General Notice

Dear all!

This is a general notice to officially notify all the brands/goods and services companies I have enlisted on my websites and I have done content marketing for, and also for companies that i intend to enlist on my websites, this email serves as an official notice to everyone.

I promote brands, goods and services on my youtube account, Facebook, Twitter, Websites ekene patience,, blacknoir, and also on my pinterest account. I also manage gigs for companies and promote goods and services on social media accounts.


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ekene Patience Nesiagho.

I am a youtuber, beauty, health consultant, content creator, blogger and writer.

my youtube video

Student Mentoring, University Of Dundee, French Delight, Chit -Chat and More! – YouTube

I shall do content marketing for your brand today

I shall create a youtube video related to your brand

Please chat me up today if you have any feedback or contributrion

For remarks or if you do not want me to create the content today, please chat me up or send me an  email

Whatsapp/call – +31683059224

email –

facebook –

best regards,

Nesiagho Patience Ekene

signed by management

27 – 07 – 2022

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