigeria has very nice long trendy hair.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

I am a photo model, Please contact me if you would like to make nice pictures of me.


1. University of Dundee
2. University of Nigeria Nsukka
3.  University of Edinburgh
4.  University of Newyork
5. University of Amsterdam
6. University of Harvard

Biochemistry is the study of chemistry of the biological components in the body. During the study of biochem, you tend to study biology, chemistry, statistics and other fun topics.

The study of biochemistry is fun because you tend to study about enzymes, catalysis, electron, neutrons and protons.

I am a biochemist. I strongly advise you study biochemistry at the above mentioned universities, you would love it. Would you like to learn online about basic topics related to  biochemistry?  how the body reacts, about saponification, estherification, atoms,  electrons, protons, neutrons, molecules, compounds, hydrocarbons, titration, osmosis, diffusion, sterilisation, catalysis, please chat with me via whatsapp. I do recommend you study biochemisty by reading stryer text book



1. Nike shop Amsterdam
2. Levi shop Amsterdam
3.van gils shoes Rotterdam
4. Adidas Rotterdam
5. Zalando
6. Wehkamp
open 32 jeans Goes
8. Car jeans

Are you a single or married, would you like to make your loved one very happy, please shop for your fabulous outfits from these above mentioned shops.

The reasons why I recommended these above mentioned shops is because their outfits are durable and very trendy.



1. Hugoboss
2. Tommy hilfiger
3. Gucci
4. Louis vulton
5. Prada

Shopping in Paris is fun and great. You may combine your awesome shopping redevous with lodging at a nice hotel, if you are a photo model, you may decide to make lovely pictures in a nice hotel room in Paris. Sofitel Paris is recommended.

Parisian style is always fun , pretty and fabulous! Chanel is also an awesome brand you can find in Paris.

Are you a top photo model from The Netherlands, do make paris france your next holiday destination, you would love it!


  1. We fashion Rotterdam
  2. Luxury fashion Denhaag
  3. Esprit shop Rotterdam central
  4. C&A fashion at rotterdam central
  5. Zara shop in Rotterdam Central

I enjoy shopping for lovely outfits. Wearing nice fashionable outfits can help you achieve a fabulous lifestyle. If you want to buy lovely outfits for work, I do recommend lovely shop such as C&A, we fashion and H&M. You may want to shop for nice sleeping wear with victoria secretvictoria has great brands. Suit supply at Amsterdam has cool outfits for me as well

Aside from shopping for fashionable items, you may want to shop for nice cosmetics at the body shop at rotterdam shopping street called the beurs. I like the body shop cosmetics very much such as the body wash, the body cream and the body scrub. The  body shop also has great perfums too.




  1. Ted baker
  2. Zara
  3. Zalando
  4. Wehkamp
  5. Dior
  6.  Michael Kors
  7. Gucci
  8. Prada
  9. Giorgio Armani

These above-mentioned fashion brands make lovely fashionable items for male and female.

During some of my modelling gigs, i used the foundation from dior, dior makes very good foundations and makeup items, aside from dior, chanel also makes makeup items.

I do enjoy promoting some of these above-mentioned brands on my website ekene patience,, and my fabulous beauties. is an affiliate marketing website. I am registered with crowd1 funding.

I am a website designer and it consultant. If you do wish to learn more about online business, do contact me


Merry christmas and happy newyear in advance! Today I am going to share with you top items in my own opinion you need for this festive season in my own opinion.

  1. Femme Luxe Dresses
  2. Boohoo dresses
  3. Nice ysl perfume from Ici Parisxl in Middelburg
  4. Nice rituals cosmetics
  5. Nice outfits fro Nike for men
  6. Head set from virtual reality
  7. Nice pair of jeans from Open 32 in Goes or Breda
  8. Levi shirt from bomont

These above mentioned brands has high quality products. Recently, I created a youtube video, whereby I wore several nice dresses from the brand Femme Luxe and also reviewed the headset and some rituals cosmetics here towards the end of this video.  Femme Luxe ships their clothing worldwide. I have done pr ( Public relations) gigs severally for femme Luxe, vr-i and other brands in europe and beyond. If you are in Nigeria, you may want to shop at, or at konga.

If you do wish to work with me, please do not hesitate to chat me up. Please find my contact details here on my website.

There are seven fashionable items you and your loved ones can wear/ rock this festive period and look great in my opinion;

1. Dresses from ted baker
2. Espirit jacket
3. Shoes from nike, guess or from dr. Martens
4. Headset from
5. Calvin klein shoes, jeans or g-star jean
6. Zara
7. Boohoo dresses.

The reasons i recommend these outfit is because, as a model, i have had the ample opportunity to wear some of these above mentioned brands of clothes during my photoshoot. These above mentioned items are great, durable and easy to maintain.

Aside from these above mentioned brand of clothing, you can wear other high end brands such as michael kors, dior, hermes and more. Perfumes from the brand dior, gucci and prada is highly recommended for male and female.  For skin care, items from the body shop, rituals, lush is a must have. I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


Blazer We Fashion

Shirt H&M

Skirt Only


These are five top unisex brands i admire;
1. DrMartens
2 Tommy hilfiger
4. Hugo boss
5. Esprit
6. Gant
7. Michaelkors
These above mentioned fashionable brands designs clothes for male and females. There clothing, shoes and accessories are really nice and modern.
Winter jacket from the brand michael kors , tommy hilfiger and esprit is a most have.
Silver creek also have stylish outfit.
I am a personal shopper. If you do need help with choosing the right outfit for you this winter period, please contact me.

In lagos Nigeria, you can shop at shoprite lekki lagos Nigeria or in europe . Shopping malls in Amsterdam’s, London , berlin and at ibiza highly recommended or you may want to shop at zalando or at wehkamp.

Wearing a nice winter coat would prevent you from catching cold this winter period.
Thank you for reading my blog.


I have been a photo model In The Netherlands and other European countries and I have coached several photographers on how to start a professional photography business. I still currently do one and one coaching regarding starting a business in The Netherlands and Nigeria and also promoting it.

In order to start and promote a successful business in The Netherlands or Nigeria, the following is advised;

  1. Choose a business name and register your business with the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands or the chamber of commerce in Nigeria.
  2. Choose a business name
  3. Set out a budget for your fashion business and for the promotion
  4. Advertise and promote as much as possible on sites such as FacebookTwittermarktplaats, gumtree
  5. Create a nice website for the business
  6. You may want to sell your manchedise on, ebay, facebook, marktplaats and so many other sites.
  7. Employ an individual to help you with your tax clearance
  8. If you need to start a fashion business, you may choose to rent a warehouse for clothing storage or sell on, amazon ,and marktplaat.
  9. Scout for models, bloggers to help you with modeling


1. Hugoboss
2. Tommy hilfiger
3. Gucci
4. Louis vulton
5. Prada
Shopping in Paris is great fun. You may combine your awesome shopping redevous with lodging at a nice hotel in Paris as well. Aside from these above mentioned brands, you may want to shop with zara or  with chanel  in paris.

I have had the great opportunity to have been to paris. I love paris very much, the country is very clean, has great tourist attractions such as the ivory tower and more.

Paris is a great city and also awesome for holidays! Please check out my youtube video visit to paris.

Do make Paris your next holiday destination.

I am a personal shopper, if you do want me to help you consult marketi research or help you shop from these above emntioned brands or any other, please do let me know.


There are seven fashion brands I admire a lot in this year 2021. I do recommend these fashion brands for students as well as employed  men and women in order to look more stylish and more fashionable this year 2021.

1. Tommy hilfiger

2. Michael kors

3. Giogio Armani


5. Armani

6.G star

7 Nike

Aside from these above mentioned brand of clothing, there are other fashion brands i like very much.

Trousers from the brand zara and levi are absolutely stunning

If you wish to have a nice wardrobe levi jeans and sweater is recommended and coperate wears from the brand zara is great.

Shoes from the brand Nike, Shabbies and Adidas is awesome for attending lectures.

I hope this blog post inspired you. If you do want to go for a shopping spree you should definitely go to instabul, london amsterdam and newyork. You surely would find these fashionable items there.

June/July 2021 Favourites
I am very happy to share with you my current favourite items

  1. Dior foundation
  2. Timberland shoes
  3. Mascara and lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury
  4. T shirt from Hawes & Curtis
  5. Rituals shampoo, body wash and cream
  6. English food from tesco
  7. Relaxing
  8. Underwear from Calvin klein
  9. Too faced eyeshadow

I have been using these above mentioned items for many years. I do like their brands, for example, Dior has nice foundation, aside from foundation, Dior has lipsticks, perfume and eyeshadow. I truly like the quality of the items. Too Faced eyeshadow is my current favourite eyeshadow brand. Aside from Too Faced eyeshadow, I also like Urban decay eyeshadow and Jefreestar eyeshadow very much!

Tesco is a supermarket in England. Tesco has really nice food and great customer service. Ritual cosmetics are really nice, love the scent, the texture of the body and also the Rituals shampoo is awesome for hair wash.

I also recommend chilling. You may visit cool hotels such as Radisson blu , Hilton, Ibis, Sheraton hotel to relax. You may want to find a nice location to travel to and relax, Sunweb, Kes and so many other travelling agency can help you choose a nice travel location


My skin tends to feel drier during the autumn period,  so I tend to use some cosmetic items to help relieve the dryness of my skin.

1. Use skincare and hand cream products from Rituals palmers and Biotherm.
2. Apply Guess or channel perfume on yourself. This would enable you to smell and feel great all day. Cool perfume can be purchased at cool shops such as Douglasici Parisxl, Sephora, and Mooi Parfumerie.
3. Wash your self two to three times a day before going to bed.

4. Purchase nice winter outfits and shoes from shops  such as Sheinde BijenkorfOmodaPrimark, Van Haren
5. Keep your self hydrated by drinking lots of water and a homemade smoothie. Avoid high sugar content.

7 Top Shops To Buy Summer Outfits 2020

I have helped several men to buy cool outfits such as blazers, t-shirt, school bag, shoes, underwears, singlet, perfumes and more. I enjoy giving men advice and also shopping for cool outfits for men, these outfits you can wear to a birthday party, marriage ceremony, university graduation party, to the beach and more!  Cool shops to shop for men outfits are

  1. We fashion
  2. Esprit
  3. Van gils
  4. C&A
  5. H&M
  6. Bomont
  7. De Bijenkorf

This above-mentioned shop has really cool trendy outfits. I really like the WEFASHION shop and H&M shop inAmsterdam Bijmer Arena, this above-mentioned shop has great varieties of clothing! Few months ago, I went to Amsterdam Bijmer Arena and bought some nice clothing at We Fashion and also at TK MAxx. In the year 2017, i bought some nice outfits at WE Fashion shop in Rotterdam and also at Zara shop,  very nice white blazer, I wore the white blazer alot during my Master’s studies at the University of Dundee.

My advice for men this summer period is to eat well, exercise often, practise self grooming such as manicure, pedicure, wear nice perfume, wash your self often per day and relax. You may want to relax by listening to cool music, avoid listening to sorrowful music and be very polite. Women love kind hearted and polite men.


There are five cool shops in The Netherlands for stylish trend outfits I do recommend this year

  1. Bomont
  2. De Bijenkorf
  3. Femme Luxe
  4. Boohoo
  5. Vr-i

These above-mentioned shops offer lovely clothing, shoes and gadgets. Below are some of my pictures wearing lovely outfits I bought from these amazing shops. Wearing tidy, clean clothes can help you boost your confidence, make new friends and feel fabulous. If you do have a special occasion such as a wedding ceremony, birthday party, Easter season, I do recommend you shop from these above-mentioned shops.

Recently, I received a headset from vr-i. I love the headset, very trendy, durable and stylish. Vr-i offers a headset, school bag, eyewear, power bank and many other cool products.

I have been modelling for Vr-i for more than three years now and for femme luxe for almost for one year. These brands offer quality gadgets and outfits respectively.  If you do want to shop office or corporate outfit, I do recommend you shop with De Bijenkorf. De Bijenkorf offers quality makeup items from cool brands such as Dior Gucci and more.


Dresses makes me feel confident and more feminine. A few months ago, Femme Luxe approached me to promote their lovely dresses, I was very pleased to do so. I have also worn dresses from other brands such as Quiz, Fashionova, Nelly, Shein, and Awbridals.

I love to make the best use of my summer outfits, I do enjoy wearing my lovely summer outfits indoors, to the beach, and also for creating my Instagram stories, blog posts, Facebook posts, and youtube post. I have received a lot of compliments from my amazing friends, fans, and family! You guys have told me that I look lovely in these dresses ( please find pictures below). The weather in the Netherlands is great these days, not too cold, so such outfits would be nice to wear during these sunny days.

The dresses I am wearing below are very fragile, I do recommend you wash such outfits with hand, If you must wash it in a washing machine, please set the washing machine at a very low temperature. Washing these clothes without care will damage the outfits. For my male fans and reader out there, please do make sure you wash your outfits regularly and properly by using the right temperature, separating colored wash, and whitewash.  I enjoy laundry very much and also has coached several persons on how to care for themselves, shoes and linen. I used to work for laundry and dry cleaning company over a decade in Nigeria, I really learned a lot about caring for all kinds of clothing while I was working for the company. If you do enjoy washing your towels, bedsheets at home nd really like it to smell great, I do recommend you use Robijn washing gel from Jumbo Supermarket in The Netherlands.


Dresses make me feel like a lady. A woman needs to have a couple of dresses in her wardrobe. The more we women grow older, our dresses style, color, texture needs to change too. A lady needs to wear dresses that accentuate her curves, not too much, not over the board, but really nice and mature. The reasons I like to wear dresses are;

  1. Dresses make me feel comfortable.
  2. Dresses make me feel more feminine.
  3. Dresses are easy to maintain.
  4. Dresses improve my confidence level.
  5. Dresses make me feel younger.
  6. Dresses make me feel happier
  7. It’s so much fun to dress up and look cute!

Brands such as Femme Luxe, Shein, Nelly, Fashionova, We Fashion, H&M, MET, Ted Baker has really made really nice clothing. My loving ladies out there, when you have to wear a dress, wear minimal makeup, have the right accessories, think about the occasion you are about to attend before dressing up. Wear dresses when you are at home, going for a dinner date, a wedding or after the wedding party. Wear nice jeans instead when going to the supermarket or a long decent dress.  My mummy advised me to start selling my dresses so I decided to build my very own webshop where I sell my dresses called

A few weeks ago, I went to Breda to buy some cool jeans from the brand Tommy Hilfiger. I wish I was able to find a job in Middelburg that sells Tommy Hilfiger Jeans. I also bought a foundation from Dior exactly my skin shade. I was so happy I was able to finally buy a foundation exactly my skin tone. I bought the cool foundation at the Ici Paris shop in Breda. The customer service at Ici Pris shop was awesome, the ladies were very nice, wore a nice smile and very professional beauty consultant.


I am so happy to share with you these amazing dresses I received from Femme Luxe. I received three dresses and a jumper from Femme Luxe. I also bought some dresses with my money. Femme Luxe hs sent me several dresses, the dresses are so lovely and fit me so well.

I went to Rotterdam yesterday, which was on a Sunday. I have been shooting with the photographer I went to for over seven years, then I was pregnant with my second son, living in ‘s Gravenpolder Zeeland. He has shot with me several in Zeeland and at his studio in Rotterdam. I have shot with more than four hundred male and female photographers in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Nigeria, and other countries for the past decades. I have shot in homes, streets, abandoned buildings,s and several hotels in Europe, Nigeria, Uk, and more.  I received the white dress, the brown jumper, the wine-colored dress from Femme Luxe. I love to alternate my shooting locations each time I receive these lovely dresses all the way from The United Kingdom. Sometimes I love to shoot indoors, outdoors, in hotel rooms and at a photo studio, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.

The main aim of Femme Luxe sending me these dresses are for me to wear them, take pictures and video with them, share them on my social media accounts, as a result, create awareness about their company in The Dutch market.

Femme Luxe has great outfits such as dresses, accessories, bikini, lingerie, shoes, and more. Their outfits are very affordable and can be worn for date nights, Instagram pictures, indoors, and for dinner dates.

Femme Luxe deliver their outfits pretty fast. It took less than five working days for the cloths to arrive at my home address in The Netherlands. I have also received sevrl compliments from my friends, fans and family, mny of you told me that the dresses fits me so well, and suitable for my beauty and fashion blog photos. I have een blogging for over a decade and I have been buying lovely outfits from other brands in The Netherlands and abroad such as from Wehkamp, Bomont, Shein, Open32, The Bijenkorf and Zalando.

If you are on a budget and want to look decent, sexy, elegant and trendy, Femme Luxe is definitely the place to be.  Thank you so much Femme Luxe for sending me these lovely outfits. I really love them.


Femme Luxe is based in The United kingdom ad ships its merchandise worldwide. I have received very lovely outfits that fits dark skin girls and other women from another ethnicity so well. I have been viewing other ladies on youtube that has reviewed outfits of Femme Luxe, there has been a lot of great reviews and comments from other content creators as well.

Femme Luxe sent me four pr products for review, the lovely orange dress, the white jumper, the black leather dress, and the green dress. These lovely dresses can be worn for a birthday party, this summer period,  as an evening dress to a diner date, dancing in the bedroom with your lover, or husband or for creating lovely content. I love the colour of the orange dress, , I like the design, the texture, and how it hugs my body.  The dress really makes me very happy and satisfies my desire in regards to the kind of styles I want in a dress. I like the jumper alot, It looks abit like the dress Doja cat is wearing in the music video titled Like that.

The black dress below i bought with my own money, I received alot of compliments when ever i wear the dresses, the dress looks so cute on me, whenever i wear the dress , i feel like a big mega star like lady gaga. I also bought some lingerie from the femme luxe.  I am very happy with the materials Femme luxe uses to make their outfits and also the colours of their dresses.

The green dress is a cool colour, looks like a dress designed for a perfect housewife, a wife that makes food for her husband, dress her kids to school, makes sure the house is clean and tidy and so on.  The black leather dress is super cute and pretty, exceeded my expectation, the quality is so nice, lovely on me, comfy, and hugs my body firmly. The total price of the entire outfit is less than one hundred euros.

Are you considering chnging your wardrobe, your mum’s , sister’s, wife or would you like to start a fashion business? Please contact me for coaching.

Thank you so much Femme Luxe for sending these lovely outfits.  I am a fashion, beauty, business and it consultant. Please contact me if you would like to work with me.


You need at least one nice black blazer to style your dresses. If you like to wear dresses to pick up your kids from school, to the supermarket, you need to incorporate a nice little necklace, flat shoes, a simple day makeup look. Wearing dresses to a nice after the wedding party, you need to style the dress with a nice pair of black, green, or pink bags, with matching shoes.

My girlfriend in Middelburg sells really nice trendy dresses. Seven years ago, I bought a nice colorful dress with a green jacket, a green handbag, and some accessories, I really like the dress, I wore it to a party. I felt so happy I wore that dress after wearing that dress on the party, i wore the dress at home, to a dinner date, for my youtube video, and so on. It is very important to buy and wear dresses that have high quality, because you get to wear dresses for many years, instead of buying very low priced dresses with low quality, i do recommend you invest your money in a good quality dress.

During the winter period, please wear a nice winter jacket, especially if you live in a country with a cold climate. A few years ago, I bought a very nice winter jacket from Bomont in Middelburg, I truly like the outfit.

If you are a male reader, It might interest you to know that women love men that are very romantic, Are you a husband, father, boyfriend or just a friend? would you like to make your wife, mother of your kid(s), girlfriend happy? if yes,  please buy her a nice dress from Ted Baker,  Met dress, AW bridal dress, Femme Luxe dress, Nelly, Fashionova, a nice winter jacket from shops such as H&M, De Bijenkorf and so on.

Women love very romantic men, in order to make your wife happy, please buy her a nice dress, lovely perfume, a nice pair of high heel shoes, a nice wedding dress or after wedding party dress, a nice ring, watches, hair, makeup, perfume, winter boot, nice lingerie, cosmetics, day and night cream, soap for taking her bath, nail polish from brands such as Opi and a nice handbag from Michael Kors. In my opinion, these items mentioned above are must-have for ladies.

My advice for you ladies out there reading my blog, please do care for your self and loved ones, use the right and suitable cosmetics, eat the right food, exercise often, wear nice and proper dresses, wear a suitable winter jacket, right self-care essentials, have some cute shoe ideal for the season ( winter/summer) period.

I have been painting, sketching, and have been indulging in making nice pictures (photography) these days. I have also done lots of giveaways.

Disclaimer – Some of the outfits, cosmetics, and so on are pr products ( public relation) ( that means, these products were sponsored, so i am obliged to share them on my blog) I do wear these products/outfits only for promotional purposes.


Below are some cool items you can get for your self or for your loved one as a present;

  1. Headset from
  2. A nice dress from Shein, boohoo or femme luxe
  3. A nice manicure and pedicure by me
  4. Lovely jewelry from Swarovski
  5. A nice perfume from Douglas or Ici Paris
  6. A nice winter  jacket and clothing from Esprit
  7. A nice painting or postcard made by me
  8. A nice hotel room in Amadore, Van der Valk or Fletchers Hotel

Christmas is an awesome time of the year, it is important to spend quality time with friends and family! In The Netherlands, you can purchase delicious food, turkey from Albert heijn or from Jumbo. I have spent several Christmas seasons in The Netherlands. For example, In Rotterdam, there are always fireworks close to the Erasmus bridge, people usually gather together and watch the beautiful fireworks.

My angels, what kind of gift do you give away as a gift during christmas period, how do you spend your xmas, do you visit your friends and family, do you visit cool hotels such as Amadore, Van der Valk or Fletchers hotel? do you watch fire works in cool cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or in The United kingdom, please do share with me. I am still contemplating where to shop for my xmas outfit for this year.


I enjoy painting alot. I have painted some diagrams on the canvas and also done some sketches. Some talented artist has sketched me too. I enjoy wearing nice dresses and also painting on canvas. Painting helps me to feel good!

I do like to shop for the paintings i use for my canvas from Pipoos. I buy the makeup items i use for my face from Douglas, iciparis or from drugstore shops in The Netherlands.

I usually use acrylic paint on a canvas. Please before you start painting, first you need to sketch the diagram you want to paint on a piece of paper, practice makes perfect. Make sure you sketch the diagram properly on a piece of paper before you draw it on a canvas. Action has really nice affordable canvas.  I like to buy nice colors of acrylic paints such as pink, brown, purple, green. These are nice colours to start basically.

Before painting, please soak the back of the canvas, make it nice and wet, before you start painting, that would help your painting look better, prevent the canvas to absolve your painting. Please search on youtube for inspiration.

If you do want to sell your painting, please create nice pictures and share you painting on Instagram, Facebook page, etsy, flickr, 500px, you may be able to sell your paintings on canvas on these sites. Please avoid using water on your painting.

I hope these photos inspire you to start painting today! Please adhere to the tips mentioned above, your painting would come out better if you practice these. Please subscribe to my youtube channel above.

Do you have a protruding stomach, would you like to make it look flat and more beautiful? Please massage your belly at least every fifteen-minute so that your belly will become flat. Please message your self gently on your stomach to achieve flat stomach, i can help you achieve great blood circulation, reduce cellulite,  reduce blotting,  toxins, and helps you feel better! If you massage yourself every day on your stomach, you will achieve a better-looking stomach, the gs in the stomach will disappear, it will improve your digestive system and more! This tip is applicable for male and female. During my biochemistry studies, i learned how the digestive system works in the stomach. Please use bio oil, coconut oil or oil more massaging your self.


Hello, my beautiful friends! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today, I am going to share with you some cool items and activities I like very much in the month of May 2021! The month of May is a very special month for me. It brings back great memories! I am very happy with;

  1. The headset of VR-i
  2. Rituals cosmetics
  3. My USB stick containing my lovely pictures, videos and short storybook
  4. I have been doing some cool shout out to some amazing companies
  5. Writing my short story book, coaching persons about dropshipping and affiliate marketing
  6. My love dresses from femme luxe
  7. Travelling and spending quality time with friends and family! By the way, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerpen,  Gent, Brugge, Middelburg are my favourite cities in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  8. Listening to some cool audiobook from audibles
  9. reading and observing my time

It is very important to take care of yourself, eat properly, look good, wear clean clothes, travel, write, work hard, relax often and have fun, as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I have written three short storybooks, the shy model, the African girl in holland and the tulip flower. I saved these books in a word document, copied and paste it on a USB stick and distributes it. I love writing and reading. I have received great feedback from you guys!  I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has purchased my USB stick containing my lovely pictures in lovely outfits,  my online short storybook, and for your donations. I truly appreciate you all so much!

Thank you!


Ekene Patience

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