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  1. Chanel
  2. Gucci
  3. Prada
  4. Dior
  5. The Bodyshop
  6. Shiseido
  7. Etos
  8. Kruidvat
  9. Trekpleister

These above-mentioned brands offer great beauty items.

Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Prada have fashion and beauty line. Gucci rush is a great perfume, also Prada perfumes.

Most dutch men and women likes to buy great skin care items such asThe body shop makeup items from The Body Shop, Nivea body lotion, dove soap from Trekpleister, Etos and from Kruidvat.

Shiseido is a great beauty brand. You may be able to purchase Shiseido skincare products from Ici Parisxl, Mooi parfumerie, Douglas and from Debenhams.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you seven gift ideas for valentines in my own opinion.

1. Chanel Perfume

2. Gucci Perfume

3. Dior

4. Ted Baker

5. Nike shoes

6. Adidas shoes

7. Prada shoes

Valentine is a time of the year to share love with one another and with our loved ones.

Chanel, Gucci, Prada, dior perfumes are great perfumes you may want to offer your loved ones during this valentine period.

Aside from offering gift to your loved ones, you may want to eat and dine in a very lovely restaurant.

De Santiago restaurant Vlissingen, The Red lobster restaurant Newyork, genesis restaurant Lagos Nigeria are great restaurants for your delicious meal.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you nine top beauty shops in my own opinion.

1 Ici Parisxl

2. Chanel

3. Dior

4. Gucci

5. Me gorgeous

6. Mooi Perfumerie

7. Douglas

8. The body shop Brussels

9. Hollands and Bareth

Most women from The Netherlands likes to look very beautiful. It is advised to use great skincare items in order to enhance one’s beauty. Ici Parisxl and Douglas are great shops in The Netherlands.

You may be able to buy great skincare items from Ici Paris xl and Douglas in The Netherland. Brands such as Chanel, Dior, Lancaster, Shishido skin care products are sold by ici Paris Douglas and at Mooi perfumery.

De Tuinen, currently known as hollands and Barett is a great shop for beauty products.


Hello my beautiful friends and family. How are you?

I hope you all are doing fine.

Today, i am going to share with you nine top female artists in my own opinion.

1. Linda Ikeji

2. Uche Jumbo

3. Jessica Oss

4 . Ini Edo

5. Adele

6. Ilse Delange

7. Omotola Jalade Kehinde

8. Beyonce


These above-mentioned artists are very talented.

For example, Ini Edo, Uche Jumbo, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic has been featured in many Nollywood movies.

Jessica Oss is a great youtuber, she is a vocal artist. She does fiverr gigs too.

Rihanna, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, are great American artist. These ladies have created great songs and has sold millions of album worldwide.

On my website,, i recently added some cool male artist such as Coldplay, Robin thicke.

Do support these above-mentioned artist and blogger!

I am a beauty, it and health consultant, please do contact me if you wish to work with me.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you great restaurants in Belgium in my own opinion.
1. Boston Restaurant Antwerpen
2. Hector Chicken
3. Medina Burger
4. The Jane
5. Ernest
Het Gebaar restaurant
Belgium is a beautiful country.

The popular cities in Belgium are Antwerpen, Brussels, Gent and more.
Most tourist from cities such as Paris, Amsterdam likes to visit Belgium.

You may want to patronize these above-mentioned restaurants for food.

Deliveroo is a great service companies that helps with delivering food, Deliveroo is a great alternative, instead of visiting the restaurant, you may want to order online.

Antwerpen, Gent, Brugge, Brussels are very lovely cities, great for tourism!

If you decide to stay in a very beautiful hotel in Belgium, you may want to spend the night at Radisson blu Antwerpen, Leonardo indigo or any other hotels in Antwerpen.

Are you a student in Spain, Paris, Newyork, Florid, Istanbul? Would you like to study in Belgium?

I do recommend you check out the universities in these cities in Belgium or Dutch and Scottish universities enlisted on my websites and on


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you my favorite beauty shops for gift items in my own opinion.

Are you planning to give your loved ones a very special gift this valentine’s period, not to worry, you may want to visit these following shops mentioned below for shopping!

  1. Dior
  2. Gucci
  3. Mooi Parfumerie Vlissingen
  4. Douglas
  5. Iciparisxl
  6. Debenhams
  7. Sephora
  8. Kruidvat
  9. Etos

These beauty shops are present in The Netherlands, some of these above-mentioned shops are present in The United Kingdom and in The United States of America!

During this autumn period of the year, it is advised to use very good skincare items and cosmetics in order to relieve dry skin especially if you do suffer from dry skin.

Dior Perfume is highly recommended. Dior makes male and female perfumes too.

Sephora is a well-known brand. Sephora is present in De haag city in The Netherland

You may also want to use skin care items from the brand Chanel, Biotherm and more.

You are going to make your loved ones happier if you do offer them a very lovely perfume from Chanel, Dior, Gucci or from any other brands.

I have a new website called, I published Etos. You may be able to shop for great beauty items from Etos in The Netherlands.

I am a beauty and it consultant, do contact me if you wish to buy great items from Europe.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you?

I hope you all are doing well, today, i am going to share you seven top photomodels in my own opinion.

1. Doutzen Kroes

2. Oluchi Onweagba

3. Geneviève Nnaji

4. Justin Bieber

Kate Moss

6. Ray Emodi

7. Naomi Campbell

These above-mentioned models are very talented and known worldwide.

Top models tend to eat healthy, do exercise, care for themselves by visiting great beauty salons and spa.

Most top models from Nigeria such as Ray Emodi, Jim Iyke, Oluchi Onweagba does shop for delicious food from everyday supermarket and from ShopRite whenever they are in Nigeria.

These above-mentioned supermarkets offer very delicious meals and are present in several cities in Nigeria.

Top model such as Doutzen Kroes enjoys shopping at Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Lidl or at Aldi supermarkets in The Netherlands.

I also promote these above too models on my Pinterest account and on my new website

Are you a photographer, or the manager of vogue, cosmopolitan or any other top-notch magazine, please do work with these above-mentioned top models know worldwide.

I am also a phot model, please contact me if you wish to work with me.

Do like and share their online contents on Instagram and YouTube.


1. Gucci

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Prada

4. Michael Kors perfume

5 Dior Makeup

6. Versace

7. Mac cosmetics

8. Sephora

7. Kiko Milano Cosmetics

8. Chanel Perfume

9. Yves Rochers Makeup

10. The Body Shop Foundation

11. Dior perfume

Most women from all over the world likes beauty items from these above-mentioned brands.

Valentine celebration is around the corner.

Most men love to give their beloved one’s great present from these above mentioned brand.

Women loves it when a man offers them a gift.

You may shop online from these above-mentioned shops.

I am a beauty and its consultant.

Are you a male or female? Do you wish to make enquiries related to the best beauty or skincare item suitable for you? Do consult with me! xo


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you feel goods therapy for 2023 in my own opinion.

1. Take your bath with Rituals beauty products or The Bodyshop beauty products. You also want to shop from Debenhams in The United kingdom.

2. Spend the night at Eko hotel, Lekki Waterside hotel or any other fabulous hotel around you.

3. Eat delicious meal at Vapiano restaurant Rotterdam, Genesis restaurant Lagos or at Kilimanjaro restaurant Abuja

4. Wear clean decent outfits from Bomont shop in Middelburg. You may be able to buy Levi shirt, Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger brand from Bomont shop in Middelburg or Goes

5. Have fun

Lagos, Abuja, Asaba and Port Harcourt are beautiful city in Nigeria.

You may want to spend the night at the above-mentioned hotels or at presidential hotel Asaba. Shoprite Lagos State and Shoprite in Asaba Delta Nigeria is a great place for shopping for food and for relaxation. There are also shoprite in other cities in Nigeria and in South Africa.


1 Jitty Salon Amsterdam
Kappers Akademie
Blatto Amsterdam
Toni and Guy Amsterdam

Hair dressing is very important for men and women.

There are several ways women might want to style their hair, they might want to make the hair blond, short, long or even wear braids. Women can also style their hair by applying relaxer on it, short hair cut and so on.

African women living in bijmer area of Amsterdam loves weaves and weavon.

You may also be able to buy a wig from  Amsterdam bijmer.

I love to wash my hair with cool shampoos listed below, especially the rituals shampoo from douglas shop in The Netherlands.


  1. Dior Lipstick
  2. Douglas Eye shadow
  3. The Body Shop Body Wash
  4. Boohoo Dresses
  5. Loreal Foundation

On my YouTube channel, I share with you some cool beauty items. You may purchase these above-mentioned items from Dior online, from Ici Parisxl, Dougls, The Body shop CVS Pharmacy, Kruidvat and more!

I enjoy sharing with you great beauty, fashion and makeup videos.

I hope you all are inspired!

Are you a beauty fan? Would you like to care for yourself this Newyear? I do encourage you to purchase self care items from this above-mentioned shop.

Do endeavor to keep your skin hydrated and well nourished!


Kukus hair

2. Luxy hair

3. Rubbies Signature

4. Rosa beauty

5. Fresh hair

These above-mentioned hair shops offer very beautiful hair for ladies.

In order to make your hair look more fabulous, you may want to apply some hair colour from Garnier. You may also want to wash your natural hair and weaves with great shampoo from L’Oreal.

Walmart, Kruidvat, Etos and CVS pharmacy offers very good hair colors for your natural hair and weaves.

Ladies like to wear very beautiful hair extensions.

Fresh hair offers very pretty hair extensions for women in the The Netherland. Luxy hair also sells very beautiful weaves in The United kingdom and beyond.

Men also likes to keep their hair tidy! Murad1 is a great hair salon for men in Middeburg. You may want to trim your hair or have a nice haircut at Murad1 barbershop Middelburg.


1. Vogue
2. Cosmopolitan
Bella naija

These above-mentioned magazine offers very interesting topics.

For example, vogue magazines feature top models such as Aduth Akesh, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, victoria beckham and more on their magazine.

Every year, new fashion trends tend to come up, also makeup trend, do read these above-mentioned magazines so that you can learn about the latest fashion trend.

Are you a fan on lifestyle, beauty, makeup and fashion topics, please read these above-mentioned magazines.


Ici Parisxl

2. Chanel

3. Dior

4. Gucci

5. Me Gorgeous

6. Mooi Parfumerie

7. Douglas

8. The body shop Brussels

9. Holland and Barrett

Most women from The Netherlands likes to look very beautiful and smell great!

It is advised to use great skincare items in order to enhance one’s beauty.

Ici Parisxl and Douglas are great shops in The Netherlands.

You may be able to buy great skincare items from Ici parisxl and Douglas in The Netherland. Brands such as chanel, dior, lancester, sheseido skin care products are sold by ici paris douglas and at mooi perfumery.

De tuinen, currently known as holland and barett also sells great skincare items, Holland and Barrett is present in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Middelburg, Vlissingen and also in The United Kingdom in cities such as London and Edinburgh.

I am a beauty, it and health consultant. Please do contact me if you wish to work with me.


  1. Dior lipstick
  2. Dior foundation
  3. Nyx foundation
  4. Mac lipstick
  5. Gucci perfume
  6. Eyeshadow pallet from from lancome
  7. The bodyshop skincare items

Merry Christmas and happy Newyear in advance! Recently, I created a new YouTube video, I shared with you my current favorite beauty items.

Are you planning to gift yourself or your loved ones this festive season, I do advice you purchase these great items.

I am a beauty consultant in The Netherlands, I also design basic websites and offer online marketing services

Please contact me if you wish to work with me!

I would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the businesses i have enlisted here on the top page of my websites such as prada, gucci, tedbaker, university of Dundee, hogeschool Rotterdam, Dior, Chanel, Ray Emodi, Walmart, and businesses i have enlisted on the pages of irish-delight, dutch-delight, nigerian-delight, thank you for accepting my proposal, I am very happy to have you on my website, I do hope you are very happy with my internet services so far!

My website has been in existence for over half a decade, i do pay for webhosting every month and domain name every year, I do need the advertising fee for website maintenance, self-maintenance, workspace payment, food, beverages, and so on. Thank you so much for accepting to work with me.

Please feel free to send me an email or a whatsapp messages for more ideas and inspiration


Sephora is a great brand present in different countries.
Sephora is in London, Paris, Den Haag, Newyork and many other countries. Sephora offers very nice cosmetics, makeup, skincare items and more.

Christmas season is around the corner, I do advice you use great products from Sephora this Christmas season!

You can buy nice perfumes from Dior, Gucci, Chanel and more from Sephora in Den haag, Newyork or from Sephora in London.
Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Please find out more about Sephora here


1. You need to practice. Practice makes perfect. You need to practice every day.

2. You need to send emails to photographers. There are several photographers on Google.

3. You may send your contact details to the photographer and your email address to contact you, preferably your email address

4. After sending your contact information such as phone number and email address, you have to send your photos as well alongside with your video if you do have any.

5. You might receive a very swift response from the photographers

Aside from modelling, you can decide to do other jobs such as writing a blog post, building website, starting a new study and so on.

Justin Bieber, Alek Wek, Kate Moss, Doutzen Kroes, Oluchi Onweagba, Naomi Campbell and many others are great Photo models

Please find more amazing photo models on my Pinterest account.


1. Lush

2. Rituals

3. Mac Cosmetics

4.  Etos

5. Kruidvat


7 Iciparisxl

Lush and these other above-mentioned shops has very nice makeup and cosmetics.

Lush products are great for taking a nice bath.

Lush products has very nice scents and are very great for the skin. You might also want to use great products from Mac cosmetics.

Mac cosmetics has great makeup items such as lipstick, mascara and more. I like using mac cosmetics on my face. Mac cosmetics has nice foundation and powder for my skin tone.

Sephora is a great business brand. You can buy great sephora products from London and also from Paris.


1. Doutzen Kroes
2. Dj cuppy
3. Linda ikeji
4. Naomi Campbell
5. Kate moss
8.Jessica Oss
These above-mentioned photo models are very talented and great.

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch photo model. Oluchi Onweagba is a Nigerian and Italian photo model.

Oluchi has very pretty pictures and videos online.

Dj cuppy is a photo model and also a Dj. Linda Ikeji is a famous Nigeria photo model and a blogger. Jessica is a top Ghanaian voice over artist and a youtuber.

Are you planning a modelling event soon or do you need a photo model for your voice over gig, please hire these above-mentioned photo models

p.s. More photos and videos of photo models on my Pinterest account – Here

My new YouTube video – Here


1. Wash your hair and body on daily basis. You may want to use skin care products from the body shop or from rituals. Rituals also sells nice nail polish and makeup

2. Use products from lush cosmetics located in Rotterdam, Nivea or Vaseline on your skin. Nivea and Vaseline products helps to relieve dry skin. You may want to shop for nivea or Vaseline from Kruidvat or etos Middelburg. in The Netherland also sells fabulous cosmetics and makeup items

3. Use clean towels to clean your body Blokker Vlissingen nice affordable towels.
4. Sleep on a nice tidy bed.

5. Dresses up, wear clean, tidy clothes. You may want to do your laundry at wasserij en stomerij  kepils Vlissingen Zeeland, The Netherlands.  for laundry.
Ramsburg Middelburg sells very nice affordable fashionable items

6. Use Day and night cream from biotherm or from Chanel. You can shop for these items from Ici Parisxl or from Douglas Middelburg or from Douglas in other cities.


1. The body shop

2. Kruidvat

3 Rituals

4. Lush

5. Etos

6. Ici parisxl

7. Douglas

These above-mentioned beauty shops sell great skincare items. In Lagos Nigeria, you can buy fabulous skincare products from Medplus. Medplus is a great pharmaceutical shop in several cities in Nigeria. Medplus is in Lagos Victoria Island, Lekki admiralty way, Asaba and several other cities in Nigeria.

I do recommend fair and while blue soap for all trying to achieve an even tone skin.

Rituals also has makeup line. You can buy perfumes from ritual shop. I have been to rituals shop severally in Rotterdam; I do like the red nail polish.  It is important to make your mummy, daddy, uncle, aunty, wife or close friend or family member very happy. In other to make someone you love so much very happy; you need to buy them a very nice ritual gift set. Ritual have very nice, sweet smelling shower gel, body spray, perfume and more.

I have been to the body shop in Goes Zeeland. The body shop in Goes offers very nice skincare products, I do like the shampoo from the body shop, the banana flavor is my favorite.

I have had the ample opportunity to have used beauty products from Rituals, it was great. All men and women deserve beautiful well-kept skin.  Make sure you avoid harsh conditions that might be detrimental to your skin example, avoid sitting too long under the sun, wash your body properly and use nice skincare item.


1. Visit the Ibis hotel Paris Bercy

2. Visit Sofitel hotel Paris

3. Visit Disneyland Paris

4. Plan a photo shoot with a professional photographer at Marriot hotel Paris

5 plan a professional shoot with a Portret or glamour photographer in Paris, a great photo studio is called the paris photographer

Paris is a beautiful city. I have been to Paris. I have done some very professional shoots with top notch photographers in Paris.

Chande elllysee is very nice. You may also want to visit the ivory tower for photoshoot or the above hotels for a great shoot.

If you do love very pretty dresses or stylish handbags, please shop at Michael kors, Louis vulton or at Chanel shop.

Do make Pais your next holiday destination!


1. Alek wek

2. Kate Moss

3. Naomi Campbell

4. Davido

5. Justin Bieber

These above mentioned models are very fabulous.

You can find the modelling pictures and videos of these above-mentioned top models on Instagram and on YouTube.

Are you a top fashion brand such as Versace, levi, Chanel louis Vuitton, are you looking for a top model for your next upcoming modeliing gig, please do work with these above-mentioned top model


1. Queen Mary University London

2. Newcastle University

3. University of Amsterdam

4. University of Dundee

5. University of  Edinburgh

6. University of Nigeria Nsukka

7. Hz University

University study is great. At these above mentioned universities, you tend to hang out with cool student, study hard and make new friends.  I have been a photomodel for more than two decades, I did modelling few years ago as a hobby.

During my study days, I was able to earn some money as a photo model. I did some modelling gigs in Paris and many other european countries. There are several top models such as Naomi cambell, Davido, Justin bieber,  David Gandy and many more! These models are very talented!

Are you a student in The above mentioned universities, do make sure you attend lectures, do endevour to wake up very early in the morning and attend lectures,  pay attention to your lectures and do your home work properly.

Wishing all the students or prospective students in these above mentioned university great study experience! If you need some help on how to become a very good student, please contact me , i offer free mentoring sessions.


1. The body shop
2. Lush
4.Yves Rochers
5 Ici Parisxl

The human skin needs alot of care. It is advised to wash your self properly. Rituals has great skin care products. You can buy rituals beauty products from any rituals retail shop in The Netherlands. The skin care item from the brand lush is also awesome. Ici Parisxl has great makeup brands and skin care items from the brands such as chanel, dior and more! Bio oil from kruidvat or from Etos is great for the skin.

I hope this blog post inspired you. I am a beauty consultant in The Netherland, please contact me if you would like to work with me.


1. Chanel
2. Gucci
3. Dior
4. Estee lauder
5. Hugo boss
I have been a beauty, it consultant for many years.

Aside from ladies living in paris, ladies living in Rotterdam,  Belgium, Congo, Ghana, Spain, Japan and african ladies can use this above mentioned items.

Pampering your skin is advised. Good skincare regimen can help you achieve more fabulous lifestyle


  1. Kukus Hair
  2. Rubbiessignature
  5. Palace of grandeur

Nigeria is a beautiful country and Nigerian women loves to look very nice especially women residing in Lekki, victoria island and most big cities in Nigeria in my own opinion.

I love wearing nice hair. Nice hair enhances a woman’s beauty!

Are you in need of a fabulous hair for your oncoming birthday party, for work, modelling or other important occasion, please do shop for your hair with these above mentioned shops!

I am an it, beauty and health consultant, if you do want to learn about hair care, self care and more, please do contact me.


1. Ici parisxl

2. Yves Rocher


4. Jinnys hair


It is very important to take good care of your hair, body and mouth. You may want to buy a nice oral b electric toothbrush from Media markt antwerpen.

 Ici parisxl Antwerpen has very nice perfumes from brands such as Louis vurton, channel, gucci, ysl.

Aside from shopping at Antwerpen Belgium, you may want to stay at great hotels such as novotel or at van der valk antwerpen.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

Please visit Antwerpen City today and have fun!


  1. Dior
  2. Anastacia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow pallette
  3. Kiko lipstick
  4. Mac powder
  5. Yves Rochers eye pencil

These makeup brands are great. I do like wearing makeup very much. Make up has helped me with enhancing my beauty and also I have achieved better confidence. You can learn about makeup skills from Beauty Partners in Rotterdam. I learnt about beauty consultancy in Rotterdam, the study was great!

If you ever visit Paris, France, you may be able to buy awesome makeup items too. If you do wish to use high end brands, you may go for channel perfume, chanel lipstick and for dior eyeshadow at any beauty store in Paris.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, please visit beauty partners today in Rotterdam The Netherlands for your awesome beauty consultancy studies.


1. University of Dundee
2. University of Nigeria Nsukka
3.  University of Edinburgh
4.  University of Newyork
5. University of Amsterdam
6. University of Harvard

Biochemistry is the study of chemistry of the biological components in the body. During the study of biochem, you tend to study biology, chemistry, statistics and other fun topics.

The study of biochemistry is fun because you tend to study about enzymes, catalysis, electron, neutrons and protons.

I am a biochemist. I strongly advise you study biochemistry at the above mentioned universities, you would love it. Would you like to learn online about basic topics related to  biochemistry?  how the body reacts, about saponification, estherification, atoms,  electrons, protons, neutrons, molecules, compounds, hydrocarbons, titration, osmosis, diffusion, sterilisation, catalysis, please chat with me via whatsapp. I do recommend you study biochemisty by reading stryer text book


1. The body shop Goes
2. Kruidvat Middelburg
Etos Middelburg
4. Douglas Middelburg
5.ici parijs Middelburg
6. The Tuinen Middelburg
7. Mooi parfumerie vlissingen
These above mentioned beauty shops has great beauty products for very affordable prices.

I do like the beauty products from the above mentioned shop. Few years ago, I had the ample opportunity to do an internship at mooi perfumerie in Rotterdam, it was fabulous! I have used the body shop hair shampoo before, i liked it very much.
The body lotion and body cream of Rituals is very good for the skin!


  1. Wear decent clothes.
  2. Make new friends.
  3. Read your books and earn yourself good grades. Doing your home work is very important too.
  4. Have you been given a home work recently by your teacher, do not be shy, if you have close friends, ask them to help you. For example, if you have been given an assignment on physics  if you can not solve the problem alone, please consult with your teachers or fellow student for help.
  5. You may also check on google, youtube for help. Conduct a proper research by jotting down or typing the right key words on google.
  6. Eat properly, if you are studying at Edinburgh for example, shop for food at tesco supermarket. When studying with your fellow student or burning the mid night candle together, please eat and drink properly together , please avoid drinking too much coffee at night, it might affect your night rest.
  7. Have fun.

I hope this blog post inspired you! Are you studing at University of AmsterdamUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Dundee or At Newyork University. This beauty, health and lifestyle idea might be helpful.

Thank you so much for reading, are you aspiring to travel abroad for your studies, please check out the above mentioned universities. You may give them a call or send them an email for further enquiries.


1. Lloyd pharmacy Uk


3. Etos

4 ici parijs

5. Trekpleister

6. Superdrug london

7. Watsons pharmacy

These above mentioned shops has nice perfums, skin care items for glowing skin.

For example, if you do wish to achieve a very very nice smooth skin, you can buy the body scrub, body cream, day and night cream from kruidvat in Amsterdam Rotterdam or from Superdrug in London. Nivea brand is awesome aswell!

If you do wish to buy the high end products, such as channel, hugo boss for skin care regimen, you may want to shop with douglas at Rotterdam zuidplein or iciparijs in Middelburg. You may also order these cool items online. Lagos and Abuja has cool pharmaceutical shops too such as Medlus in Victoria island lagos for awesome skin care products and also other healthcare items to help relief stress.


  1. Ritz Carlton Riyadh Saud
  2. Ritz Carlton Newyork
  3. Hilton Hotel Abuja
  4. Ibis hotel Edinburgh
  5. Novotel Rotterdam
  6. Raddison Blu Antwerpen
  7. Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria

These above mentioned hotels have very nice room, decent staffs and are very professional. I have had the ample opportunity to spend couple of nights in some of the above mentioned hotels. I had a wonderful stay. For example, the raddison blu hotel is located very close to the famous train station in Antwerpen, aside from the raddison blu, you have starbucks and other eatery close by which makes it a great place for tourist to stay at, their room rates are not bad.

Staying in a nice hotel is a great way to relax and also hospitality business create opportunities for persons whom wants to find a job in a bigger city to earn accomodation as soon as possible so that even if they do not have a home in that particular city, they would be able to earn an accomodation and a roof under their head swiftly.

I strongly advice you make an appointment first before hand before travelling to a hotel, please browse their websites, check their rooms, requirements and more online.

Hotels in Nigeria, Uk, europe and The United states, please do purchase your furnitures from Julius berger of from Ikea to decorate your hotel rooms, Ikea has very durable furnitures such as cubboard, bed , matras and so on.

I hope this blog post inspired you, please do share with me your favourite hotels in these above mentioned countries, the reasons why you stay at hotels, the fun activities you tend to indulge in when you are in a hotel room, i would love to learn from you.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well.

There are five awesome places for your delicious meal in rotterdam

1. Vineum Rotterdam

2. Hotel newyork Rotterdam

3. Zed restaurant Rotterdam

4. Very Italian pizza

5. Vapiano

These above mentioned restaurants has delicious meal and are easy to find. For example, you can find the hotel newyork restaurant very easily close to the erasmus bridge. Rotterdam is a beautiful city for your next holiday destination or for study.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Do share with me awesome restaurant you know, I would love to learn from you.



1. Wash your body with body wash from rituals and body scrub from rituals.
2. Use nice perfume from channel or dior.
3. Eat balance diet
4. Sleep well, at least 2x in a day
5. Wear nice clean clothes
6. Listen to nice music with headset from

Shoprite super market in Owerri and Lagos Nigeria has very nice shops to shop for cosmetics and beautiful perfumes. You may want to shop for nice perfumes and cosmetics from Ici Parisxl and douglas in Middelburg or from Breda. Aside from using great cosmetics, you may want to eat balance diet, drink lots of fluid, add lemon to your water when you drink it, its great for your immune system and for weight loss.
I hope this blog post inspired you.
Please do share with me where you shop for your nice perfumes and cosmetics, I would love to learn from you.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

There are five schools you can learn how to become a professional secretary from;

  1. Westford University college Canada
  2. Pennfoster
  3. Pitman training uk
  4. Utah Univerisity
  5. Eastern Kentucky University

I am a professional secretary.  I earned my professional secretary online diploma over a decade ago from Pennfoster. Professional secretary is a great skills you can learn online or at school if you a beautician like me, business man or woman or a stay home mum.

You have to make great plans become very very  self disciplined before you may be able to become a professional secretary.
If you want to apply for a job at any company, you may be asked to present a cv and a motivational letter.

You might also decide to be a freelancer and work on voluntarily basis as soon as you have earned your diploma from the above-named school. Helping companies no matter how small a great way of is showing act of kindness as a certified professional secretary.

It is very important to learn how to write a great cv and a great motivational letter to be able to earn yourself a great job.

You may use the service of persons on, udemy, upworks, fiverr, cavazanni for writing a decent cv and motivational letter


1. Novotel Brussels

2.Radisson blu parkinn

3. Ibis hotel brussels airport

4. Marriot Gent

Hilton Hotel Antwerpen

These hotels has great customer service and are very kind to their customers.

Are you travelling from london  to belgium , zeeland to antwerpen, or from brussels to antwerpen, you  need to stay at these above mentioned hotels.

If you do not want to stay at a hotel in Belgium, you may want to stay at an airbnb accomodation in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Are you a student at the university of gent belgium? If you can not find an accomodation on time, you may stay at airbnb accomodation in Gent or Kortrijk until you find a nice accomodation.

Please share with me your favourite hotels in Antwerpen, brussels and other great cities in belgium, i would love to learn from you. There are other more affordable nice cosy hotels in antwerpen and other cities, if you would like to know, please let me know. Find more information on belgian delight.


My favourite beauty items for 2022 are!

  1. Nice dior lipstick, you can  find it at sephora or at douglas or at iciparisxl
  2. Nice perfume from rituals 
  3. Nice lipgloss from too faced cosmetics
  4. Pretty mascara from estee lauder
  5. The bodyshop perfum

I have been using these above mentioned items very regularly. I do like the skin care line of rituals very much, the day and night cream is great, the body lotion leaves your skin smelling heavenly and the makeup line is incredible. Makeup items from dior is highly recommended. Dior has great tones of foundation that really blends well with the skin. Aside from their foundation, their lipstick and lipgloss is a must have.

I hope this blog post inspired you. I am a photomodel, if you would like to make lovely pictures of me, please contact me.


These are five top unisex brands i admire;
1. DrMartens
2 Tommy hilfiger
4. Hugo boss
5. Esprit
6. Gant
7. Michaelkors
These above mentioned fashionable brands designs clothes for male and females. There clothing, shoes and accessories are really nice and modern.
Winter jacket from the brand michael kors , tommy hilfiger and esprit is a most have.
Silver creek also have stylish outfit.
I am a personal shopper. If you do need help with choosing the right outfit for you this winter period, please contact me.
In lagos Nigeria, you can shop at shoprite lekki lagos Nigeria or in europe . Shopping malls in Amsterdam’s, London , berlin and at ibiza highly recommended or you may want to shop at zalando or at wehkamp.
Wearing a nice winter coat would prevent you from catching cold this winter period.
Thank you for reading my blog.


These are 5 top restaurants in Lagos Nigeria in my very own opinion.

1. Genesis restaurant Victoria island Lagos, Nigeria
2. Eko hotel restaurant
3. Chicken republic eatery at apapa and at victoria island Lagos, Nigeria
4. Mama cass victoria island Lagos
5. Mr biggs at murtala Mohammed airport Lagos Nigeria.

Kilimanjaro in Lagos Nigeria airport  and Owerri offers very delicious food as well
Eating very decent food is very important. Good food would enable look better, feel better, and improves your immune system.

I hope this blog post inspires you.

These above mentioned restaurant’s offers very very delicious food to their customers, has great customers service, and so on, highly recommended.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, kindly share with me top restaurants you do recommend for delicious meals


Hello! Below are some cool real estate companies in my own opinion. This topic is not related to fashion, come to think of it, you need a decent home for your lovely fashionable items for your self or for your self, partner and kids.

1. John D Wood
Cross and Churchill
3. Regus


Hello my beautiful friends! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today, I am going to share with you my five favourite shops for shopping for skin care items, It is very important to take good care of your skin.

  1. Me gorgeous
  2. The Body Shop
  3. Ici Parisxl
  4. Super drug
  5. Kruidvat
  6. Rituals
  7. Etos

These above mentioned shops has very nice skincare items such as body cream, soap, scrub, day and night cream and more.

In order to achieve a clearer skin, you need to use the body scrub from rituals, in order to reduce the blemishes on the skin, you need to use the e45 cream, in order to remove scars and stretch marks on the skin, you need to use bio oil, in order to reduce the dryness of the skin, you need to use Nivea body lotion, for sweet scented hair, you need the shampoo from the body shop or from rituals. You may want to use andrelon product too from Kruidvat shop in The Netherlands. Please find more info on my YouTube video here

I am a  certified beauty consultant with diplomas in skincare, perfumery , cosmetics and makeup with diploma ascertained by bodepa in europe. Aside from using these awesome cosmetics from these shops mentioned above, eating great quality food is essential and drinking a lot of water.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family. How are you? I hope you all are doing well. There are five top automobile companies in Lagos Nigeria.
1. Hyundai
2.globe motors
4.germaine autos
5.affordable cars Nigeria

These above-mentioned companies have top-notch cars. Their cars are very beautiful and durable.

Are you a bank? health insurance company? real estate company? a university, a hospital? planning to buy cars for your staffs and so on, kindly shop for your automobiles from the above-mentioned companies.
It is very important to buy your vehicle from a reputable automobile company. A vehicle needs to serve you as a company’s staff ideally. Please do inspect any of the vehicles you have bought properly.

Kindly consult a specialist or a very good mechanic to inspect the vehicle you need to buy so that your company’s staff would be very very happy.
Mikano company in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria offers great automobiles and generators as well.

These above-mentioned companies have great automobiles and are very trusted companies in Lagos Nigeria.


Hi my lovelies! Today, I am going to share with u health consultancy ideas for the year 2021. These tips is applicable for national and international companies, self-employed individuals,  doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, professors and students. 

1. Do not be in a house or sleep in a freshly painted house. For example,  If you are working in a hospital as a receptionist, and the hospital is being painted, please evacuate the building.

2 avoid eating late at night, if you start feeling any stomach ache or experience any unpleasant feeling, please visit your doctor immediately for a proper check-up.

3. Sleep at least for eight hours every day

4. Eat healthy meals

5 use cool cosmetics for your skincare  regime

6 wear clean cloths 

7. Listen to good music that would help you relax

8. Travel often

9. Please declutter your room. 

10. Use cool multivitamin. You can buy cool multivitamin from benu apothek or from med plus

11. Drink a lot of water and cranberry multivitamin.

I am not a doctor but a biochemist. During my biochemistry studies, I learnt good food and multivitamins Re great for your health. 

P.s. if you are a Nigerian pregnant woman living abroad and allergic to some medicines abroad, please contact the local pharmacy from the shop you come from to seek advice.


  1. Ritual skincare items
  2. Dr Kneip
  3. Therme beauty products
  4. Channel perfumes
  5. Dior lipstick
  6. Hair from The Rosa Beauty
  7. Bio-oil
  8. Nivea day and night cream
  9. The Bodyshop shampoo


Hello angels! I have made some few beauty resolution for 2021! Have you made yours? 2021 has been a great year. These are resolution for next year!

  1. Eat more healthy items such as fruits and vegetables.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Schedule some minutes for me time.
  4. Be more prudent when it comes to spending, i shall conduct research on groupon sites and also buy affordable products on Amazon, eBay, everythingfivepound.
  5. Become more prayerful!
  6. Spend quality time with family and friends!!!

I do love to hear from you what your new year resolution is!


Selfcare is very important my friends! Taking good care of you would help you feel better. Are you a mummy? daddy? wife, Mother? These items below would enable you to look and feel fabulous in the year 2021!

  1. Cosmetics from Rituals
  2. Lovely perfume from Dior
  3. Delicious meals from thuisbezorgd. Please avoid ingesting food or drinks that are detrimental to your health.
  4. Clean cloths, you may visit a nice laundry and dry cleaning company such as cleanace in Lagos Nigeria
  5. Nice hair salon in Nigeria
  6. Take a nice flight with Aero Contractors, Arik or with KLM to Seychelles, Maldive, Creta,  India, Thailand, or to Instabul. and stay in a nice hotel such as Sheraton, Bluestar or at Eko hotel, stay in a nice accommodation provided by Airbnb or book a nice hotel.
  7. Train your brain, start a nice PhD, masters degree with Erasmus university or the University of Dundee today!
  8. Buy a nice camera with media markt today and become a top fun photographer!
  9. Have fun!


Summer is here! We all wants to have a nice hair style, good manicure and pedicure so that when we go to the beach, we feel very good. I like wearing nice hair. I like to brush my hair and feel the texture of my hair too. I am so happy to be a  hair stylist. I get to feel different hair texture, advice regarding cool hair trends, dye and give hair cut.

Below are some of the hair styles I do recommend this year! Women, you can wear your hair in a knot behind your head, dye it, blow dry it, tong it, braid it, wash it at least twice a week. Men, wash your hair too regularly, go for hair cut once in a month at least, dye your hair if you do have grey hair. I do recommend loreal hair dye.  You can use channel hair mist and spray on your hair, that would make your hair smell really nice.

I love wearing wigs and fixing weavon. I am currently trying to grow my own natural hair. So I am using the home made remedy for it, Rice water. I spray this on my hair. I have been using this for one week and I can see the result. it is  a brilliant way to grow your hair. I also use the hair growth vitamin from De tuinen.

See more photos – Here


Good hygiene, a proper diet can help you achieve lovely skin. Below are items I use and recommend for a nice glowing skin

  1. Bio-oil
  2. Face Mask by De Tuinen
  3. Body Spray from Nivea
  4. Hugo boss perfume
  5. Biotherm body lotion
  6. Duvolle face cleanser
  7. Clinique hydrating lotion
  8. Elmex toothpaste and a Listerine mouthwash
  9. Rituals Body scrub
  10. Lancome cleansing tonic
  11. Wear lovely makeup with fabulous lashes by ilash

I am a certified beauty consultant with diplomas in skincare, makeup, perfume, and cosmetics. If you do wish to remove discoloration on your skin, acne, scar,s and other skin blemishes, you need to massage bio oil on your skin on daily basis, drinking a lot of water is also recommended. You may want to use Clinique, Philosophy, or Biotherm hydrating lotion at night and day time, these lotions is ideal for men and women.


Men and women tend to struggle sometimes with excessive hair on the legs, shoulder, back, and chest. There are several ways to care for excessive hair on your body. Summer is around the corner, We need to care for our body hair, feet (pedicure), and hands (manicure). There are several ways to care for excessive hair on your body

  1. Shaving with shaving foam and shaving stick
  2. Waxing
  3. Trimming with your own scissors and hair clipper
  4. For women, with no hair, please wear Extention or wigs. Rosa beauty and Luxy hair has very nice hair
  5. For men, if you do not have enough hair on your hair, use the natural remedy on your hair such as rice water, or drink some hair vitamins, you can buy this from DE TUINEN in The Netherlands.

I am not a doctor but a biochemist. If you want to achieve healthier hair, nails, and better skin, you need to improve your diet. Consume more milk, protein-rich food such as fish, meat, and chicken.

If you have an itchy scalp, oily scalp or dandruff, use a special shampoo. Wash your hair every day with nice shampoo from Loreal and also use a hair conditioner.

There are artificial ways to improve your hair texture on your head such as hair transplant. If you want to remove the entire hair on your hair, you need to undergo major Lazer.

I hope this tip inspires you. Please do share with me how you care for your hair


I have been asked very frequently by some of my blog readers, family members, and more essential items a student needs in order to achieve good grades and study successfully! Below is a list of items, amenities in my opinion in order to achieve great studies. I have a BSc. in Biochemistry, a bachelor’s degree in International business and management studies, and a master’s degree in Marketing and management. I also have several other diplomas. I was a student mentor during my master’s studies a few years ago.

  1. A good internet connection and television/radio in order to view channels such as CNN, BBC, and so on.
  2. Basic clothing such as shoes, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, tidy hair, perfume, nails, makeup, books, schoolbag and more
  3. Great accommodations for your studies
  4. Pocket money for trains, busses, groceries, and more.
  5. Blanket, bed linen and pillow
  6. textbooks
  7. A nice telephone, laptop for communication

During my first year of studies at the university studies at Anambra State University Uli, currently known as Chukwuemeka Odumegwu University, I received my very first triumph phone as a gift. I was so happy. Then I could call my mummy, daddy, relatives,  friends, and family with the phone. I really enjoyed my university studies than in Nigeria, hanging out with friends at school,  sleeping at my girlfriend’s room, I had a very small room then as a student but was able to entertain so many classmates in a day we studied together, eat together, took a nap together, motivated and inspired each other every day. Great memories!


26th of April was my birthday! I had so much fun, I received a lot of great wishes and some presents from my amazing friends and family! I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. A few years ago, I travelled to Paris then for my birthday. This year, i decided to celebrate my birthday in The Netherlands. The birthday celebration has been an amazing and great experience. Below, are some of my April and May Favourites 2021!

  1. A nice dress from Femme Luxeboohoo, and a headset from
  2. Visiting great cities such as Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Breda, Amsterdam, Rosendaal and so on
  3. Nice Dior perfume
  4. Nice hair
  5. Lovely too faced makeup
  6. Nice sleeping gown from Hunke Moller
  7. Nice food from Jumbo or from Albert heijn
  8. A nice birthday card from my friends
  9. Creating music

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bred, Rosendaal, Utrecht, Den Haag and other fabulous cities in The Netherlands, you may want to celebrate your birthday at great hotels such as Sheraton hotel, Hilton hotel, best western view hotel, tulip hotel,  Marriot hotel Rotterdam,  Van der Valk hotel, Fletchers hotels in these above-mentioned cities. You may want to indulge in some cool activities by going to the cinema, the shopping mall in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities.

Over a decade ago, I celebrated my birthday at Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria. I had so much fun then. I used the gymnastics, swimming pool, ate a very nice breakfast. I do recommend you celebrate your birthday in Nigeria, The Netherlands and Paris, these mentioned cities are my favourite cities for celebrating my birthday. Are you a very loving husband or wife or would you like to give your daughter, son or friend a nice gift? you can give your husband or your wife a nice car from Van vliet, Germaine cars   a nice home from rotvast as a birthday day present, that would really be nice.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please like, comment and share


The Sumer of 2020 is amazing! Great weather, lots of sunshine, minimal rainfall, and great places to hang out especially in The Netherlands. Below are some of the cool items i recommend for the summer of 2020!

  1. Estee lauder lipstick from Ici Parijs
  2.  Duvolle face wash
  3. Trendy dresses from Femme Luxe
  4. A nice lunch or dinner at a great restaurant
  5. A painting coaching or beauty, health and business consulting from me
  6. Nice holiday in cool hotel such as Fletchers, Amadore, Van der valk, James Hotel or Postillion Hotel In The Netherlands
  7. A nice vacational home such as Roompot
  8. A trip to Paris or Amsterdam for holidays
  9. Chilling at home with your loved ones
  10. Some nice per of jeans from Tommy Higiger shop, Replay, G-star from De Bijenkorf
  11. A nice hed phone from

Aside from taking good care of your self externally, it is equally important to take care of your self internally and mentally. One’s mental health can be taken care of by meditation, affirmation, being active, visiting friends and family, travelling, walking, cycling, deviating or abstaining from negative thought. Recently, I started sketching and painting very often, I derive pleasure by doing that. I encourage you to find a simple hobby and practise it everyday!

My Favourite Skincare Product 2021!

I have been using rituals skincare products for my skin and also during beauty consultancy for many years. Rituals have great skin care products such as body scrub, mask, shower gel, shower foam, handwash, body cream, toner, air freshener, and more. The shower foam and shower gel of Ritual’s skincare scents very nice, trendy packaging, cleanses the body well. it looks great in The bathroom as well. he rituals sugar and cream exfoliates the body and leaves the skin looking so smooth and soft.

The great thing about the Ritual brand is that is all about Peace, tranquility, the great quotes, vibes is amazing! Rituals have day and night cream too. Amazon also sells the Ritual’s body.

You may ask, why do I need these products? Why is it important to cleanse the skin and repair it? well, it is very important to achieve a better glowing, flawless skin in order to boost your confidence. I am a beauty consultant with a diploma in skincare, perfume, cosmetics, and perfumery!

I am also a mummy. If you an African mummy, you all can ascertain that you tend to achieve darker skin tone, sometimes stretchmark, after giving birth, it’s very normal, because during nine months of pregnancy, the body undergoes lots of changes,  several hormonal changes until the little angel you are carrying in your womb is finally born.

Childbirth is the best and most natural thing that can happen to any woman. As soon as you have given birth to your precious child, please do not neglect your skincare regime, if you do not take care of your skin extremely well, your skin may be damaged, you may suffer from stretch marks, sagginess, acne, and skin discolorations. In order to achieve your skin elasticity and tone, you need to use great skin care products such as Rituals body scrub, body cream, body oil. If you care for your skin properly, you would make your husband and your self very happy because you would feel better, your husband would love your skin even more and all sagginess would disappear!

Everyone has different skin tone, type, and elasticity, applying sufficient cream, oil, and lotions on your skin, would help you achieve smoother skin. Diy (do it yourself) idea to achieve a brighter skin is to use lemon, sugar, and coconut oil, mix it in a bowl, apply it on your skin daily by massaging it into your skin gently to achieve a brighter, smoother skin. Palmer’s skincare lotion is also great for a more clearer beautiful skin.


Are you a mummy? would you like to achieve nice even skin and need to know the best outfits to wear before and after pregnancy?  prevent stretch mark, achieve flat-looking tommy,  look more fabulous before and after delivery,  recover properly especially if you had caesarean section tips, by the way, mummies, rest very often so you do recover very fast after caesarean section or any male or female that has recently done an operation.  According to research, mummies need upto three years to recover after a caeseran sections before the injury would be completely healed. this advice would be helpful. My male readers may find these advice also relevant.

1. Wear a nice pair of jeans and a shirt from g star, Tommy Hilfiger or a nice Levi jeans

2. Wear a nice shirt from femme luxe

3. Wear a nice headset from VR-i and a nice school bag from

4. Travel with a nice samsonite box

5. Wear a nice bag from o bag, Michael Kors, Dior and so on

6 Wear a nice wig from fabulous beauties fashion

7. Prenatal also have lovely outfits for mummies

8. Wear nice shoes from shabbies

9. ear a nice hair from Luxy hair.

10. Travel with ns

11. Stay in nice hotels such as Eko hotel or Sheraton hotel.

12 Buy some nice food via uber, deliveroo or in a nice restaurant

It is very important you wash your self with nice soap from dove and Nivea and with a nice shampoo from Garnier. If you do wash your self with a nice soap from dove and with a nice hair shampoo from andrelon,  your hair will scent very nice. also, use a nice deodorant from dove. Please avoid spoiling your expensive dresses and jeans with makeup, soap, oil or with dust.

Please use clean water to take your bath. Avoid cleaning your body with discoloured water it can damage the skin.

Also, use sunscreen on your face after taking your bath.

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