Social Media Management (SMM’s) Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,


my name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho

I am a content marketeer and a social media manager.

I am also on fiverr

I do gig for individuals, brands and for cooperate organization

Please find my general letter to everyone. I have done gigs on Pinterest, twitter, TikTok and other social media websites and on my websites such as, under the columns Nigerian Delight, Dutch Delight, American delight and for all I have enlisted on the top pages and subpages of my websites my fabulous beauties, blacknoir and on my blog Ekene Patience.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho

I do content marketing for companies.

I have done content marketing for your company.

Please find more information about the gigs I have done for your company

➫ website:


➫ Facebook:

➫ Youtube –

➫ Twitter –

➫ Pinterest:

Please find more recommended goods and services here

➫ Asian Delight –

➫ Dutch Delight –

➫ American Delight –

➫ Nigerian Delight –

➫ Scottish Delight –

➫ Instagram:

Advertising fee ➫

Please do send me an email or a WhatsApp message if you do want me to review the work I have done for your company so far or have any recommendations .

best regards,

Nesiagho Patience Ekene

Call/Whatsapp – +31683059224

Call – +2349034024831

email –

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