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Ekene Patience


1. Mercedes Benz

2. Volvo


4. Hyundai


6. Porsche

7. Ferrari

These above-mentioned automobile companies produce great automobiles.

Mercedes Benz is a great automobile company.

Mercedes makes beautiful modern cars.

Mercedes benz and bmw cars are german cars!

If you wish to purchase high end automotive, i do advice you purchase it from porsche or from ferrari.

It is important to test drive the car, do make sure the car is in perfect condition before purchasing the car.

A very happy easter to all my friends, family and blog readers! I wish you the very best this festive season.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you?

I hope you all are doing well.
Today, i am going to share with you five top truck companies in my own opinion.

1. Bas world
2. Pk truck
3. Kleyn trucks
4. Ram trucks
Lamboo medical
These above-mentioned companies offer great automobiles to their customers.

Many top-notch transport companies such Fedex, Ups, ABC transport, hello fresh, chevron, bp petroleum,nnpc, loves to shop for great automobiles from these above-mentioned automobiles companies.

Many top-notch hospitals in Nigeria such as Evercare hospital, Reddington hospital likes to purchase top notch ambulances for their hospital. Some great oil and gas companies such as British petroleum, nnpc, shevron, exxon mobile does like to buy great trucks for supplying oil and gas to their customers.

I do encourage you to purchase great automobiles from these above truck companies.

I am a freelancer for Cavazanni recruitment agency also known as Cavazanni human capital limited, do contact cavazanni human capital for job opportunities in oil and gas companies worldwide.


Disney land
2. Ibis hotel Paris
3. Bvlgari Hotel
25 hours restaurant and hotels
5 Hilton hotel Paris
Paris is a beautiful city in France. You may want to travel to Paris France by NS train or with Thalys.

Thalys is a great transport company.

NS is a famous Dutch train company.

NS also commutes passengers to Paris, Germany and to many other cities.
Paris has so many top restaurants and eatery in my own opinion. you may find out more about top eateries in Paris such as Pret A Manger, Starbucks and more on french delight.
Do make Paris France your next holiday destination!


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i an going to share with you seven top places you can visit in Belgium in my own opinion.

1. Radisson blu hotel Antwerpen

2. Medina burger Antwerpen

3. Do shopping at Media markt Antwerpen, very close to Antwerpen central station

4. Eat and dine at Boston restaurant Antwerpen

5. Spend the night at Hilton hotel Antwerpen

6. Have a nice snack at Starbucks Antwerpen central station

7. Do shopping at guess shop, nice, suit supply, puma and so on at Antwerpen.

Aside from these great activities i have just mentioned, there are other great activities to indulge in Antwerpen such as visiting great hotels such as van der valk hotel, ibis hotel, Hotel indigo, shopping at Chanel, Gucci shops and eating at other top-notch restaurants such as taste of Africa restaurant.

Please find more listing on my website


1. Listen to nos news

2. Listen to Qmusic

3. Interact with people.

4. Volunteer to work for companies that speaks Dutch language. You may find a good voluntarily job via Adecco or via Randstad.

5. Read Dutch newspapers.

Dutch is a very good language.

It is important to communicate regularly in order to perfect your Dutch language speaking skills.

I like offering Dutch and English lessons.

Are you from China, Japan, Milan, Senegal or any other country? Would you like to improve your basic English language or dutch language speaking skills do listen to BBC, CNN news, rtl5 news and nos news regularly and do converse with persons who can speak the language very well.

Would you like to learn English language or Dutch, please contact me


Hotel Baccarat

2. The Mark Hotel

3. Hilton hotel

4. Sheraton hotel

5. Citizen M hotel

6. Holiday Inn Hotel Newyork

7. Rosewoods hotels

These above-mentioned hotels offer great customer service and has very nice hotel rooms.

Are you flying from Amsterdam to Newyork soon or from Paris to Newyork, you may want

to lodge at these above-mentioned hotels.

Newyork is a city in America. In America, you have other beautiful cities such as California, Florida and Boston.

America is very beautiful. Mr Joe Biden is the American American president.


1. Tesla

2. Mercedes Benz

3. Toyota Land Cruiser

4. Ferrari

5. Porsche

6. BMW

7. Hyundai

8. Bentley

9. Rolls Royce.

Many ladies love to drive very beautiful cars. It is important to drive great cars.

These above-mentioned automobile companies offer very lovely vehicles and some of them has show rooms in the United Kingdom and in The United States.

My birthday is coming up soon. I wish to use this medium to ask my friends and family to offer me a gift.

A beautiful birthday card, perfume or more would be highly appreciated


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you eight top news channels in my own opinion.

1. Q Music
3. NPO3
4. CNN news
5. BBC news
6. NTA news
7. Aljazeera
8. Net 5

This above-mentioned news has very talented news casters

Are you from Japan, India or any other country, are you new in The Netherlands? I do advice you to listen to Rtl5 news regularly, you may be able to learn Dutch by so doing.

Do you wish to improve your English language speaking skills, I do advice you to watch and listen to BBC and cnn news.


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you top automobile companies in my own opinion.

1. Ferrari

2.Mercedes Benz







Mikano is a great automobile company in Lagos Nigeria. Mikano also sells generators.

Tesla, Porsche, Ferrari and these other mentioned automobile companies offers very lovely cars.

It is very important to own a car so you can commute from one place to another easily.

Are you living on Newyork, Spain, Milan or any other country, please do purchase your vehicles from these above-mentioned car companies.

You may want to purchase automobile from these above-mentioned companies.

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Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you?

I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with you nine top hotels in Paris in my own opinion.

Happy easter in advance to all my friends and family members

  1. Citizen M hotel
  2. Ibis Hotel Paris
  3. Hilton Paris Opera
  4. Sheraton Hotel Paris
  5. Sofitel Hotel Paris
  6. Bvlgari Hotel
  7. Hotel le Senat
  8. Radisson Hotel Paris
  9. Ritz Hotel

These above-mentioned hotels have very beautiful rooms and offers great customer service to their customers.

You may travel alone to Paris, or you may travel with friends and family members.

Paris has great shops for shopping such as coco Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more.

Paris is well known for a very famous holiday destination called Disneyland.

Are you living in Amsterdam, Spain, Germany or in China, i do advice you to visit Paris for holiday


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with your ideas on how to relax in my own opinion.

  1. Listen to good music. Adele, Justin BieberColdplayDavido Beyonce is great artist.
  2. Travelling is a great way to relax. You may travel alone or with friends and family.
  3. Eat properly. Good food will enable you feel better.
  4. Relax in a warm bath. You may relax in a great jacuzzi or a warm bath at hotels such as Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam, Fletcher Hotel, Van der Valk, Sofitel Hotel Paris
  5. Visit Disneyland Paris with friends and family!
  6. Spend the night at Roompot holiday home in Zeeland.
  7. Have fun with friends and family at Baccarat hotel or at Mark Hotel Newyork.
  8. Watch Nolly wood movies. Uche JumboJim Iyke, Ray EmodiPeter Edochie are great nollywood actors.

Relaxation is very important. If you do practice self-care moments and relax often, you would be more fit, happier and become more productive at work.

I strongly advice to take out one day in a week, for example go for a very nice walk at the stream, alone or with family.


Hilton Hotel Amsterdam

2. Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam.

3. Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam

4. Elizabeth hotel Vlissingen

5. Van der Valk hotel Amsterdam

6. Ibis hotel Rotterdam

7. City hub  Amsterdam

8. Fletcher hotel Amsterdam

9. Art hotel Rotterdam

10. Roommate Bruno Rotterdam

11. Carlton Square Hotel Haarlem

The Netherland is a beautiful country, many tourists from all over the world likes to visit the Netherlands for holidays.

The two popular cities in The Netherlands in my own opinion is Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The name of the Dutch president is called Mark Rutte. The name of the Dutch king is called Willem Alexander.

These above-mentioned hotels offer great customer service, beautiful rooms and located in create location.

Are you visiting The Netherlands from Spain, Istanbul, Belgium, do patronize these above-mentioned hotels.

There are some more listing of great hotels and restaurants on my website under the column dutch delight


Hello, my beautiful friends and family. How are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you nine top hotels in Rotterdam in my own opinion.

1. Art hotel Rotterdam

2. Hotel Bruno Rotterdam

3. Fletcher hotel Rotterdam Airport

4. Citizen.m hotel Rotterdam

5. Hilton hotel Rotterdam

6.Holiday Inn Rotterdam

7. Ibis hotel

8. Hotel Newyork Amsterdam

9. Intel hotel Rotterdam

Most persons living in Rotterdam’s likes to relax in these above-mentioned fabulous hotels.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! You may want to eat a delicious meal at hotel Newyork Rotterdam or enjoy a lovely night at intel hotel Rotterdam.

Most persons living in neighboring European countries such as Belgium, Paris likes to enjoy Valentine’s celebration in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Roompot offers holiday homes in neiboring town close to Rotterdam and Zeeland.

Hotels and holiday homes are great options for vacation.

I would like to use this medium to say happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, family and blog readers!


1. Damen

2. Dow chemicals

3. Chevron

4. Halliburton



7. Nestle

8 Eastman

9. Nest oil

10. Dangote

11. British Petroleum

These above-mentioned companies have great staff and has international presence.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is a great company.

The company is similar to chevron, shell and nest oil. NNPC produces oil and gas in Nigeria and also exports to foreign countries.

Halliburton also produces oil and gas and exports to several countries.

Aside from working for these companies, you may want to patronize them as well.

NNPC, Exxon, British petroleum and total has different fuel/gas stations in different countries.

Are you looking for a great company to work for, please find job openings on google, indeed and on LinkedIn.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

Cavazanni Recruitment Agency is a great job agency. Do contact Cavazanni Recruitment Agency Lagos Nigeria for jobs in oil and gas industry!

Top AirlineCompanies!

1. Air France

2. Qatar airways


4. Virgin Atlantic

5. British Airways

6.Lufthanza airways

7. Royal Air Maroc

8. Turkish airline

These above-mentioned airlines have great aero planes that commutes passengers from one destination to another.

Travelling is awesome. Few weeks ago, I mentioned some of these great airline companies on my blog.

It is advice to book two weeks minimum ahead of time, in order to acquire good ticket rates.

Service point Amsterdam and service point Rotterdam sells great travelling bags, headset and more in The Netherlands.

Duifhuizen Amsterdam, Middelburg also offers very lovely travelling essentials in their stores.

Most students living abroad likes to travel too especially school holidays.

Are you studying in Newyork, Texas, Turkey, India or China, do book your flights with these above-mentioned airlines.

You may want to book online by yourself or use the services of Waka now or Solite global travels.


1. McDonald

2. Starbucks

3. Vapiano

4. Boston Antwerpen

5. Red lobsters

6. Zuidplein brassiere

7. Wendy’s burger

8 Genesis restaurant

Visamy restaurant Vlissingen

10. Pizza Hut London

11. Gastrocafe Santiago

These above-mentioned restaurants offer very delicious food and some of these above-mentioned eating is located in several cities.

in The Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and in The United States of America.

There are several other restaurants and eateries on my websites and on in different countries.

For example, Starbucks is a popular eatery in The Netherlands, Belgium in The United States and do many other countries.

I am a food blogger. I also enjoy writing topics related to food.

Eating good food is important.

Good food / meals with all the essential nutrients are inevitable.

You may also prefer to make the delicious meal at home by yourself or have it delivered to your doorstep using the service of uber eats.

Do patronize these above-mentioned eateries for your delicious meals.


  1. Mercedes Benz
  2. Porsche
  3. Ferrari
  4. Toyota
  5. Hyundai
  6. Jaguar
  7. Lamboghini
  8. BMW

These above-mentioned automobile companies make very beautiful and durable cars. You may want to shop for automobile from the shops of these above-mentioned car companies.

Driving makes it convenient for one to do groceries easily, run household errands and more!

If you do like cars with very high speed niveau, fast, trendy and beautiful, you may want to purchase Ferrari or Porsche cars.

All these above-mentioned car brand offers great cars and are highly recommended for persons whom which to purchase an automobile!

Nigeria has an awesome automobile garage for very beautiful cars called Geely/Mikano. Are you living in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja, you may want to purchase your awesome vehicles from these above-mentioned automobile companies abroad or from Mikano/Geely.


  1. Blokker
  2. Gamma
  3. Karwei
  4. Walmart
  5. Leen Bakker

These above-mentioned shops are present in Europe and in The United States of America.

Christmas and Newyear is around the corner, we all loves to decorate our homes You may shop for xmas tree from blokker, home utensils and more.

Walmart has very beautiful home decorative items, food and more in The United States of America.

Karwei is a famous shop in The Netherlands, present in several citis such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and more other cities. If you do wish to shop for nice carpet, curtains, paints and more, do shop from Karwei.


1. Max Verstappen

2. Marco Borsato

3. Enzo Knol

4. Blof

Mark Rutte

6. Willem Alexander

7. Vincent van Gogh

These above-mentioned Dutch men are very famous and are known worldwide

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. Madam Tussauds is a famous museum in The Netherlands and in the U.S.A

The popular city in The Netherlands is Amsterdam and Rotterdam in my own opinion.

Vrije University Amsterdam is a very popular university.

Are you living in The Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, Instabul, would you like to learn more about the Dutch persons, please do watch nos news journal, listen to rtl 5 news and more

Please do like and share the photos of these famous Dutch men on Instagram.

Aside from these top mentioned famous dutch men, there are several other famous men and women i enlisted on my Pinterest account such as Jim Iyke, Justin Bieber, Burna Boy, Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes, Bruno Mars, Queen Maxima and more!

I enjoy sharing with you all these awesome blog post in order to create awareness, impact more knowledge and value to all my friends, family, clients and business partners.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

I am a photo model, i am also on fiverr

I can help with promoting your goods and services online and also with writing blog post.


  1. West county Hotel Dublin
  2. Spencer hotel Dublin
  3. Hilton Dublin
  4. The Alex hotel Dublin
  5. The Marker Hotel Berlin

Dublin is a very beautiful city in Ireland. You may want to spend this holiday season with your friends and family in Dublin. These above metioned hotels has very beautiful tidy rooms and offer’s great customer service.

aside from spending the night at these above-mentioned hotels, there are great activities you might want to indulge in such as eating a delicious meal at nando’s,  shopping at zara, dior and other amazing shops in Dublin.


CNN News

BBC News


4 npo3


6 African magic



These above-mentioned channels offer great television programmes and news. Listening to cnn news every day is very important, CNN news does broadcast current affairs happening around the world. CNN news and BBC news has great television programmes you may want to listen to everyday for English language proficiency.

Would you like to improve your English language speaking skills, please do listen to BBC and CNN news.

Rtl5, Npo2, Npo3, Sbs4, are great television channels if you do wish to learn Dutch language.

I am a photo model in The Netherland. I am also a beauty consultant. I have diploma in makeup, skincare, parfum and cosmetics.

I also offer basic English language and Dutch lessons.


1. Klm

2 British Airways

3. Japan Airlines

4. Lufthansa

5. American Airline

6. Qatar Airways

7. Virgin Atlantic

Are you travelling from Amsterdam to Newyork or from Paris to Spain, i do recommend you book your flight with these airline

You can buy your ticket online from the websites of these above-mentioned companies.

I hope this blog post inspired you

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

I am it, beauty consultant, please do contact me if you wish to work with me.


1. Genesis restaurants

2. Eko hotel and suites dining

3. Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel

4. Domino Pizza Lagos Nigeria

5. Kilimanjaro restaurant

Genesis restaurant is located in victoria Island Lagos Nigeria. Genesis restaurants offers very delicious African delicacy.

Eko hotel and suits is a great hotel and also has a jetty bar and restaurant for very delicious intercontinental meal.

You may want to relax at the pool side of Eko hotel and have a nice bottle of coca cola.

Victoria Crown Plaza is a great hotel as well at victoria Island Lagos Nigeria. Victoria crown plaza hotel offers every delicious buffet.

Domino pizza, Kilimanjaro restaurants can be found in other cities of Nigeria such as Enugu State, Abuja, Owerri and more.


  1. Glo
  2. Mtn
  3. 9Mobile
  4. Delta
  5. Kpn
  6. Three
  7. T-mobile

Glo, Mtn and airtel has branches in Nigeria and ghana. Delta, Telfort, T-mobile amsterdam are dutch telecommunication companies in The Netherlands. If you do live in The Netherland, coolblue and media markt offers very nice laptops, phones, television for television, internet packages offered by these above-mentioned companies.

Are you a top notch youtuber such as MKBD Brownlee, a blogger like Linda Ikeji, I do advice you patronize the above-mentioned telecommunication companies. Aside from youtubers and bloggers, some companies do need reliable, fast internet such as insurance companies such as axa, heirs and more.

I am on fiverr. I enjoy creating gigs for individuals and companies. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your anticipated patronage!


  1. Innoson manufacturing vehicles
  2. Mercedes Benz
  3. Ferrari
  4. Jaguar
  5. Toyota
  6. Hyundai
  7. Porsche

This above-mentioned automobile has very lovely vehicles. Ferrari makes very beautiful, durable and trendy cars, Porsche automobiles are very fabulous.

Innoson manufacturing vehicles has trendy cars, you can find their showroom in Lagos Nigeria and also, they have a location in the eastern part of Nigeria.

I like very beautiful cars. Driving is great. you may want to drive your car by yourself or drive yourself to work. Mikano has great automobiles such as Toyota cars, Hyundai and more. You may want to purchase your cars from Europe from pk trucks, Toyota showroom in Amsterdam or from Porsche.

Are you living in Belgium, Spain or in the United Kingdom, please do purchase your vehicles from these above-mentioned automobile companies.


Yemi Alade


Tiwa Savage


Tekno miles

Femi kuti

Don Jazzy

These above musicians create very beautiful music. You can find their music on Youtube. Daon Jazzy is the ceo of mavin records. I do like the fact that these above-mentioned musicians can sing well, dance well and are well known worldwide!

Please do listen to the great songs of these above-mentioned musicians


1. Citizen m Hotel Amsterdam
2. Hilton hotel Amsterdam
3. Holiday Inn Hotel Amsterdam
4. Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam
5. Nh Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city in The Netherlands.

Many tourists from cities such as Newyork, Spain, Paris likes to visit Amsterdam.

Amsterdam City is very beautiful. There are also more fabulous hotels in The Netherlands. Please find out more here

There are a lot of exciting places to visit such as madametussauds, a nice boat ride and some great shops.

You might want to buy a train ticket with ns and travel to fabulous cities such as Rotterdam and Breda.


  1. Aliko Dangote
  2. Obi Cubana
  3. Peter Obi
  4. Mike Adenuga
  5. Davido

These above-mentioned businessmen are very famous in Nigeria and possesses great business skills. Few months ago, I shared with you information about Mr. Dangote on my YouTube channel. Dangote is a great businessman. You may be able to buy the product line of Mr. Dangote such Dangote Rice, Cement and more in Nigeria.

Mr. Obi Cubana is also a great businessman too amongst others.

Mr. Obi Cubana has great restaurants and hotels in Lagos, Abuja and Owerri.

These other mentioned businessmen are very successful and promotes their goods and services online. Please find out more about great businesses, business persons  i promote and do recommend on my website

Are you from France, Milan, Dubai, Spain, U.S. A, would you like to start a business in Nigeria, I do advice you to do so!

Nigeria is a great country for doing business.

I am a business and it consultant. I coach sme’s to grow their businesses.

I promote goods and services aswell for companies on my websites blacknoir and on myfabulousbeauties


1 Monument Hotel 

2. Four season hotel Madrid

3. Marriot Barcelona

4. Hilton Barcelona

Ohla Hotel Barcelona

Spain is a beautiful country.

Spain has awesome cities such as Ibiza, Barcelona and many other cities.

Are you a student studying at university of Amsterdam, hogeschool Rotterdam or at Hogeschool Zeeland, I do advice you to visit Barcelona or Ibiza

Thank you so much for reading my blog

Please do share with me which cities you do like to visit whenever you travel to Spain, I would love to learn from you. Please find more  more information about Spain here


1. Tesco

2. Asda



5. Aldi

These above-mentioned supermarkets can be found in Britain. London is a beautiful city.

These above-mentioned supermarkets offer very delicious food. It is important to eat healthy meal every day. You can buy fresh food from this above-mentioned supermarket. The Netherlands has also fabulous supermarkets such as Jumbo, Lidl and dirk.

Are you living in London, Manchester, Newcastle, i do advise you shop at the above-mentioned supermarkets.


  1. Four season hotel Instabul
  2.  Hilton hotel Instabul
  3. Hotel Nena
  4. La ceilo suites
  5. Hotel Les Ottomans 

Instabul is a beautiful city in the country called Turkey! Many persons from Nigeria, The Netherlands like to visit Instabul for holidays, business and for shopping.

You can buy very fashionable outfits from Instabul at very affordable price. Travelling is great because you tend to experience new culture, make new friends and more.

Are you living in Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, i do advice you visit these above-mentioned hotels, have a lovely stay and a pleasant holiday!

Please find more information about four season hotels on my Pinterest page here. Four season hotel is in Instabul, Turkey, Newyork and many other countries.


1. Klm
2. Solite global travels
3. Just fly
4. Momondo
5. Sunweb

Travelling is great! Travelling will enable you to make great friends and you might land yourself a great job!

Klm is a dutch airline. Jlm is present worldwide.

You may book your flight from Amsterdam to Lagos Nigeria, india or any country with klm.

Just fly, Momondo is an online platform for booking flight. Are you living in lagos, Abuja, Accra, please do book your flights with these above mentioned companies


  1. Zeeuwsstreken restaurant
  2. Restaurant Basalt 
  3. Restaurant Il Senso
  4. De Herberg
  5. Zanzi bar

Zeeland is a very beautiful province. You can eat and dine at these above-mentioned restaurants. The restaurants offer very nice food and their customer service is great!

Are you ling in Rotterdam, Amsterdam I do advice you visit Middelburg in Zeeland for a nice meal at these above-mentioned restaurants.


Penn Foster online career school is a great school in The United States of America.The school is located in scraton Pennsylvania. You might want to study online or offline.

Penn foster has very nice study curriculum.You can decide to follow a study to become a professional secretary, business administration and more!Are you living in London, Spain, Germany, would you like to follow an online course, I do recommend you study with Penn foster.Penn foster has very affordable programmes.


1. Genesis restaurant Victoria Island

2. Mama cass restaurant

3. Johny rockets

4. Chicken republic Ikoyi

5. Kilimanjaro

6. Domino pizza

7.  Cactus restaurant

These above-mentioned restaurants offer very delicious meal. Fifi dilly is the wife of the famous Nigerian businessman

Cactus bakery is in Victoria Island. Eko hotel and jamo restaurant also has a very nice restaurants and makes intercontinental meals.

Genesis restaurant is present in Lagos Nigeria, Port Harcourt and many other cities. Eating good African food will make your look more fabulous and more energetic.

When i was younger, my mummy taught me how to cook. she advised me, she said, every young lady should be able to prepare a decent meal for herself. She taught me and my siblings how to cook.

Hello fresh offers delicious box of meals in The Netherlands. You can order food from hello fresh or from supermarket in The Netherlands.

You can also order food online in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

Are you planning to visit Nigeria soon? Please visit these above-mentioned restaurants. You can order food online with Jumia food app.

By the way, social media is very important for marketing your business. Online presence is very important for all businesses.

TikTok is a great social media platform for marketing your business. Many businesses are on tiktok


  1. Damen trading
  2. Botentekoop
  3. Oyster yacht
  4.  Zeeland boten
  5. Fraser yacht

These above-mentioned companies offer very beautiful boats, yachts and ships. The reason why i recommended these companies is because their website is easy to navigate and well designed.  Are you a great businessman, a businesswoman or a super star? would you like to buy a very nice boat or yacht for your friends and family? Please do shop with these above-mentioned company!

You may want to purchase a nice boat, ship and yacht with nice interiors and with great quality.


These above-mentioned brands offer very nice, trendy furniture ideal for your living room, bedroom and office space. Vva furniture is a furniture company located in lagos Nigeria. Vava furniture offers very beautiful interiors.

Leen bakker is a Dutch brand. Leen Bakker shops are in several cities in The Netherlands. It is very important to decorate your home and make it look fabulous. Jysk also offers very nice furnitures for interior decoration. I have had the ample opportunity to patronise some of these above mentioned furniture companies, I am very pleased with their furniture furniture quality and customer service.

Are you planning to redecorate your home or your garden, do shop for awesome Furnitures from these shops mentioned above. If you do not wish to buy new furniture for your home, you might want to shop with secondhand furniture shops in The Netherland


Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you six top hotels in Istanbul Turkey in my own opinion.

1. Marriot hotel Instabul

Ibis hotel Instabul

Sheraton hotel

Raddison Blu Instabul

Four season hotel Istanbul

Instabul turkey is a beautiful city.

Many persons from Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris and other countries like to travel to Istanbul for Holidays and shopping.

Istanbul has very beautiful airport where you can buy duty free items.

Are you a businesswoman or businessman? Would you like to start a fashion business soon?

I do advise you to visit Istanbul for shopping

You can lodge at a nice hotel such as Marriott hotel or any of these fabulous hotels mentioned above.

Persons from Istanbul are very nice and friendly.


1. Hotel Presidential

2. Ogeyi Place

3.Novotel Port Harcourt

4. Raddison blu hotel Port Harcourt

5. Escape boutique hotel and spa

6. Golden Tulip Port Harcourt

7. Bougainvillea hotel

Port Harcourt is a great city. Port Harcourt is very beautiful.

These above-mentioned hotels are beautiful, tidy and has friendly staffs.

Most persons living in Port Harcourt, expatriates from the United States of America and from Europe loves to stay at these above-mentioned hotels.

Are you visiting Nigeria soon? If you do not wish to stay in Abuja or Lagos Nigeria, you can stay at port Harcourt

You can stay at these above fabulous hotels and eat a delicious meal at genesis restaurant or at mama Cass restaurant at Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria or at the genesis restaurant in Port Harcourt.


1. Jumbo

2. Marqt

3. Lidl

4. Spar


6. Albert Heijn

7. Landmarkt

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. The most popular cities are Amsterdam and Rotterdam in my own opinion

These above-mentioned supermarkets are present in different cities in The Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Middelburg and Vlissingen

It is important to shop for fresh food every day. These above-mentioned supermarket offer fresh food to their customers

Aside for shopping for food at these above-mentioned supermarkets, you can chill at statbucks in Amsterdam central station, you might want to have a cup of coffee and a delicious snack.

Do shop at these above-mentioned supermarkets in Middelburg, Vlissingen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and more.


1. Ferrari

2. Jaguar

3. Toyota

4. Hyundai

5. Renault

Carvago cars

7 Land Rover

These above mentioned companies has fabulous automobiles in great condition.

I like Ferrari cars, Ferrari cars are very fast and beautiful. I like range rover and Toyota cars very much as well, I also like the other car brands mentioned above. My favourite car colour is black.

Driving a sound car is advised. Are you planning a trip from Florence to Milan soon, or from Rome to Milan?  I do advice you purchase your awesome car from these above mentioned automobile companies


1. Klm Royal Dutch Airline

2. Royal Air Maroc

3. Lufthansa

4.Virgin Atlantic

5.Turkish Airline

6. American Airways

7. Qatar Airways

8. British Airways

This above-mentioned airline has very nice airplanes, their flights are always on time.

Klm is a Dutch company. Klm commutes passenger from Amsterdam, Paris and other cities to different countries. These above-mentioned airlines offer very nice services to their passenger.

Travelling is very important because whenever you visit a new location for holidays, you tend to make new friends, learn new language and experience some delicious meals.

Are you in Abuja, Accra, Instabul or any other country? you can fly with these above airlines.

Please book your flight tickets from these above-mentioned airlines via their websites or book your flight and reserve your hotel room with these companies enlisted here


Bon hotel Abuja

2. Eko hotel Lagos

3. Raddison blu hotel Ikeja

4. Victoria crown plaza hotel

5. Hilton hotel Abuja

6. Protea benin city

7. Southern sun ikoyi

8. Oriental hotel

9. Citi height Ikeja

These above-mentioned hotels offer great customer service to their customers, has beautiful rooms and are located in very nice locations in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.

Oriental hotel is a great hotel amongst other hotels mentioned above. Oriental hotel has great facilities and also offer’s spa treatment.

Eko hotel is a fabulous hotel. Eko hotel has very pretty rooms and great customer service. You may want to sit at the pool side and enjoy a nice drink at Eko hotel.

Are you looking for a great hotel to lodge at Lagos Nigeria or at Abuja, these above-mentioned hotels are highly recommended. Accra, Ghana also has fabulous hotels, please check out Ghanaian delight on my website for more information.

I am a beauty and its consultant. I offer selfcare, healthcare, its consultancy and digital marketing advice via WhatsApp


1. Pk trucks
2. Kleyn trucks
3. Autosturm Middelburg
4 Auto track
5. Vos Trucks
These above-mentioned automobile companies ship cars, trucks worldwide.

Aside from shopping for cars in The Netherlands, you may want to visit cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam for holidays, madame thasaud is a nice museum in Amsterdam. Amsterdam also offers an open boat canal cruise experience to tourist

Please check out my Pinterest account for more lovely photos of automobiles here
Thank you for reading my blog


1. Southern Sun hotels
2. Hotel presidential Port Harcourt
3. Protea hotel Ikeja Lagos
4 Novotel Port Harcourt
5. Bon hotel Owerri
Hotel Sunshine Enugu
7 Oriki Spa Lagos Nigeria
Hilton hotel Abuja
Eko hotel Victoria Island Lagos
10 Lekki waterside hotel
11. Bon hotel Abuja

Enjoying yourself and relaxing from time to time is advised.

Lodging at these above-mentioned hotels would enable you experience an enjoyable moment in Nigeria. You would also be able to make new friends at these places.

Are you planning to travel to Nigeria soon, please book your flight tickets with solite global travels, are you travelling from Holland, you might want to travel with klm


Eko hotel is a very nice hotel in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria. Eko hotel has been in existence for several decades.

Eko hotel Lagos has a very calm jetty bar, restaurant for delicious meal and very friendly staffs.

Lagos Nigeria is a beautiful city. Many tourists from The United Kingdom, Spain, Paris and many other countries likes to visit Eko hotel for a nice holiday experience.

Do visit Eko hotel today for your fabulous stay!


Marvin record has produced and created very great songs. The ceo of marvin records is called Don jazzy. Don jazzy has been creating very nice music for very long time.

One of the music created by don jazzy is called Dorrobucci. I enjoy listening and dancing to songs by don jazzy for very long time.

There are other great musicians in Nigeria such as bright chimezie, flavour and tuface idibia.

Are you looking for a great producer, please contact marvin record. Please find more information about marvin records on blacknoir here.


1. Doutzen kroes

2. Dj cuppy

3. Linda ikeji

4. Naomi Campbell

Kate Moss



These above-mentioned photo models are very talented and great.

Doutzen kroes is a Dutch photo model. Oluchi onweagba is a Nigerian and Italian photo model.

Oluchi has been modelling for many years, she has modelled for several brands in Europe, the United States and Africa.

Dj cuppy is a photo model and also a dj. Are you planning an event soon? I do recommend you hire dj cuppy or dj dynamite in europe


Disney land is located in Paris. Paris is a city in France. Aside from Disney land, there are other great places to visit in Paris such as the ivory tower, the shopping malls, champs elysees’  and so on.
Are you planning a holiday soon, i do advice you to visit Disneyland Paris with your friends and family. Sun web is a company that can help you book a fabulous holiday in Paris.

Are you living in Amsterdam, Spain or Belgium, would you like to visit France, please book your holiday today with sun web.


1. Talk calmly to your boss.

2.Avoid food and drinks that might irritate your boss or cause mouth odor before talking to your boss such garlic and too much alcohol

3. Do not shout at your boss.

4.Talk in a cool quiet place to your boss.

5. Avoid wearing perfumes that might irritate your boss

6. Do not yell at your boss.

7. Be kind to your boss and all your collegue at work

8 wear nice outfits from brands such as prada, hugo boss, channel , boohoo , ash luxury when ever you visit your boss

9 clean your self properly and look presentable when having a meeting with your boss.

10. When talking to your boss on the phone, please talk calmly.

11. Do not fidget when talking to your boss, rather talk calmly

12. Do send your boss an email or give him or her a call.  if you want to take a break from work e.g maternity leave. Most mummy’s like to go on maternity leave. During pregnancy, women tend to experience changes in their body and also have cravings due to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant mother. It is advised to go for maternity leave. Do speak to your boss calmly if you wish to have some break from work.


  1. Toyota
  2. Hyundai
  3. Mercedes Benz
  4. Jaquar
  5. Ferrari

One of the  most popular city in China is called Beijing.

China is a big country , the people from china speaks Chinese and they are very nice and friendly
If an Auto mobile companies such as pk trucks, germaine autos wants to purchase new vehicles, they can purchase vehicles ( retail or wholesale) from these above mentioned automobile companies.

These automobile companies in china has their own factories and very efficient with productions of vehicles.
It is important to speak chinese if you visit china, but you may also speak English language in china.


Modelling is a beautiful career. In order to become a photo model, you need to decide the kind of modelling you choose to participate.

You can decide to be a fashion model or a runway model.

Elite model is a great modelling agency. Elite modelling agency is present in The Netherlands, Paris and in Belgium. Aside from Elite models, you have IMG models and Newyork Model Management.

Modelling  is great. In order to be a run way model such as Oluchi Onweagba and Doutzen Kroes, you have to eat nice food from brands from hello fresh. Wearing nice fashionable items from chanel,  boo hoo pretty little things and chanel is advised.

Self grooming is important, good food, exercise and great state of mind.


1. Cold play

2. Maroon 5

3. 50 cent

4. Dr. Dre

5. Eminem

6. Taylor swift

7. Rihanna

These american singers are very talented and can sing very well. Do listen to their songs on youtube or on sound cloud.

 Listening to great music is fun, music is good for the body soul , mind and helps with relaxation

I enjoy creating music , please contact me if you would like to collaborate with me.

Please find more actors, actresses and musician on my pinterest account  here

Thank you so much for reading my blog


1. Chateau victoria hotel

2. Marriot hotel

3.ibis hotel

Motel Nanook

Lake view hotels.

Canada is a beautiful country, the most popular cities in canada are Quebec,  Sydney, montreal, ontario and ottarwa Canada.

The hotels rooms are very tidy and comfortable. The staffs of the above mentioned hotels are nice, hardworking and friendly. You may be able to eat and dine at some of the above mentioned hotels.

Please do patronise these hotels during your next visit to Canada.


  1. Iyare motors
  2. God is good
  3. Chisco
  4. Guo

These transport companies are great and has awesome vehicles. Their drivers are very nice to their passengers and their vehicles are modern. Travelling from one city to another is fun. Nigeria has exciting cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and more! You may travel with these above mentioned companies when ever you wish to travel to Lagos Nigeria or to Abuja Nigeria. After a long trip you may want to relax and spend a night at awesome hotels such as eko hotel lagos Nigeria or at Southernsun hotel Lagos Nigeria.

Are you  living in Port harcourt or lagos Nigeria, i highly recommend these above mentioned transport companies.


Communication is very important. We all tend to communicate everyday.Sometimes we talk to our family members via phone calls, some times we communicate with our employers, sometimes we Communicate with our friends and family. In order to improve your communication,

1. Talk very gentle when you are talking to your employer

2. Smile when you talk

3. Mind your body language when communicating

4. Avoid using vogal words

5. Listen to great communicators such as Mark Rutte, Barrack Obama and Mr. Willen Alexandra

6. Have fun!

In other to improve your business communication skills ,please do attend uva amsterdam, University of leiden and thr University of Nigeria Nsukka.

I offfer basic English language and dutch lessons, please contact me if you wish to learn basic english language and dutch!


1. Visit and lodge  Van der Valk hotels Middelburg

2. Visit and lodge at Fletchers hotel Vlissingen

3. Eat and dine at restaurant scherp middelburg

4. Visit de boulevard Vlissengen

5. Stay at a nice roompot  vacation home in goes middelburg

6. Shop for nice skin care items at holland and barret middelburg

7. Shop for gadgets at Bcc electronics

Van der Valk is a great hotel for spending time with friends and family.

Van der valk also have a nice hotel in Amsterdam dordrecht, Middelburg and Goes where you can eat and dine with your loved ones. The staffs of van der valk hotel are kind, respectful and very hardworking. I have been to van der valk hotel with friends and family. I like their service.

Please find more information about van der valk hotel here on my website


1. Ramjsburg

2. Oxfam novib

3. Redcross


5. himalayanlife

6. Salvation army

7. Charity choice

These  seven charity organisations are very helpful to persons worldwide. These organisations has helped so many men and women in need.

Unicef is a great charity organisation Unicef and redcross has helped men, women, children world wide. The companies provides cars, food, clothes and more for persons.

Dorcas helps woman, men in need of food, clothes and makes sure that persons feeds properly, the company also accepts house hold items such as kitchen utensils, and are present in the united states of america.  I have done charity work for dorcas in The Netherlands and have helped with collecting food.  The company has helped thousands of women, new born and families world wide. Salvation army helps persons in need of food and clothes.

If you do have beautiful new clothes or used clothes, or wish to donate a car to redcross, unicef or oxfam novib,  please donate it to the above mentioned charity organisations.

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, breda or in vlissingen please donate to these above mentioned  charity organisations.

Great companies in several african countries has helped the people in need by donating martenal mobile hospital sold my lamboo medicals

Thank you so much for reading my blog

Check out my content marketing for unicef and redcross here


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to share with you five top hotels in Abuja in my own opinion;

There are five top hotels in Abuja in my own opinion;

1. Bon Hotel
2. Marriot hotel
3. Hilton hotel
4. Ibis hotel
5. The Envoy hotel

Abuja is a very beautiful city. Do you have a job in Abuja, are you travelling soon with your friends and family to Abuja?  you may stay at the above mentioned hotels.

Aside from lodging at these above mentioned hotel, you can enjoy a nice meal at blucabana restaurant Abuja. Te food at Blucana restaurant in Abuja is very nice.

Abuja is a very beautiful city in Nigeria, the city is lovely, peaceful and has very understanding, kind and welcoming inhabitants.


1. Kia motors
2.Coscharis Motors
3. Mikano
4. Prinz cars 
5. Toyota
6  Amsterdammertje Autos
7. Hyundai Amsterdam

Nigeria is a beautiful and friendly country.

You may want to shop for automobile in Abuja or in Lagos Nigeria

Buying a nice car is important. A car with great functionality is adviced.

For example, if you have a car that is in good condition, you may be very happy drive it around from one place to another efficiently without any trouble


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today, i am going to share with you 8 top hotels in Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt is a city in Nigeria with very lots of fun places to visit. There are top multinational companies in Port Harcourt such as shell, prodeco, and so on.

Port Harcourt has very awesome hotels you can spend a night or multiple nights at;

Are you traveling from Lagos to Port Harcourt, these hotels are highly recommended

1. Hotel presidential
2. Novotel
3. Bougainvillea Hotel
4. Swiss International Hotel
5. Golden Tulip Port Harcourt
6. Echelon heights hotel
7. Ogeyi Place

Hotel presidential is a fabulous hotel, with a very nice swimming pool and fabulous room, other hotels have very nice websites, beautiful rooms, and great locations as well.
Are you planning to travel from Europe or from Lagos to Port Harcourt Nigeria, Please do stay at these above-mentioned hotels


1. Visit disney land
2. Spend the night at Sofitel hotel Paris
3. Eat at a nice restaurant such as Le Gabriel
4. Shop with michael kors for a nice shoes or a nice handbag.
5 buy a nice toyota car at autosphere  and have a nice ride in paris

Disney land is a beautiful place.  Everyone in the whole world likes to go to disney land to have fun and make new friends. Please find more detailed video of me talking about Paris and Disneyland

If you do want to travel to Paris, you may want to travel from Amsterdam to Paris with thalys.

Please make Paris your next holiday destination.


  1. Swiss sense Berlin
  2. Auping
  3. Homedone
  4. Laredoute
  5. Soft touch bed

Berlin is a city in Germany. It is advised to buy a nice furniture that will enable you to rest your back properly and a furniture that would last you for a very long time. If you did asked me, what kind of furniture would you like to buy for yourself if need be,  my anwer would be  buy a nice leather sofa or a sofa you can wash the linen on the sofa at least once in 5 weeks.

Furniture is important for your home.  For example, a nice sofa from Swiss sense would enable you to watch television comfortably at your living room alone or with your family. I like good furnitures. I enjoy sitting on a nice sofa, It helps me to rest my body properly. I also like good bed and i also like good television programmes such as rt5 or bbc news.  Are you living in berlin? Would you like to shop for nice interior for your home, I strongly advice you shop from these above-mentioned company.


  1. University of Ghana
  2. University of Cape coast
  3. Webster Ghana
  4. Accra technical univerisity
  5. Accra  institute of technology

Ghana has awesome universities for great studies.

You may want to study biology, chemistry, business at the above mentioned universities.

 I love studying and mentoring student. I have helped alot of students to achieve good grades, improve their dutch, english language proficiency and also coached so many students related to skincare, beauty and health care advice.

Are you a student in Nigeria or Ghana, would you like to study in Ghana? Please do attend the above mentioned universities


Paris is a nice city. Paris has a lot of great universities you can study at, such as

1.Univeristy of Paris

2. Hec Paris

3 Paris school of Business

The American univeristy of Paris

5. Atlantic international University

6. Sorbonne University

7. Upec

Paris is a beautiful city in France. There are lots of great side attractions in Paris.

Aside from studying at Paris, you may want to visit the ivory tower, do some shopping at champs – Elysees. It is important to study, eat properly and read your boods while studing at the above mentioned universities.

Are you a prospective student? Would you like to start a new study soon?

I do recommend you study at one of the above mentioned univeristies in Paris.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well

Today, i am to share with you 7 top male musicians and photo model in Nigeria.


2. Wizkid

3. Naira marley

Burba boy


6. Timaya

7. d banj

8. Psquare

9. Tuface idibia

These male musicians are very talented and can sing very well. I have been a big fan of Davido and also a fan of all these above mentioned artist. I like to sing and dance to the music of davido and i also like to listen  and dance  with my friends and family to the songs of these above mentioned musicians .

Wizkid is also a great talented musician.These top african musicians like to perform at o2 London and other countries. Please check them out on instagram by typing their name on instagram and like their pictures, videos and share!

I am an upcoming artist. Please do contact me if you would like to create a nice music with me.


  2. bcc
  3. Media Markt
  4. Cool blue

The Netherlands is a beautiful country. The biggest city is called Amsterdam. The top cities  in The Netherlands are Utrecht, Amsterdam, Den haag, Rotterdam.

You can buy headset and power bank from from  You may be able to buy nice lap tops, phones, television, refridgerator and more from Media Markt.

These above mentioned shops has great electronics and their websites are easy to navigate and shop with.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog, thank you for sending me cool items such as headset, power bank, school bang and so on, i appreciate it.


  1. Bella Italia
  2. Restaurant De Balie
  3. De kop van Oost
  4. Cradam
  5. Restaurant Spectrum

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. If you do wish to have a nice date with your loved one or with your spouce, you can eat and dine at the above mentioned restaurants in Amsterdam. There are so many fun activities you may also want to indulge in Amsterdam such as shopping at the city centre, staying at a nice hotel in Amsterdam, boat ride with gvb and more.

Than you so much for reading my blog. Please check out my pinterest account to read more about Amsterdam and view more beautiful pictures


Heirs insurance company is a company that insures cars, homes and more. Heir’s insurance company has been in existence for many years in Lagos Nigeria and has been of value to many Nigerians.

I would like to use this opportunity to coach car insurance brokers worldwide. If you want to earn new customers for health insurance company, please visit all the banks in the city where you live, ask the workers working in the bank if they would like to have their cars insured.

You may want to insure all the workers working in universities, hospitals, oil and gas companies, automobile companies and so on, depending on the city you live in.

If you do live in The Netherlands, please have your cars insured with Allianz direct.




3 psv

4 F C Rotterdam

Sparta Rotterdam

Football is great. Playing football will keep you in shape and makes you feel fit.

Ronaldo is a great footballer; Ronaldo has played with several football team in The whole world. Please check out Ronaldo on YouTube, he is great.

Are you a football player in The Netherland are you looking for a great food ball club to join the above football club is recommended.


1. Aiico
2. Leadway Assurance
3. Cornerstone Insurance
Fbn insurance
Allianz insurance

Have you just bought a new car, a new house or for wish to insure your company? I do advise you have your home and company insured with the above-mentioned insurance companies.

Are you working for a health insurance company in lagos Nigeria. Please do write a very attractive proposal to the target companies.

For example, if Aiico do wish to insure all the staff of nnpc in abuja Aiico might need to write a decent proposal to nnpc.


1. Cold play
2. 50 cent
3. sza
4. Cardi b
5. Maroon 5
6. Beyonce
9  Ludacris
10 justin bieber
11. Doja cat

These above-mentioned musicians create very beautiful songs and are very popular worldwide. Their music will make you feel good, calm down and make you feel happier.

50 cent creates mostly wrap songs, Beyonce is the wife of Jayz. Beyonce can sing and she can dance very well.

I like her song all the single ladies, who run the world and so on.
Rihanna is a model, musician and a dancer. Rihanna is currently pregnant, congrats gurl.

Do you have a nice hotel or a nice restaurant in a beautiful city such as Newyork, Lagos Nigeria, Amsterdam or Rotterdam, do remember to listen to their songs and entertain your customers with these songs. Please do check out some of their music enlisted above.


  1. Buy a woman a nice perfume. Most women love channel and Gucci perfumes.
  2. Go with her on a date, for example you can have a nice dinner together in a nice hotel in Amsterdam or Rotterdam
  3. Buy her nice flowers!
  4. Go with her on a nice holiday!
  5. Make nice dinner for her, buy her a nice birthday card during her birthday!
  6. Support her with her studies, if she is a student, do her homework with her.
  7. Have fun together!
  8. Buy her a nice dress from chanel or gucci. Please read more about chanel and gucci here on my website

I am a business and it consultant. If you do need business consultation on how to make your woman happier, please contact me


  1. Viproline consult
  2. Eclat hr consulting
  3. Kpmg Amsterdam
  4. Pwc consult Amsterdam
  5. Ekene patience consultancy

It is very important to work with business consultancy firm in order to acquire the best advice for your company. Vipro line consult is present in Delta state, Anambra State and other cities Nigeria. For example, if you do wish to start a business in Lagos Nigeria, do contact kpmg or pwc in Lagos Nigeria for business advice. Setting up a business in Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt is highly recommended.

Do contact the above-mentioned companies for your business consultancy.


1. Fletcher restaurant middelburg
2. Ristorante Pizzeria Lungo Mare
3. Restaurant Taffelen
4.Van der valk restaurant Middelburg

Zeeland is not so far away from Rotterdam. Zeeland is very beautiful province. The well-known cities in Zeeland is Middelburg and Vlissingen. There are alot of nice places you can visit in zeeland, known as mini mundi. If you do want to stay in a nice hotel, you can stay at Van der valk and fletchers hotel. You may be able to dine and wine in these above mentioned restaurant and subsequently have a good night rest. Aside from these above mentioned hotels, you may stay at hotel middelburg or at roompot vacational home in zeeland.

I highly recommend these above mentioned restaurant. Thank you so much for reading my blog


1. Visit the Novotel hotel breda

2. Visit Van der Valk hotel Breda

3. Make a nice photo shoot at a beautiful studio in Breda.

4. Shop at Rituals cosmetics shops in Breda

5. Shop at ici parijs shop at ici parisxl Breda

6 shop at swarovski shop breda shopping centrum

7. Shop at zara shop breda

8. Buy a nice meal at Taco mundo Breda

Shopping for beautiful outs fits such as guess handbag , swarovski in breda is awesome.

Breda has really nice hotels and beautiful central station. Few years ago, there used to be a very nice Piano, the piano is great for playing while singing.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Do make Breda your next holiday destination. You would love it. I love singing and practising, if you do want me to sing for you, please contact me. I have a nice voice. You may chat me up via whatsapp.


Jabezz autos Abuja Nigeria

4. Elizade Motors

2. Kaduna cars

3. Affordable cars Lagos Nigeria

5. Toyota Globe Motors

These above mentioned automobile companies has very nice vehicles has several models of cars such as toyota, range rover, mercedes benz and so on.

For example, Jabezz autos  have been operational in Abuja, the company  has very nice instagram pages, their Instagram pages are well formatted and looks amazing!

I am a big fan of cars! I enjoy admiring cars on social media. Cars such as range rover, ferrari, lamboghini, Mercedes are my favourites. Aside from buying a nice car from Abua, you may also want to buy a nice car from Benin city Edo state and also from Lagos State Nigeria.

Great multinationals companies in Nigeria are very good with csr.  For instance, If Hilton hotel in Abuja wants to buy cars for their prestigious staffs, they may buy it from Jabezz autos or any of the above mentioned automobile companies mentioned above.


  1. Piccard hotel Vlissengen
  2. Fletchers Hotel Middelburg
  3. Van der valk Middelburg
  4. Hotel Brassiere Smits
  5. Badhotel Domburg

Zeeland is a province in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is the biggest city in The Netherlands. If you do want to travel from London to Amsterdam, you may want to fly by air with KLM. If you do ever visit Zeeland, if may want to stay at the above mentioned hotel!  The language spoken by the people in The Netherland is called Dutch!

Aside from these above mentioned hotels in zeeland, there are also some other cool hotels in Amsterdam such as Ibis hotel or hotel levell Amsterdam.  You may also want to shop at suit supply and at victoria secrets at schipol airport. There are cool hostels too such as A& O Hostel Amsterdam.

I wish you a very pleasant stay whenever you visit The Netherland, you would love it!


1. Arnold clark

2. Regus

3. Truscott property

4. Home sweet home letting agency

Finding a home might be a little challenging but , not to worry, you need to be perfect to find the right home for you.

In order to get a home from these above mentioned companies, you need to give them a call and ask if you can come over to visit the home.

You might also need to look up for accomodation on gumtree is a great place to find a home.

Edinburgh and dundee  are two great cities in Scotland very beautiful cities and you might want to live there too.

I have had the ample opportunity to have studied at the university of dundee.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

Please do share with me how you tend to find a nice property for rent in scotland, i would love to learn from you.


1. Pk trucks

2. Kleyn trucks

3. lamboe medical

4. Auto scout 24

Auto Hero

These above mentioned automobile companies supplies reliable, well serviced vehicle.

For instance, if Affordable Cars  Nigeria or mikano in Lagos Nigeria wants to buy very high quality vehicle, I do recommend they buy it with kleyn trucks or pk trucks.

Evercare Lekki Lagos NigeriaReddington Lagos nigeria and Nizamiye in Abuja are top notch hospitals in Nigeria with great facilities.

If these above mentioned hospitals wish to buy great ambulances, martenal mobile trucks , automobile mobile vehicles for their staffs or patient, they might want to check out mikano vehicles at their office in victoria island also known as Geely  kleyn trucks or from any of these above mentioned companies.

Hospitals are always in need of great vehicles for their staffs.

Providing very nice company’s vehicle, ambulances and all the right equipment for your staffs is essential.

Few years ago, mtn nigeria, Congolese government and Sierra loene government provided awesome mobile hospital trucks as part of their csr ( cooperate social responsibility .


1 Eat a nice meal at Marriot hotel Rotterdam or at Rotterdam central by engels cafe Rotterdam cs.

2. Have a nice drink at the van der valk hotel at blijdorp.

3 visit the nice museum at blijdorp rotterdam.

4. Shop for a nice channel chance perfume at douglas in Rotterdam zuidplein

5. Have a nice meal at vanpiano rotterdam

Rotterdam is a very beautiful city and has lots of great places you can go to. Blijdorp is a nice zoo , a great place you can visit with your loved ones. Aside from these above mentioned hotels, there are also other cool hotels such as citizen m hotel Rotterdam, hilton hotel rotterdam. You may want to buy nice cosmetics at me gorgeous in rotterdam and attend a great schools in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is well known, especially the erasmus bridge and the famous hotel newyork.


There are five awesome places for your delicious meal in rotterdam

1. Vineum Rotterdam

2. Hotel newyork Rotterdam

3. Zed restaurant Rotterdam

4. Very Italian pizza

5. Vapiano

These above mentioned restaurants has delicious meal and are easy to find. For example, you can find the hotel newyork restaurant very easily close to the erasmus bridge. Rotterdam is a beautiful city for your next holiday destination or for study.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Do share with me awesome restaurant you know, I would love to learn from you.



1. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
2. Corendon Hotels Amsterdam
3. Sofitel Legend Amsterdam
4.  Marriott Hotel Amsterdam
5.  Okura Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city in The Netherlands.

Most persons from Paris, Spain, Milan loves to go to Amsterdam for holiday.

These above mentioned hotels are very beautiful, have tidy rooms and great customer service.
There are other cool cities with very beautiful hotels in The Netherlands aside from Amsterdam. Other cities are Breda, Rotterdam, Utrecht and province Zeeland.

There are also other awesome activities you can indulge in Amsterdam such as shopping, chilling with some friends in restaurants and more.
I hope this blog post inspired you.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you ? I hope you all are doing fine. There are five top investements you can participate in 2022!

  1. Invest with Oxford group of companies
  2. Invest with Regus
  3. Invest with Revolution plus properties
  4. Invest with bamboo shares
  5. Invest with Gracias real estate company Lagos

These above real estate companies and investment platforms are very reliable, trusted and offers great customer’s service. For example, if you wish to purchase a landed property from five to two hundred million naira, you may invest with Oxford group properties.  The company is reliable and has been in business for more than five years in Nigeria.

Regus has business presence  in Nigeria, Uk and in The Netherlands. If you do want to rent an office space, buy a home or rent an apartment, please do patronise regus.

I am a freelancer. Please contact me if you do want me to conduct further research on how to rent a home from these above mentioned companies.

I do suggest, please visit the property you wish to buy or rent first before payment, make sure that the property is in good condition and all the amenities in the home is functional such as water, gas electra etc. For my international friends working for shell, heineken, philips, ibis hotel, siemens, julus berger  dow chemicals that wish to invest in Nigeria, I hope this information was helpful.

Thank you for reading my blog, Please find out more about revolution plus property and  oxford group of companies on my website here. More details under the column Nigerian delight.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well. Happiness is very important for all student. In order to be more happier, you need to practise the following;

  1. Wear decent clothes.
  2. Make new friends.
  3. Read your books and earn yourself good grades. Doing your home work is very important too.
  4. Have you been given a home work recently by your teacher, do not be shy, if you have close friends, ask them to help you. For example, if you have been given an assignment on physics  if you can not solve the problem alone, please consult with your teachers or fellow student for help.
  5. You may also check on google, youtube for help. Conduct a proper research by jotting down or typing the right key words on google.
  6. Eat properly, if you are studying at Edinburgh for example, shop for food at tesco supermarket. When studying with your fellow student or burning the mid night candle together, please eat and drink properly together , please avoid drinking too much coffee at night, it might affect your night rest.
  7. Have fun.

I hope this blog post inspired you! Are you studing at University of AmsterdamUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Dundee or At Newyork University. This beauty, health and lifestyle idea might be helpful.

Thank you so much for reading, are you aspiring to travel abroad for your studies, please check out the above mentioned universities. You may give them a call or send them an email for further enquiries.


  1. Advertise on Gumtree
  2. Advertise on
  3. Advertise within and outside zeeland on
  4. Advertise on marktplaats
  5. Facebook ads
  6. Youtube ads
  7. Instagram Ads

These above mentioned companies can help you achieve a better sales after advertising. For example if Regus in Australia or Regus in Edinburgh wish to attract customers in London or other neibouring cities, the company needs to adverise often.

Advertising very often on these above mentioned platforms can help companies earn more sales and create awareness. Please visit Dutch delight to find out more about Real estate companies in The Netherlands and other countries enlisted on blacknoir.

Are you looking for a nice home or an office space in The Netherlands, Uk or other countries, please check out Regus, Rotvast ,  Oxford group properties, Revolution plus properties and more.


  1. Ritz Carlton Riyadh Saud
  2. Ritz Carlton Newyork
  3. Hilton Hotel Abuja
  4. Ibis hotel Edinburgh
  5. Novotel Rotterdam
  6. Raddison Blu Antwerpen
  7. Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria

These above mentioned hotels have very nice room, decent staffs and are very professional. I have had the ample opportunity to spend couple of nights in some of the above mentioned hotels. I had a wonderful stay. For example, the raddison blu hotel is located very close to the famous train station in Antwerpen, aside from the raddison blu, you have starbucks and other eatery close by which makes it a great place for tourist to stay at, their room rates are not bad.

Staying in a nice hotel is a great way to relax and also hospitality business create opportunities for persons whom wants to find a job in a bigger city to earn accomodation as soon as possible so that even if they do not have a home in that particular city, they would be able to earn an accomodation and a roof under their head swiftly.

I strongly advice you make an appointment first before hand before travelling to a hotel, please browse their websites, check their rooms, requirements and more online.

Hotels in Nigeria, Uk, europe and The United states, please do purchase your furnitures from Julius berger of from Ikea to decorate your hotel rooms, Ikea has very durable furnitures such as cubboard, bed , matras and so on.

I hope this blog post inspired you, please do share with me your favourite hotels in these above mentioned countries, the reasons why you stay at hotels, the fun activities you tend to indulge in when you are in a hotel room, i would love to learn from you


1. Novotel Brussels

2.Radisson blu parkinn

3. Ibis hotel brussels airport

4. Marriot Gent

Hilton Hotel Antwerpen

These hotels has great customer service and are very kind to their customers.

Are you travelling from london  to belgium , zeeland to antwerpen, or from brussels to antwerpen, you  need to stay at these above mentioned hotels.

If you do not want to stay at a hotel in Belgium, you may want to stay at an airbnb accomodation in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Are you a student at the university of gent belgium? If you can not find an accomodation on time, you may stay at airbnb accomodation in Gent or Kortrijk until you find a nice accomodation.

Please share with me your favourite hotels in Antwerpen, brussels and other great cities in belgium, i would love to learn from you. There are other more affordable nice cosy hotels in antwerpen and other cities, if you would like to know, please let me know. Find more information on belgian delight.


There  fun activities you may want to indulge in during this valentine period;

  1. Nice vacation in ibiza spain, you may want to fly with klm
  2. 2. Shop for nice cosmetics at Debenhams, sephora or at ici paris
  3. Eat a nice delicious meal at the van der valk hotel middelburg
  4. Buy a nice flower for her
  5. Have fun!
  6. Dress up really nice, boohoo, femme luxe and ted baker has really pretty dresses
  7. Shop for nice male and female items from Jumia You may choose a delivery point close to you, book a bolt and go there to pick it up or drive to the pick up point with your car.

I hope this blog post inspired you. Please do share with me how you tend to celebrate valentines period with your friend.


  1. Read short stories on amazon oe write new short stories.
  2. Go for  walk alone or with your loved ones or jog everyday . Decalthon Rotterdam has nice outfit for jogging
  3. Relax in a nice hotel in Amsterdam such as Fletchers hotel
  4. Enjoy a nice relaxed bath or visit a sauna
  5. Travel to a nice city together and have a nice lunch or dinner with your friends or family
  6. Eat decent and balanced diet. Albert heijn and jumbo supermarket in the netherlands has nice food. Tesco in london has very delicious food too.
  7. Have fun
  8. Listen to a nice music with vr-i headset
  9. Visit Cubana in Lagos Nigeria and chill at their lounge

After a long day at work, we all want to take some time out and relax. Relaxation is very important. If you are relaxed, you would be able to concentrate better at work and offcourse become more productive. Avoid indulging in activities that might be too strenous but rather, be kind to your self and enjoy the moment always


Hello, I am an affiliate marketer and do promote goods and services on voluntarily basis. These are some cool airlines you may want to fly with in my own opinion;

  1. klm
  2. American airline
  3. British airlines
  4. Egyptian airlines
  5. Virgin atlantic.

These above mentioned airlines has great customer service, their flights does fly to almost all the countries in the entire world, awesome staff and their flights are very very punctual. I have had the opportunity to fly with some of these above mentioned airlines and did had a great flight exerience.

Travelling is great. When travelling, make sure you fly with one of these above mentioned  airlines so that you may be able to have a very enjoyable flight. There are other tips you may want to adhere to such as being puntual, dress properly, eat well, and make sure you have rested well, be kind to the staffs working at the airline and be very patient too while waiting in line, do not make assumptions, when you are not sure about when your checking time is, please ask the staffs of the airline you may be flying with.

I hope these above mentioned advice was helpful. Please kindly watch my youtube videos for more informationsThanks for reading, do kindly share with me your favourite ailines and countries you do love to travel to, i wuld love to learn from you.

Are you planning to visit the united states of america, please contact justfly in the us or just fly in Nigeria for your affordable flight tickets and hotel reservations.


Are you planning to give your loving wife or husband a nice present for christmas and newyear or do you want ne buses for your hotels, hosptals or others, these automobile companies has cool vehicles such as buses, cars, trucks, ambulances and more;

  1. P.k trucks
  2.  Keyn trucks
  3. Germaine cars

These above mentioned companies, has very sound vehicles for sale at an affordable price and very very beautiful cars, for example germaine cars has new beautiful toyota cars. Before you purchase a vehicle, make sure you test drive it, have a mechanic check if the vehicle is in great condition, visit the automobile company it self, make sure you try out several cars before purchasing a vehicle. I do recommend you purchase your vehicle in an automobile garage. I hope these tips and coaching inspired you.

I am an it, business  and health consultant. Please contact me if you do wish to work with me.


Hello, Below are tips on how to be a good parent.

A good mummy and daddy has to be there for their kids all the time irrespective of their age and gender.

A good parent has to be kind to their kids. Kids has to be nice to their parent, listen to their mummy and daddy when mummy and daddy is talking to them.

A good parent has to be caring, cuddle, hug and make beautiful pictures together , sometimes make family portret together. The pictures can be used for home decoration.
If you take a nice family portret, you can frame it up and place it in your living room or parlour. You can buy a nice portret frame from ikea.

A good parent has to offer good food from albert heijn to theor children,  mentorship and inspiration to their children.

A good parent has to nuture themselves and their kids with nice balance diet, clean clothes  and also ideal skincare and hair care products for themselves and kids. A good parent has to support their kids, if your child enjoys playing football, encourage them and take your children to football field so that they can learn how to play football very well.


Hello friends and family! My short stories are now available on amazon.

Amazon is a website where you buy goods and services from. Amazon ships worldwide.  I have been writing books ( short stories for almost one year now and blog post for over a decade now) I would like to use this opportunity to thank most of you that has supported me, encouraged and stood by me during these period of writing and publishing my short stories.

The shy model, Chika and cecelia the two love birds and many others are my short stories i have written. The entire book is roughly sixty six pages and are very captivating and exciting stories .

Please visit AMAZON today and get your self one.

I hope this book inpired you. if you do want to collaborate with me, inspire me on writing or do wish to coach me, please contact me

Thank you so much for your esteemed patronage and collaboration.


There are five top automobile companies in Lagos Nigeria.
1. Hyundai
2.globe motors
4.germaine autos
5.affordable cars Nigeria

These above-mentioned companies have top-notch cars. Their cars are very beautiful and durable.

Are you a bank? health insurance company? real estate company? a university, a hospital? planning to buy cars for your staffs and so on, kindly shop for your automobiles from the above-mentioned companies.
It is very important to buy your vehicle from a reputable automobile company. A vehicle needs to serve you as a company’s staff ideally. Please do inspect any of the vehicles you have bought properly.

Kindly consult a specialist or a very good mechanic to inspect the vehicle you need to buy so that your company’s staff would be very very happy.
Mikano company in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria offers great automobiles and generators as well.

These above-mentioned companies have great automobiles and are very trusted companies in Lagos Nigeria.
Thank you so much for reading my blog.


5 top restaurants in Lagos Nigeria in my very own opinion are;

1. Genesis restaurant Victoria island Lagos, Nigeria
2. Eko hotel restaurant
3. Chicken republic eatery at apapa and at victoria island Lagos, Nigeria
4. Mama cass victoria island Lagos
5. Mr biggs at murtala Mohammed airport Lagos Nigeria.

Kilimanjaro in Lagos Nigeria airport  and Owerri offers very delicious food as well
Eating very decent food is very important. Good food would enable look better, feel better, and improves your immune system.

These above mentioned restaurant’s offers very very delicious food to their customers, has great customers service, and so on, highly recommended.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, kindly share with me top restaurants you do recommend for delicious meals


Merry christmas and happy newyear in advance! Today I am going to share with you top items in my own opinion you need for this festive season in my own opinion.

  1. Femme Luxe Dresses
  2. Boohoo dresses
  3. Nice ysl perfume from Ici Parisxl in Middelburg
  4. Nice rituals cosmetics
  5. Nice outfits fro Nike for men
  6. Head set from virtual reality
  7. Nice pair of jeans from Open 32 in Goes or Breda
  8. Levi shirt from bomont

These above mentioned brands has high quality products. Recently, I created a youtube video, whereby I wore several nice dresses from the brand Femme Luxe and also reviewed the headset and some rituals cosmetics here towards the end of this video.  Femme Luxe ships their clothing worldwide. I have done pr ( Public relations) gigs severally for femme Luxe, vr-i and other brands in europe and beyond. If you are in Nigeria, you may want to shop at, or at konga.

If you do wish to work with me, please do not hesitate to chat me up. Please find my contact details hereon my website.


There are top activities you can indulge in zeeland, such as;

1. Have a nice rest at hotel Nieuwe Doelen or at  Fletcher hotel in The Netherlands.

2. Go for a nice work at the strand or at the boulevard  vlissingen.

3. Have a nice breakfast at van der valk hotel in middelburg.

4. Buy your delicious food at cool supermarket such as jumbo in middelburg or vlissingen

5. Read a nice book written by me Ekene on my website here

Aside from Zeeland, there are other cities you can have fun such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and at denhaag. The train from Rotterdam travels from Rotterdam to Zeeland. SO you can travel by train or by car. The name of dutch trains is called ns. Aside from travelling from rotterdam to zeeland, the dutch train trains also travels to zeeland.

I hope you enjoyed reading blog


There are five top hotels in Lagos Nigeria in my own opinion.

  1. Eko hotel
  2. Ibis Hotel
  3. Sheraton Hotel
  4. Protea Hotel
  5. Raddison blu

These above mentioned hotel has great customer service, friendly staff and offers their guest very delicious meal. I have had the ample opportunity to visit these above mentioned hotels in Lagos. Over a decade ago, i spent couple of nights in hotels in Abuja Nigeria during a business meeting. Then, my visit to Abuja Nigeria created the ample opportunity to see the FCT of Nigeria and visit some really nice restaurant where i ate very nice food. Abuja is very beautiful, especially Sheraton Hotel Abuja.

Are you planning to visit Nigeria very soon, I do highly recommend these above mentioned hotel if you are going for a holidays or you can book for a lovely accomodation on airbnb. Please visit  black noir for more information


Do you want to build a nice loving relationship, please do practise the following,

1. Men, be nice to your wife or your spouse. Buy her nice cars cloths and shoes. If she has children for you, please help her with suitable skincare items for her skin type to help her skin  and her entire body structure and texture to return back to the initial stage before pregnancy.
2. Eat together every night on the table
3. Sleep with her every night on the same bed
4 buy her nice presents
5. Give your wife nice compliments
6. Make sure you are always available for her, help her make great decisions, protect her.
7. Touch and caress your wife gently on her hair, shoulder and make her feel good
8. Always attend important functions with your wife such as marriages , birth day parties
9. Lodge in a nice hotel such as Arion Fletchers Hotel  Vlissingen from time to time with your wife and rent a nice hotel with jacussi so that she can relax very well.

10. Make sure you rent a nice hotel with a bath tub if she has recently experienced c – section so that her injury would heal

11. Please forgive and forget your wife when she offends you

12. Please tell her the truth, if you do not have enough money to support her with cloths, shoes, makeup dresses, hair extensions, perfume, flight tickets, school fees, please discuss with her first before marriage.

13, Give  love to each other and care for each other

14. Respect each other’s lifestyle and privacy you too

15. Maintain good relationship with your own immediate brothers, sisters, brother in law, sister in law and make sure that they love and respect you both too . Call and see your entire family at least every week in order to strengthen the bond as brothers and sisters and as daughters and son to each other.

16. Make her understand the reasons and essence of a good wife.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Men married or in a very relationship or living with their wife to be at home men please take good care of her and make her feel special

17  Men please introduce your wife or wife to be to your mummy daddy friends kinsmen etc. Men make sure your wife knows your home address and also the address of their future grand mummy and daddy and maintain a nice cordial relationship with each other. Men, call your mother inlay and father in law regularly, women do the same too and try to maintain great relationship with your parent too.

18. Have fun


There are several ways to take care of a woman and make her happier;

1. Buy her nice dress

2. Buy her nice makeup from too faced cosmetics

3. Buy her nice body wash, body scrub and perfume

4. cook nice food for her

5. Take her out on a nice date to a nice hotel such as van der valk or fletchers hotel.

6. Give her a nice hair from luxy hair

7. Listen to nice music together.

A woman that is properly taken cared of would look happier, smell good and have more confidence in herself. A well kept woman would take good care of her self, her partner and the entire family, than a woman that is unkept. I strongly advice men to do support and care for their wife in order to make her happier.

Please avoid nagging, quarelling, indulging in a very long argument, rather pet each other and speak words of kindness to your selfs.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today i am going to share with you top companies you can book your ride with.

1. Uber
2. Taxify

These company has great customer services and great captains for their vehicle worldwide.

In the Netherlands, if you wish to travel from Amsterdam to schipol airport, you may book uber you can also book uber services when you are in Lagos Nigeria.

You can find uber , taxify and bolt on app store.

I have used the services of uber , I was very pleased with their driver.

UBER eat in The Netherlands and thuisbezorgd is great for delivering food at your home.

I have some friends working with uber. I would like to use this opportunity to say a big huge thank you to these above mentioned car services. Keep up the great work!


Finding a job is very important . If you are employed you would be able to indulge in fun activities, buy your self nice hair, perfume, clothing, shoes and replace your electronics when damaged. Today I have decided to share with you top companies for finding a job

  1. Linkedin
  2. Indeed
  3. Gumtree
  4. National vacature
  7. stagemotors

During my university studies in The Netherlands, I have helped several of my colleagues to become self employed, thought them on how to build a website, thought some of my classmates which websites to look for internship companies and so on.

I am a freelancer for cavazanni recruitment agency and CVEST. Cavazanni recruitment agency is involved in recruiting staffs worldwide, the company help you format your cv, recruits oil and gas staffs, Cvest company are involved in fashion and real estate investment. The company is very good at investment advice. If you do want to buy properties in Nigeria , europe or any other country, divest can assist you with decent investment advice.

If you do need help with blogging, social media advertising, collaboration, script writing, modelling, acting, investment advice, please contact me.


Being a good student is very important. Practise makes perfect. Learning is very important. Many of us has spent five  good years of our precious life studying at a great university, sometimes we spend extra one year or two to achieve a master’s degree. Below are some tips to make you a happier and successful student;

  1. Read your books.
  2. Attend lectures and make some friends with fellow students whom can help you with study research, solve homework and  assignments together, by so doing you would gain a very refreshed memory and achieve better grades at school.
  3. Be punctual to classes.
  4. Be respectful and helpful to your fellow student and lecturers
  5. Avoid late night parties.
  6. Eat proper meals.
  7. Have fun!

I was a  student mentor at the prestigious university of dundee, during my master’s  study period from August 2017 till September 2018, I was the student mentor, I coached several students on how to achieve good grades, self care tips,  health care tips,  makeup tips, and off course made some friends!

Being a good student is very important because, your teachers would be very happy with you, you would have great opportunity to make cool friends!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Are you are student, do you need mentoring in regards to the best schools for your bachelor degree, masters or phd? please contact me. If you are a student and need a home address, or need advice on acquiring an accomodation , for in The Netherlands or uk,  or for applying for a phd programme, please contact me for coaching and guidance.  I am still a freelance student mentor.

My advice to all student is to read your book very well, avoid engaging in activities that will make you not to complete your university studies such as missing lectures, failing examinations, not retaking failed examination, not buying required text books for your examination and so on.

As the saying goes, all work and no play, makes Jack a doll boy. Please have some me time as a student, pamper your self, make new friends, play with friends in the garden or at the park, read your books, do your homework and above all, have fun!


Travelling is awesome. I enjoy travelling because of the great experience. You may want to travel with;

  1. Eurostar
  2. Flixbus
  3. Mega Bus
  4. National Express
  5. Klm
  6. By car

These above mentioned companies are highly recommended .If you do want to travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, you may want to travel with Eurostar or  by flight. Travelling by train is cool because its faster. I also recommend travelling by bus if you do want to travel by road!


Hello my beautiful friends Nd family! How are you? I hope you all are doing fine.

There are five top hotels in zeeland in The Netherlands,

1. Amadore hotels

2. Van de valk

3. Fletcher hotels

4. Nieuwe doel hotel

5. Hotel middelburg

These above mentioned hotels has great customer service. Very tidy bedroom, and friendly workers.

Few years ago, I was working as a house keeper at Fletcher hotel in zeeland prior before I started my masters studies at the University of dundee. I truelly like the way the rooms look like  and the pretty view. I also worked as a waitress, where by I served food and drinks at the hotel.

Are you in need of  a decent affordable hotel in Zealand, The Netherlands, you may visit these hotels mentioned above or you may want to stay at rompoot holiday home. Amadore hotel in Goes Zeeland has really nice and tasty food.

Aside from these above mentioned hotel, if you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, I highly recommend the Ibis hotel very close to the train station in Amsterdam and citizen m hotel in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London. The reason why I recommend the ibis hotel close to Amsterdam central is because I do like the French touch to all ibis hotels. I am a huge big fan of ibis hotel, I have stayed in ibis hotel in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Lagos, I truly like the rooms, their kind staff and off course their beautiful well decorated rooms. If you do need a very affordable hotel, you may want to spend the night at travel lodge hotel.

During my masters studies, I flew very often with easy jet airline. I stayed at some awesome hotels in The Netherlands such as Hotel level, easy hotel, citizen m hotel, most times the flight arrived very late at Schipol airport and was impossible to go to Zeeland because the train were not riding then. I had to fly from uk to The Netherlands very often because I had appointment with my family members living in The Netherlands.

By the way, if you do wish to invest in fashion and landed properties in Nigeria, please read more about Civest here, I am a sales representative for the company which operates in nigeria and beyond.

I am a business, beauty heath and it consultant.  Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. I write short story books and make beautiful pictures


Styling yourself up makes you look good and feel fabulous this autumn/winter period. I have been a beauty consultant for over a decade now. I have helped several male and female choose the right cosmetics, perfumes and skincare products.

My skin tends to feel drier during the autumn period,  so I tend to use some cosmetic items to help relieve the dryness of my skin.

1. Use skincare and hand cream products from Rituals palmers and Biotherm.
2. Apply Guess or channel perfume on yourself. This would enable you to smell and feel great all day. Cool perfume can be purchased at cool shops such as Douglasici Parisxl, Sephora, and Mooi Parfumerie.
3. Wash your self two to three times a day before going to bed. Please avoid using the same sponge you use on your body on your face. use a separate face towel on your face and a separate towel for your skin.

4. Purchase nice winter outfits and shoes from shops  such as Sheinde BijenkorfOmodaPrimark, Van Haren
5. Keep your self hydrated by drinking lots of water and a homemade smoothie. Avoid drinks with high sugar content.

Ladies and gentlemen, aside to wear awesome cloths and stylish shoes, it is very important to take care of your wife, husband, kids and your loved ones, engage in fun activities and more Please find ideas below on how to do so;

How To Care For Your Lovely Wife or your loved ones

Women are like flowers, women need to be taken care of and not be hurt physically, emotionally nor verbally. these tips below will enable you show more love and care towards your wife.

  1. Send her flowers
  2. Be a good listener
  3. Give her compliments
  4. Do not be selfish in bed, rather touch her and give her affection, not once a week, or in a year, but on daily basis.
  5. Gift her, please do not send your wife gift that is not from your heart.
  6. Please do destroy her items, rather help in maintaining it.
  7. Men avoid verbal, mental, emotional abuse towards your wife.
  8. Do not take items or your wife’s belongings and sell them or give them to another woman without her knowledge.
  9. If your wife can not make children, please see a doctor, do an ivf (invitro fertilization)  if need be. Please do not insult her due to inability to get pregnant or try to solve the pregnacy issue by yourself as a man, rather do it together.
  10. Never judge your wife. Leave God in heaven to judge. If your wife makes mistake, do not beat her up in the house or on the street, rather correct her, guide and coach her
  11. Some men do set their wife up with other men in order to test her faithfulness towards him. Men, do remember that your wife is only human and not God, so please do not tempt your wife, rather, coach, teach, uplift and love her unconditionally.
  12. If your wife offends you, forgive her instantly, avoid setting her up with togs, implicating her or to a vulnerable situation.
  13. Do not stuck her home, her home internet connections, her browsing history, rather trust her
  14. These above-mentioned tips are also applicable to women. Women should also be nice, kind to their husband and avoid any activities that might offend your husband.
  15. Men, if your wife does tell you what she likes and not like, please stick to that, please do avoid engaging in the same activities that may upset her. For example, if your wife does like a tidy home, please keep it tidy all the time.
  16. Please do not ears drop on your wife, spy on her or deceive and lie to her, rather, protect her, guide and love your wife.
  17. Have fun and enjoy your marriage life.
  18. Never blame a woman for mistakes she did not commit intentionally. For example, if you just met your girlfriend, if you never asked her if she was married or not in the first place, before entering a relationship with her, do not blame her afterward when you find out she is married because you never asked her in the first place. Some married women and men do keep their marriage status to themselves when they are not asked due to privacy reasons. It is not in my place nor yours to judge such individuals. Rather, be very sure of whom you are dating before finally deciding to marry them eventually.

Disclaimer, I am not a marriage expert rather, I am writing in regards to how I would be liked to be treated as a wife, hence I do have some marriage experience.


Nigeria and Europe has amazing banking system and great customer service. Below are some great banks to bank with;

Zenith bank
Uba bank



Diamond bank

Rabo bank


Bank of Scotland

These above-mentioned banks are in Nigeria and Europe. Opening a bank account is very easy. All you have to do is call the customer care of this above-mentioned bank and say to them you wish to open an account.  You do not need a whole lot of money to open a bank account. If you are rich and do wish to invest, you may invest in shares or bitcoin, your bank may be able to advise you properly. If you also wish to acquire a nice home, some of the above-mentioned banks do offer.A few years ago, I did my masters at the University of Dundee, I earned my masters in Marketing and Management. International banks play important roles in the life of students, for example, before you can pay your school fees as a student at the University of Dundee, it is paramount you have a bank account in Scotland in order for the university to be able to deduct the school fees on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the payment option. Bank of Scotland is a great bank for most University of Dundee students. 


  1. Headphone
  2. VR-i wireless charger /Power bank
  3. Blue light filter Eyewear
  4. 360 video camera

Virtual reality is a dutch based company. I have been reviewing their products for a couple of years now. Their products are very affordable, trendy, and durable. The headphone of virtual reality has the ability to pair with a blue tooth on the phone. The virtual reality charger charges phone extremely fast and is very durable. Virtual reality products can be found online on sites such as Amazon and So many of my friends and family members have tested these products from virtual reality. These virtual reality products are very nice. The sound of the head is top-notch. The power bank charger is easy to take along with while traveling. If you do travel by train, i do recommend you use the power bank charger to charge your phone in order to sustain the battery on your phone. The virtual reality blue light filter eye wear helps to protect the rays that comes from the computer while working, the rays might affect the mealtonine in the body and sends wrong signals to the brain, thereby preventing you from a good night rest.

Thank you so much virtual reality for sending these amazing gadgets. I am very pleased. I would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my amazing fans, friends and family for all your support. I am also grateful for so many of you that have asked to keep painting and sketching. I derive so much pleasure by creating art. Art is my passion


Seo stands for search engine optimization, sea stands for search engine advertising.In order to become more visible online, SEO and sea are very important. For example, If Miint the fashion brand wants to earn more customers in the Netherlands and beyond, Miint needs to advertise more often on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Marktplaat, Gumtree, and more.

Another great example is VR-i.  In order for the company to earn more customers, create awareness, VR-i practices SEO. Vr-i does ask vloggers, bloggers to promote their brand on their website, make nice pictures with their brand, by so doing, the company tends to achieve a higher number of sales.

By the way, I am a sales representative and one of the company’s brand ambassadors. I have helped VR-i to promote headsets, cameras, power banks.

I have written several articles on my blog and made youtube videos promoting brands. Vr-i headsets and other gadgets can be found on

The second example of a company that practices great SEO and sea is Femme Luxe. Femme luxe is an international brand in the united kingdom and America. I have been promoting items for the company for many years. Femme Luxe offers nice dresses, shoes, accessories, and more for females.  The company has sent me more than thirty dresses and other outfits to review for them, I can keep the lovely outfits after review. The company’s business model is brilliant, by so doing, the company creates awareness. creating awesome engagement and  publicity in Europe.

I am the CEO and founder of fab beauties, I improve SEO and sea of my company’s website by creating youtube videos, tutorials, blogging, making nice pictures, sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I  promote and share the goods and services of other companies on my affiliate website. I also indulge in advertising and promotional activities online.


The Netherland is one of the best countries you can live in The world. It is very clean, serene, great transportation system, good food and highly diversified. Below are list of activities i indulge in The Netherlands. I actually live in Middelburg to be precised;

  1. Wake up
  2. Brush my teeth
  3. Make sure my entire house is clean and tidy
  4. Breakfast
  5. Dress up
  6. Do some groceries
  7. Do my hair and makeup
  8. Exercise and meditate
  9. Check and respond  to my email and social media sites
  10. Beauty sleep in the afternoon
  11. Run some errands and attend meetings
  12. Write on my blog and publish a youtube video
  13. Create some nice pictures, video, do my business, health and beauty consultancy job
  14. Pray!

It is very important to pamper yourself. Sometimes, I do like to sit in a warm bath and relax my nerves. I hope these basic daily activities of mine inspires you. I was a student mentor during my master’s degree studies at the University of Dundee in Scotland. If you need mentorship on how to plan and organise your day, please contact me.


You might be wondering, why do I like creating images, well due to the fact that I went to beauty school in Rotterdam and a diploma in makeup, skincare, perfumery and cosmetics, I enjoy to express and share with the world my makeup skills via images. I am so happy because I have helped thousands of women worldwide to learn about makeup artistry by sharing my images and videos. It’s really great to help others learn!

Speaking of photography! Below are some cool shops you can buy a photo camera, lighting and more!

1.Media Markt

2. Cool blue

3. Bcc

4. Verschoore

Aside from modelling, I truly enjoy digital marketing. I help companies to create social media accounts and updates!

Thanks for stopping by!


Below are my favourite supermarket in The Netherlands

  1. Albert Heijn
  2. Jumbo
  3. Spar
  4. Netto Supermarket

I have been shopping with Albert heijn over a decade. I love their food and for the fact that they are open till 8 pm in Zeeland especially on sunday’s makes is their unique selling point, also their customer service is terrific. Jumbo is also one of my favourites, I like the way Jumbo supermarket is decorated and wide range of food and drinks.  I used to shop at Netto market eight years ago when I was living in Rotterdam Zuid. Spar supermarket has very affordable food items. A few months ago, I was in Scotland, I shopped at TescoAsda and mark and Spencer supermarket, their food is also very nice. Over a decade ago, while i was living in treasure garden estate in Lagos Nigeria, I  shopped often at Shoprite supermarket in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. The supermarket is so beautiful and big.


I am a personal shopper guys! I have helped several men to buy cool outfits such as blazers, t-shirt, school bag, shoes, underwears, singlet, perfumes and more. I enjoy giving men advice and also shopping for cool outfits for men, these outfits you can wear to a birthday party, marriage ceremony, university graduation party, to the beach and more!  Cool shops to shop for men outfits are

  1. We fashion
  2. Esprit
  3. Van gils
  4. C&A
  5. H&M
  6. Bomont
  7. De Bijenkorf

This above-mentioned shop has really cool trendy outfits. I really like the WE FASHION shop and H&M shop in Amsterdam Bijmer Arena, these above-mentioned shop has great varieties of clothing! A few months ago, I went to Amsterdam Bijmer Arena and bought some nice clothing at We Fashion and also at TK MAxx. In the year 2017, I bought some nice outfits at WE Fashion shop in Rotterdam and also at Zara shop,  very nice white blazer, I wore the white blazer a lot during my Master’s studies at the University of Dundee.

My advice for men this summer period is to eat well, exercise often, practise self-grooming such as manicure, pedicure, wear a nice perfume, wash your self often per day and relax. You may want to relax by listening to cool music, avoid listening to sorrowful music and be very polite. Women love kind-hearted and polite men.

I am a beauty consultant and a personal shopper in The Netherlands. If you want me to help you shop for awesome outfits, please contact me. Please do keep your eyes on these above-mentioned shop, these shops do have sales very often.


Relaxation is very important. I enjoy booking great hotels in The Netherlands to write my blog and also to unwind.

Hilton Hotel has branches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities. Sheraton hotel at Schipol airport is great. I like Fletchers hotels too. Amadore hotels and restaurants in Zeeland are terrific. Last but not the least is the Novotel hotelBeach hotel Domburg is also great for tourist.

You may want to use, Expedia or trivago for your hotel prices comparison. it is advisable to book a few days ahead in other to receive discounts.


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have stayed in several fabulous hotels in The Netherlands, Paris, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Lagos Nigeria. I have traveled alone in some European countries and with my family in some occasions.

These are some of the top hotels I have stayed in;

  1. Hotel Timor
  2. Porto Platanias
  3. Eko Hotel
  4. Novotel
  5. Van der Valk
  6. Fletchers Hotel
  7. Raddison Blu Hotel
  8. Citi Lodge Hotel
  9. Sheraton hotel
  10. Amadore Hotel
  11. Hotel Middelburg
  12. Ibis Hotel Ikeja Lagos
  13. Hotel Levell Amsterdam

These above-mentioned hotels have great customer service, very tidy, and care for their customers. During my stay at the Sheraton hotel about a decade ago, I had a very nice massage I enjoyed very much with a very nice masseuse at the Sheraton hotel close to Schipol airport.

I really enjoyed my working experience a couple of years ago at  Amadore hotel in Zeeland, Amadore hotel has several hotels in Zeeland, some of the hotels have wellness, an amazing place to relax.

There are several reasons people go to the hotel, to relax, visit friends and family, shopping, writing, for making nice pictures, for experiencing new culture, food, and environment.  In 2019, I spent a night at Radisson Blu hotel in Antwerpen, I had so much fun. I and four other footballers friend of mine spent quality time in my bedroom for some hours before they left.

I love food very much,  I enjoy different dishes. I like Julia’s takeout food, Panos sandwiches and other delicacies you get to enjoy when you travel. If you live alone, or have your family abroad, or a widow or a widower and feel very lonely at home, Instead of becoming depressed, I recommend you travel to a new city and stay in a very nice hotel or Airbnb. According to medical practitioners, loneliness can lead to depression.

I hope this blog post inspired you! I do have friends and family members that have a lot of kids. If you do plan to travel to a new country and wish to lodge in a hotel, I do advise you to call the hotel first and ask if you can spend the night in a room with your husband and wife and with for or five of your young kids. Some hotels might not accept large family members to spend a night in a room with their kids.

You can arrange a nice vacation with Sunweb. Thank you so much for reading my blog and have a great trip or happy stay at any hotel of your destination! I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the great hotels around the world for creating a nice, private, and conducive place for your guest.


Yuppie! Happy birthday to me I said to myself then! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris few years ago!  Paris is a beautiful city to visit! I visited so many beautiful places! I recommend you use a city tour bus to see the whole city! I have been to france three times , once for photosession! I made some fantastic pictures during my last trip!


I decided to write about this topic in order to inspire you on how to start blogging. In order to be a successful blogger, you need to decide why you wish to start a blog. You and I know that blogging is trendy and highly recommended for all businesses.

I have been approached by several companies in Africa, Europe and America to promote their goods and services on my blog! It’s such a terrific experience. Making money does not have to be the sole reason for starting a blog!  You need to be very passionate about it and avoid plagiarism.

Blogging enables businesses goods and services to become more visible online, increase traffic to your website to reach more potential customers and eventually make more profit.

 Please follow the steps below for creating your own blog this year.

1. Register an account with Yahoo or Google

2. Choose a blog name

3.Register with WordPress or and do pay for  the  domain name

4. Decide on a topic you wish to write about, I, for instance, write about, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

5. Write regularly and share on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


We all want to be super mommies and daddies especially when you are married and wish to have children or already have children. I have interviewed several parents regarding how to be a super mummy and daddy, the following tips would be very helpful

  1. Be kind to your kids
  2. Give your kids attention and love
  3. Smile with your kids
  4. Never yell at your kids
  5. Provide clean clothing, decent shelter, and food for your kids
  6. Cook for your kids
  7. Never fight  with your partner, especially when your kids are around nor fight with your kids
  8. Go biking, swimming, dancing, clap your hands,  play in the garden, or got to the beach with your kids
  9. Provide your kids with decent toys to play with
  10. Read nice storybooks to your kids and teach them good manners.
  11. Tell your kids you love, appreciate them, and mean it when you say so.
  12. Take your kids to holidays
  13. Be a great role model for your kids, teach them on how to be themselves and live life with passion, love, and freedom
  14. Help their kids with homework

The inability to show love to your child may cause misunderstanding between parent and their kids. I have once communicated with a parent, he was not in talking terms with his kid for so many years before i met him due to misunderstanding. I carried out a very intensive consultation session then and finally, the parent and child came back in terms and became best friends.  The moral of this short story is that, Instead of creating a very malicious, angry, unconducive environment for your children, it is better to create a loving, caring, happy environment for a parent so that the parent would have a very happy suitable parenting experience with their children.

Peacefulness and Stability in a home, amongst mummy, daddy, and kids would help the parent and kids happier.  Children that lack love, comfort, care may have some challenges with development. They might experience tantrums, sadness and so on, A child shown love, happiness tends to be happier, performs better at school, and so on.

How To Be More Confident!

Confidence is absolutely importnt for every one. There are many skin defects that can depreciate once’s confidence such as obesity, oversized Tommy ( some people call it potbelly or beer Tommy),  sagginess, stretch marks, skin discoloration,  very hairy skin,  acne, cellulite, eczema severe pimples, and more.  Also, the inability to speak a foreign language can also affect one’s confidence. Today, I am going to share with you great tips on how to improve your confidence;

  1. Exercise often
  2. Take good care of your skin, do jogging regularly
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Sleep well
  5. Surround your self with people that make you feel great about yourself. Avoid the company of people that are very judgemental, literally people that judge a book by its cover. Do not judge others,  leave God to do the judging. Some people might judge you by the type of cloths you wear, where you socialize, the movies you watch, the country you are from, accent,  the way you talk, capitalize on past events, the color of your skin, and so on.
  6. Use great skin products to improve your skin, see a dermatologist if need be.
  7. Avoid consuming excess  sugar
  8. Practice affirmation on a daily basis, look every day in the mirror, and speak great things to your self, tell your self you are beautiful, loved, wonderfully made, great and adorable! Treat your self with great love and care!
  9. Help others too. Show some love, donate, care and share respect to others
  10. Avoid being too harsh or judgemental to your self or to others.
  11. Set some achievable goals for your self and achieve it, for example, you may set a goal such as, before 2022, I must have started my phd program, do set the goal and work towards it.
  12. Have fun!
  13. Wear nice clothing! Ladies, if you are pregnant! Congratulations! Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing tht can happen to any mother, carrying your bundle of joy for nine great months is amazing, feeling him or her kick in your stomach, rotate, and so on is the most beautiful experience for every mother/ parent.  please avoid wearing tight cloths, wear free wear, not too tight dresses so that you do not harm your unborn child. I know that buying new cloths and changing your wardrobe during pregnancy cn be qute expensive, you may want to opt for second hand clothing, or visit vinted. If you have just given birth, you may notice alot of discoloration on your stomach and neck area, please use lots of body scrub, body oil to care for your skin so that you can achieve a better, clearer skin aftr a couple of months
  14. Wear beautiful hair and makeup

15. Learn new language such as Dutch, English language or French language


Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Summer is here yuppiee! I am so happy, its summer days in the Netherlands. Summer period is awesome in Zeeland. People tend to hang out in terass, have a drink etc. I used to work in a cafe  about seven years ago in Middelburg, currently known as Markt cafe owned by the prestigious company called  Amadore. I was then at my very early stage of my pregnancy of my second son then. I was so happy then working for the restaurant and cafe. I also bought a very lovely summer dress and green handbag then for a  wedding party at my girl friends shop then. Summer is fun in zeeland. You can  hang out in terasse, visit the bioscoop, go to the boulevard and so on.

Today, I am going to share with you great activities you can engage in indoors and outdoors in zeeland;

  1. Buy a nice cooling system by Media markt in Middelburg. An airco is very important because the temperature can be very warm, hign temperature may not be so comforting indoors
  2. Go to the stream, in dutch its called strand. You may want to visit the boulevard, or the amadore hotel wellness centre in Kamperland, I have been there, experienced it, it was terrific.
  3. Shop online or offline from cool shops such as Bomont, Open 32, De tuinen, Kruidvat, Hunkemoller, Ici Prijs in Middelburg
  4. Hang out with your kids at cool play ground or go for a swim. Goes has a nice swimming pool
  5. Enjoy a nice dinner at Van der Valk hotel in  Middelburg. Van der valk has awesome hotels almost in ll cities in The Netherlands. Few years ago, I attended an award  at an der valk in Almere, where prestigious personalities in Nigeria and europe attended such as Mr. Peter Obi, Bianca Ojukwu and many others. it was a great experience. The food at The van der valk hotel then in Almere was impecble! The occasion took plae in the 2014.

6. You can start a new studies such as digital marketing, learn how to build a website, webshop, advertise online and offline.

7. rent a holiday home at Roompot.

8.  Book a manicure and pedicure session with me. I am a beauty consultant, i have a diploma in skincare (verzorgen) makeup, perfume and cosmetics from the prestiogious beauty school known as Beauty partners in Rotterdam.

I am a digital marketing consultant in The Netherlands. Earned my master’s degree studies  inMarketing and Management from The University of Dundee  Scotland. If you need coaching onn digital marketing, advertising, seo and sea, developing your cv, please contact me.  I am a freelancer for cavazanni recruitment agency in Africa. If you do need update with your cv, please let me know.


I have been sketching and painting for over two decades now, but did not do it as much as I did modeling. I have been told several that my painting and sketches are quite nice. My modeling, sketching, and painting skills are god-given skills. I never went to school to earn these amazing skills. Although during my five years of biochemistry studies, I drew a lot of hydrocarbons, DNA structures, and more. I enjoyed drawing structural formulas a lot then, my biochemistry lecturers then were very nice.

Below are some of the sketches, paintings I have done recently. In order to start painting or sketches, you need the following items,

  1. Canvas
  2. Painting brush
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. A sketchbook
  5. Pencil

Pipoos and Action supermarket has a great canvas and paints to start with. Painting and sketching is one of the most fun activities you can ever indulge in. My apologies, if the paintings and sketches below do not look like paintings of famous painters such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

When painting on a canvas, you can use a brush, and make sure you stroke the brush on the canvas several times till you are happy with the result. Make sure you cello tape the side edges of the canvas to avoid the paint for staining the canvas and also to make the result of the canvas is up to to your expectation! If you are wearing a nice manicure and do not wish the manicure to be stained with the acrylic painting, please wear a hand glove on your hands.  Please leave it to dry, clean up your brushes, and keep them in a safe dry place. Make sure you place the towels or clothing items you use for creating the painting in a washing machine, after all the items have been washed properly, hang them to dry. Clean the entire environment you used in painting. If you have a big house, please create a nice studio for painting,

I hope this painting inspires you to start being creative today!


Today, I would share with you exercises you can participate in. Overweight can lead to heart diseases, obesity, protruding stomach, lack of confidence, lose your a modeling career, less active, and may lead to depression.

In order to lose weight, please practice the following.

  1. Please work out often. Do sit up at least 200 times a day.
  2. Do a lot of walking,walk at least 2 hours a day.
  3. If you have a mountain bike or race bike, go out and do some riding.
  4. Do you like jogging? please do jog often.
  5. Eat well. Make sure you have the right proportion of nutrients
  6. Do aerobics or go for swimming if you can swim
  7. Dance often
  8. Avoid including sugar in your thee or coffee. Stick to good old water on a daily basis
  9. Instead of using the lift, use the lift.

My dearest loved ones, please when you go out jogging, cycling, or walking, please make sure you take enough water with you or drink a lot of water before you leave your home in order to avoid dehydration.  I have once left my home on a long-distance trip without taking enough water with me, I felt highly dehydrated . I did not leave my home with enough water because I was in a hurry to be on time for my appointment. Many of my blog readers, fans, and friends have stopped by at my home in The Netherland to ask me for water to drink in order to resuscitate themselves and avoid dehydration. So many of my friends and family members  has also stopped by at my home to ease yourself (use the toilet)  when i was living in Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Middelburg and other cities i have lived in.

After jogging, running or cycling, please go straight into the bathroom and take your bath, clean yourself properly. If you do not have warm water at home to take your birth due to technical problems or if the warm water is notfunctioning and its, sunday, please visit your neigbour and shower at your neigbours house, if your neigbour is not at home, please do  book a hotel room immediately and make sure you shower properly. If you do not clean your body after exercise, you may feel very uncomfortable, and you may not be able to change from your sports outfit to your decent day to day outfit.

Please avoid cycling in places that might be risky such as curvy mountains and so on.

Presently, I have a little stomach fat, I have been struggling to lose it.  In The year 2015, then  I was still studying at Rotterdam University of Applied science, I had a very beautiful shape, with no protruding stomach, then I used to leave in Goes,, afterward in lived in Middelburg, and later in Vlissingen, finally found a house in Middelburg in the year 2015. I was studying then, and also working for Allevo. I did a lot of modeling jobs too.

I recently had a baby about ten months old,  it took me six months to heal from the cesarean section. Now I have been trying to lose weight by practicing sit-ups, but I am very careful so that I do not strain the cesarean section scars. (disclaimer) I love my three children dearly, I am a very happy mummy, not depressed or sad that I am a bit overwight. But i am seeking help, advice and coaching from you guys so that I lose at least some kilos.

I hope these tips inspired you. Please kindly share with me how to lose tommy fat, i would love to learn from you!


Winter is fast approaching and we all want to look fabulous this season. A good winter jacket is important in order to make you look stylish, prevent cold, and so on.

For the past decade, I have been shopping for winter outfits in the shops listed below because their outside very trendy, affordable, and durable

  1. Arma jacket
  2. Esprit jacket
  3. human nature jacket from anwb shop
  4. Winter jacket from brands such as Superdry etc from shops such as Bomont
  5. Open32 in Goes
  6. Michael kors winter outfit

Are you planning to find a job this winter period, start a master’s degree or Ph.D. program, I do suggest you buy some decent, trendy and modern outfits in order to look more presentable? Teachers, lecturers often look decent, neat, and presentable. If you are on a very tight budget, you might want to opt for second-hand outfits or shop with Primark.

Aside from shopping for a good winter jacket, a good winter shoe is very important. You may want to sell or store your summer shoes in the storage place during the winter period. Primark and amazon has really nice winter shoes online.


I enjoy blogging very much. I have been blogging for many years, a very good friend of mine advised me to keep blogging, never give up on blogging, sometimes bloggers tend to face some challenges such as every other person in life. I do encourage every blogger to keep up the great work.

Blogging is an act of promoting goods and services by writing content related to a particular field, it could be beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food, and so on.  I am so happy I have been able to share my content and also promote content for businesses in Europe and Africa. Below are five importance of blogging;

  1. Blogging can help your company earn more prospect
  2. Blogging can help you create more awareness
  3. Blogging can help you generate income, for example, some company might pay you to sponsor a post, send you a free gift, or pay you for consultation related to social media advertising or you may want to blog on freelance basis
  4. Blogging can enable you to make new friends, if you do promote your self on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you might be able to make new friends
  5. Blogging can help you improve your writing skills and photography skills. Blogging and photography goes hand in hand, without a good image,  a blogger might not be able to write a nice and interesting story.

Do you have a website, webshop? perhaps you sell cloths, perfume , offer services,and you want to reach more customers, offer customer service and so on, i do recommend you start a blog.

Top Airlines To Fly With!

Below are some great airlines I have flown with!

1. Klm

2. Turkish airways

3.Ethiopain airways

4. British airways

These aviation companies have great service to their customers, always on time, and have great planes that fly to different countries.

In the year 2008, I flew with KLM very often, I enjoyed their food, their service and also the prices are very reasonable.

Recently, I flew with Ethiopian airlines. I enjoyed the food served by the aviation team. I am also happy with the African touch Ethiopian airlines add to their customized service, for example, during our transit, I was able to buy a nice scarf at addis ababa. I like the scarf very much.

I have also transited in Istanbul once, I also bought some very nice souvenir. I enjoy shopping at Schiphol airport very much because of the duty-free items I get to buy at the airport. I have really bought some very nice makeup, shoes, and clothes at Schipol airport and I liked them very much.

One of the local airports I liked very much is an easy jet, during my master’s studies in Scotland, I flew with easy jet very often, I was awesome, although easy jet does not fly to Nigeria, but do fly from the Netherland to Scotland and UK.

I have had the great opportunities to have visited several European countries such as Spain, France, England, Scotland, Greece, Germany, Belgium, and others. I would like to use this opportunity to say a big shout out to these above-mentioned airlines and others too. Thank you so much for a great job, for enabling, individuals, families to reunite, and also persons that are employed and self-employed to be able to get back to their daily working activities. Thank you so much for the well-serviced airlines and nurtured well-trained staff.


Are you good at singing, acting, dancing, makeup, giving dutch language lessons, English language lessons on youtube,  making friends online? The above tips and platforms would help you share your knowledge and skills properly;

  1. Flickr
  2. Skillshare
  3. Facebook
  4. Youtube
  5. Fiverr
  6. Whatsapp video call and normal call
  7. Udemy
  8. Upworks

I have been a photo model for over a decade, I learned some of my makeup skills, modelling skills from watching youtube videos. I also love watching Nollywood videos, I love the ways Nigerians act in movies, so nice and entertaining.

Many of you have consulted me when in the bank, on the street, in a shop,  online, offline how to build a website, how to speak Dutch, how to create social media sites, how to model, how to apply makeup and so on. I  have referred most of you to m social media platform.

I do believe knowledge is important, and everyone has the right to have access to it, irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity, so, therefore, I do recommend to you all my amazing friends and family to keep sharing your knowledge.

I would like to use this medum to say a very big thank you to all my beautiful friends, family, teachers, fans and newcomers to my blog/sites, thank you so much for reading my blog, for your support and so on.

Are you a student? would you like to learn how to write a proper thesis, build a nice website, learn social media marketing skills, blogging, SEO, sea, please contact me? I am a very cheerful coach.


I enjoy travelling a lot.  These travel guide would help you have a successful trip in 2021. Travelling is very important, travelling helps one to become more sociable, versatile and improves one’s knowledge in regards to the culture, food and lifestyle of the environment you do find your self.

  1. Dress smart, wears socks under your shoes in the airport, because sometimes your shoes need to be removed for the check at the airport.
  2. Avoid drinking fluids that you are not conversant with in order to avoid running stomach
  3. Be four hour before flight time at the airport
  4. Take with you all the necessary documents for your flight, preferably print them out
  5. Always drink bottled water from Eva, nestle when you are abroad
  6. You can search on google for uber, bolt for transportation
  7. Sometimes you can find cool affordable hotels via or via Airbnb
  8. Take your toothbrush and toothpaste with you in your hand luggage
  9. Make sure you have a power bank from VR-i and a headset from VR-i in order to charge your phone and listen to music while waiting for your flight
  10. Please turn off electronics while in the aeroplane and endevour to sit at the sit number assigned to you.
  11. I do recommend British Airways, KLM, Ethiopian airlines and airfrance for your trip to countries such as Nigeria etc
  12. You can actually do your PCR test at Schiphol airport
  13. Have fun!


Traveling or moving from one place to another can be exhilarating . In as much as possible traveling and discovering a new place is very important for self-development, experience, learning,  meeting your life partner, making new friends, and creates opportunities to visit loved ones such as family members. The following tips would enable you to have a blissful trip;

1.  Relax with a headset of VR-i

2. Eat healthy meals

3. Exercise.

4.Visit a sauna or spa

5. become creative by writing books, sketching, or by creating music

6 . catch some good sleep

7.  Listen to my latest song here

Sometimes, I get really tired after a long trip. For example, if you have spent 6 to 10 hours in an airplane flying from Lagos to Amsterdam, Paris, or Spain, the tendency of tiredness would be present.

If you do wish to travel abroad, I do recommend you fly with KLM or Turkish airways.



2. Glo

3. Airtel



6. Kpn

8 Telfort

9 Bel simpel

10 three

11 vodaphone

These above-mentioned telecommunication companies offer sim cards for calls and internet browsing. You may buy a sim card of Lebara and Lycamobile from the shops in The Netherlands. You may buy the simcard of kpn from kpn shop in rotterdam zuidplein.

I started using the sim card of mtn a very long time ago, fifteen years ago, when I was studying at Anambra state university of applied sciences, I used to use mtn network, I also had some friends working at mtn office at Asaba. Whenever i had issues with loading my credit on my phone then , my friends then working with mtn used to help me at Asaba with so much joy. I have also used belsimpel sim card in The Netherlands in the year 2017.

This year 2021, if you do want to get a sim card from mtn or glo, it is very easy, all you have to do is go to any mtn office near you, there is a glo office at Shoprite Lekki Lagos, opposite Lagoon shopping mall, you need to get a nin number, take a nice picture, that’s it! After wards, you shall receive a nice sim card.

Saka Tinubu and Tekno cells really nice phone in Lagos Nigeria for your new simcard. You may want to buy a nice phone online from Jumia or from Konga. If you are living in The Uk,  you may want to shop with any samsung or three shop for a decent phone. if you do want to  fix your sim card in your phone and can not fix it all by your self, you need to ask the helpof any of the customer care of these above companies to help you!

If you have finally acquired your simcard and phone, the next process is to start downloading your preferred app such as facebook, tiktok, instagram, youtube, whatsapp, bolt, uber, and twitter.


Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. Today, i am going to share with you seven  top real estate management company in my own opinion;

1. John D Wood
Cross and Churchill
3. Regus

5. Deltona

6. Realtor

7. rodenburgh

8. Revolution plus

9. Gracias

These above real estate management companies are great, has international presence, has brilliant customer service and experience.

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