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My love

I gave you my time, I gave you my love, i gave you my attention , and i gave you my warmth,

and i am happy you gave it all back in return, i love you


If you were my man!

if you were my man, I would let you hold me tight.

If you were my man, I would let you kiss me on my forhead.

Presuming that you were my man, I would dance with you everyday!

On the occasion you were my man, I shall dance with you you every day!

If you were my man, I wold wake up next to you every night.

If you were my man, I would dine and wine with you every night

If you were man, I would be the happiest woman on earth.

If and only if!


By Ekene Patience

Your Eyes

Stiring deep into your eyes

Makes me feel more alive

You make me such a happy woman.

I am so happy to be in your life

You make me a happy woman

Your eyes and smiles

Lightens up my day!



I love the way!

I love the way you make me feel

I love the way you smell

I love the way you make me smile

I lobe everything about you!

I love the way you make me feel special

Serenity in your arms

My love, I feel a lot of serenity in your arms

My angel, you bring within me an inner peace

I feel loved, safe and cared for with you!

I love you


Ekene Patience

Your touch heals me.

Your touch is unique

Your touch makes me whole

Makes me come alive

I feel loved, cared, adored and happy whenever I feel your touch.

Touch me once more, Touch me once more!


Ekene Patience

Good morning my Dear one!

It feels great to wake up next to you every morning my darling.

I love to see you smile!

You are very special to me.

I created this poem for you my dear to cheer you up and to remind you that I care!

I just want to say to you, you are lovely!

Your my dear one!

Good morning my darling

You mean everything to me!

Good morning my dear one!

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Hi, I’m Ekene Patience. I am a blogger and a writer. On this page, I shall share with you my poetry and quotes! I hope you enjoy! xo

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I Love You!

I love you

Love is a great feeling I felt with you

I love holding you because it makes me feel happy.

Happiness is a perfect gift I received from your love

Thank you for loving me in return

Quote by Ekene

Do not be afraid to love!

Accept Love whole heartedly when it comes your way!

Quote by Ekene

Money comes and goes

But love stays forvever!


Be your self, love yourself to become a better version of your self!


Ekene Patience

Never Feel Alone , nor neglected

Always remember, God is watching, you and taking good care of you


Never Be In A Hurry all the time,

Make some times for meditation and self love!


Ekene Patience

Keep Striving for the best

Surely, the best will come to you


Ekene Patience


Smile always!

You look more radiant when you do so!



Be Kind always!

But remember, rarely can you please everyone!


Relate well with your self, so that others would be able to relate with you better!


Ekene Patience

When you find love, value, cherish and keep it!


Ekene Patience


Hold me Pull me close

Hold me tight

With your loving hands

Just the way you usually do

Cos you make me feel whole babe

Hold me tight darling

because it feels awesome!

Ekene Loves you!



Hmm bae!

Looking into your eyes,

Feeling your touch,

Makes me want to stay with you indoors

all day!

Cuddling and snuggling!

Poem by Ekene

My Angel

My angel, when you came into my life

you swept me off my feet

With your sweet tender touch and caress

Being with you

Has granted me the ability to love again

Love is real

Cos, I found true love with you

My angel!

For You

For you my heart yearns for

In your arms, I feel save and secured

Your aura sends tides of great feelings down my spines

I love every moment

Every sound you make

Every word you utter

I yearn for you!

You and you only!


Our Friendship

Our friendship means alot to me

I enjoy every moment we share together

Your laughter, most of all, the way you make me smile.

I will always appreciate your love, care, tenderness and the beautiful moments we shared together!

I will forever cherish every moment we shared together, the nights we cuddled in each oter’s arms, the dreams we shared, the love, laughter and warmth we had every moment!

I love you!


Ekene Patience


I want to have you as my one and only love

Even if I seem scared to give my heart away

I still believe in love

Love is a beautiful thing

Due to the reassurance from you

I have made up my mind to give you my heart.

I love you, my valentine



Your Sweet Smell

You are sweet my love

Your sweet smell lingers in my head

I love being in your arms

Holding you tight

Oh! Your sweet smell!

I miss you my love

Everyday, I sit and I think about you.

your sweet perfume

It shall linger on!

For always!



Poem By Ekene

The first time I set my eyes on you!

The first time I set my eyes on you,

Truelly my love, the first time I set my eyes on you, I was flabagasted with your beauty.

Your sheer beauty, pretty smile, lovely figure made me feel in love with you.

Lets step together into a paradise together filled with love, pure love.

The first time I set my eyes on you, I felt so happy.

You looked so beautiful, happy and stole my heart.

I love you

You will be forever in my heart

My beloved, since you went away, I have been so incomplete

I dream of spending one more quality time with you

Every day, I think about you, I wish you were still here gisting, laughing, cuddling, smiling, reading and spending quality time together

But oh no my beloved, but here i am my beloved, wishing, dreaming and wallowing

You will be forever be in my heart

Your Voice

Your voice, your speech, your charisma, your moves is the most beautiful experience I have ever had!

You look so good, I enjoy and cherish every moment we share together!

I love you

Heel Mooie Vrouw

Ik vind je heel mooie vrouw

Ik vind je heel lieve vrouw

Waar is zeer veel van houden

Ik wil je nooit missen

Ik hou van je!

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poem by Ekene and Dee Yoga E

Sweet night dreams
Baby, You light up my day.
Whenever am in your arms, I sleep like a child.
I love it when you sing to me while I am in your arms.
Sweet night dreams.
babe, why is it that, any time i look into your eyes, 
i feel so glad and victorious
you are the air am breathing and you are the sunshine am receiving from the sky
i see no body like you
you are like a bright moon in the sky to me
my soul mate, sweet night dream, i love you

Poem in Dutch


Iedereen moet altijd lief en aardig zijn tegen elkaar

een ook elkaar kunnen vertrouwen

iedere dag lachen met elkaar

Ik ben ook maar een mens

iedereen moet naast elkaar kunnen zijn

niet altijd allen en verdrietig zijn

maar toch liefde kunnen beleven

Altijd naast elkaar kunnen staan


All I yearn for

All I yearn for, is your love

All I think about, is your love

All I dream of, Is your love

The first time, I saw you,

I feel deeply in love

Oh mine oh mine, I am so in love, because your love, is true love

Tonight is the night

Tonight is the night i want to share my deepest with you

Tonight is the night i want to stir in the sky and count the stars with you

Tonight is the night i cherish so much


Because, tonight am with you!

Am gonna love you

I am gonna love you, because you are sweet to me

I am gonna love you, because you are handsome

I am gonna love you, because you are kind to me.


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