Hello! My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho. I am a youtuber, i write interesting blog post, I am also on fiverr. I do gigs for companies.

I do need a laptop, phones, fashionable clean items, pretty hair extentions, skin care items, hair, nail and mouth hygiene items, charger, digital camera for pictures, sd cards, headset, microphones, good lighting and also a nice convinient studio for my work.

Please kindly support me how ever you can! Any amount is acceptable from 2 euros to two thousand euros per donation.

Thank you so much for your anticipated donations!

You may send me an email or whatsapp message if you wish to donate!

Email – ebonycare29@yahoo.com Whatsapp – +31683059224

Gofundme – Here

My short stories on Amazon  Here

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my cv – Here

My website – Here

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Donate to Oxfam Novib – Here

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