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I have been practising beauty consultancy for over a decade now. I work online and offline too. Below I share with you a brand new video showcasing some of my current beauty products. Below is a list of beauty products I use for my self and also for my clients during the consultancy sessions;

  1. Ritual skincare items
  2. Dr Kneip
  3. Therme beauty products
  4. Channel perfumes
  5. Dior lipstick
  6. Hair from The Rosa Beauty
  7. Bio-oil
  8. Nivea day and night cream
  9. The Bodyshop shampoo


Hello angels! I have made some few beauty resolution for 2021! Have you made yours? 2021 has been a great year. These are resolution for next year!

  1. Eat more healthy items such as fruits and vegetables.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Schedule some minutes for me time.
  4. Be more prudent when it comes to spending, i shall conduct research on groupon sites and also buy affordable products on Amazon, eBay, everythingfivepound.
  5. Become more prayerful!
  6. Spend quality time with family and friends!!!

I do love to hear from you what your new year resolution is!


Summer is here! We all wants to have a nice hair style, good manicure and pedicure so that when we go to the beach, we feel very good. I like wearing nice hair. I like to brush my hair and feel the texture of my hair too. I am so happy to be a  hair stylist. I get to feel different hair texture, advice regarding cool hair trends, dye and give hair cut.

Below are some of the hair styles I do recommend this year! Women, you can wear your hair in a knot behind your head, dye it, blow dry it, tong it, braid it, wash it at least twice a week. Men, wash your hair too regularly, go for hair cut once in a month at least, dye your hair if you do have grey hair. I do recommend loreal hair dye.  You can use channel hair mist and spray on your hair, that would make your hair smell really nice.

I love wearing wigs and fixing weavon. I am currently trying to grow my own natural hair. So I am using the home made remedy for it. Rice water. I spray this on my hair. I have been using this for one week and I can see the result. it is  a brilliant way to grow your hair. I also use the hair growth vitamin from De tuinen.

See more photos – Here


Good hygiene, a proper diet can help you achieve lovely skin. Below are items I use and recommend for a nice glowing skin

  1. Bio-oil
  2. Face Mask by De Tuinen
  3. Body Spray from Nivea
  4. Hugo boss perfume
  5. Biotherm body lotion
  6. Duvolle face cleanser
  7. Clinique hydrating lotion
  8. Elmex toothpaste and a Listerine mouthwash
  9. Rituals Body scrub
  10. Lancome cleansing tonic
  11. Wear lovely makeup with fabulous lashes by ilash

I am a certified beauty consultant with diplomas in skincare, makeup, perfume, and cosmetics. If you do wish to remove discoloration on your skin, acne, scar,s and other skin blemishes, you need to massage bio oil on your skin on daily basis, drinking a lot of water is also recommended. You may want to use Clinique, Philosophy, or Biotherm hydrating lotion at night and day time, these lotions is ideal for men and women.



Men and women tend to struggle sometimes with excessive hair on the legs, shoulder, back, and chest. There are several ways to care for excessive hair on your body. Summer is around the corner, We need to care for our body hair, feet (pedicure), and hands (manicure). There are several ways to care for excessive hair on your body

  1. Shaving with shaving foam and shaving stick
  2. Waxing
  3. Trimming with your own scissors and hair clipper
  4. For women, with no hair, please wear Extention or wigs. Rosa beauty and Luxy hair has very nice hair
  5. For men, if you do not have enough hair on your hair, use the natural remedy on your hair such as rice water, or drink some hair vitamins, you can buy this from DE TUINEN in The Netherlands.

I am not a doctor but a biochemist. If you want to achieve healthier hair, nails, and better skin, you need to improve your diet. Consume more milk, protein-rich food such as fish, meat, and chicken.

If you have an itchy scalp, oily scalp or dandruff, use a special shampoo. Wash your hair every day with nice shampoo from Loreal and also use a hair conditioner.

There are artificial ways to improve your hair texture on your head such as hair transplant. If you want to remove the entire hair on your hair, you need to undergo major Lazer.

I hope this tip inspires you. Please do share with me how you care for your hair


I have been asked very frequently by some of my blog readers, family members, and more essential items a student needs in order to achieve good grades and study successfully! Below is a list of items, amenities in my opinion in order to achieve great studies. I have a BSc. in Biochemistry, a bachelor’s degree in International business and management studies, and a master’s degree in Marketing and management. I also have several other diplomas. I was a student mentor during my master’s studies a few years ago.

  1. A good internet connection and television/radio in order to view channels such as CNN, BBC, and so on.
  2. Basic clothing such as shoes, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, tidy hair, perfume, nails, makeup, books, schoolbag and more
  3. Great accommodations for your studies
  4. Pocket money for trains, busses, groceries, and more.
  5. Blanket, bed linen and pillow
  6. textbooks
  7. A nice telephone, laptop for communication

During my first year of studies at the university studies at Anambra State University Uli, currently known as Chukwuemeka Odumegwu University, I received my very first triumph phone as a gift. I was so happy. Then I could call my mummy, daddy, relatives,  friends, and family with the phone. I really enjoyed my university studies than in Nigeria, hanging out with friends at school,  sleeping at my girlfriend’s room, I had a very small room then as a student but was able to entertain so many classmates in a day we studied together, eat together, took a nap together, motivated and inspired each other every day. Great memories!


The Sumer of 2020 is amazing! Great weather, lots of sunshine, minimal rainfall, and great places to hang out especially in The Netherlands. Below are some of the cool items i recommend for the summer of 2020!

  1. Estee lauder lipstick from Ici Parijs
  2.  Duvolle face wash
  3. Trendy dresses from Femme Luxe
  4. A nice lunch or dinner at a great restaurant
  5. A painting coaching or beauty, health and business consulting from me
  6. Nice holiday in cool hotel such as Fletchers, Amadore, Van der valk, James Hotel or Postillion Hotel In The Netherlands
  7. A nice vacational home such as Roompot
  8. A trip to Paris or Amsterdam for holidays
  9. Chilling at home with your loved ones
  10. Some nice per of jeans from Tommy Higiger shop, Replay, G-star from De Bijenkorf
  11. A nice hed phone from

Aside from taking good care of your self externally, it is equally important to take care of your self internally and mentally. One’s mental health can be taken care of by meditation, affirmation, being active, visiting friends and family, travelling, walking, cycling, deviating or abstaining from negative thought. Recently, I started sketching and painting very often, I derive pleasure by doing that. I encourage you to find a simple hobby and practise it everyday!

My Favourite Skincare Product 2021!

I have been using rituals skincare products for my skin and also during beauty consultancy for many years. Rituals have great skin care products such as body scrub, mask, shower gel, shower foam, handwash, body cream, toner, air freshener, and more. The shower foam and shower gel of Ritual’s skincare scents very nice, trendy packaging, cleanses the body well. it looks great in The bathroom as well. he rituals sugar and cream exfoliates the body and leaves the skin looking so smooth and soft.

The great thing about the Ritual brand is that is all about Peace, tranquility, the great quotes, vibes is amazing! Rituals have day and night cream too. Amazon also sells the Ritual’s body.

You may ask, why do I need these products? Why is it important to cleanse the skin and repair it? well, it is very important to achieve a better glowing, flawless skin in order to boost your confidence. I am a beauty consultant with a diploma in skincare, perfume, cosmetics, and perfumery!

I am also a mummy. If you an African mummy, you all can ascertain that you tend to achieve darker skin tone, sometimes stretchmark, after giving birth, it’s very normal, because during nine months of pregnancy, the body undergoes lots of changes,  several hormonal changes until the little angel you are carrying in your womb is finally born.

Childbirth is the best and most natural thing that can happen to any woman. As soon as you have given birth to your precious child, please do not neglect your skincare regime, if you do not take care of your skin extremely well, your skin may be damaged, you may suffer from stretch marks, sagginess, acne, and skin discolorations. In order to achieve your skin elasticity and tone, you need to use great skin care products such as Rituals body scrub, body cream, body oil. If you care for your skin properly, you would make your husband and your self very happy because you would feel better, your husband would love your skin even more and all sagginess would disappear!

Everyone has different skin tone, type, and elasticity, applying sufficient cream, oil, and lotions on your skin, would help you achieve smoother skin. Diy (do it yourself) idea to achieve a brighter skin is to use lemon, sugar, and coconut oil, mix it in a bowl, apply it on your skin daily by massaging it into your skin gently to achieve a brighter, smoother skin. Palmer’s skincare lotion is also great for a more clearer beautiful skin.

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