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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog.

I am a business consultant. Please consult with me today on starting a new business, digital marketing, website design, webshop design, face book advertising, healthcare, selfcare, starting up a new business, speech coaching, business communication and more.

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About me

Hello! My name is Ekene Patience. I make beautiful pictures, YouTube videos and write on my blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and all sorts of other life subjects from anything like spending quality time with my adorable kids has been my passion for many years now. When I started writing this blog, I never thought when I started out on this journey that I would have as many people coming along on it and my other social media pages with me as there are today, but it’s amazing, I love it and am very thankful to each and every one of you. I have earned over thirty million views on all my social media pages.
I am a brand commissioner and sales representative. I promote goods and services on my blog and my several social media sites online and earn commisions in form of gift cards, cash, and services.
I am a very happy Mother of two handsome boys, Photo Model, YoutuberCertified Make-Up Artist, Biochemistan international business and management studies graduate, Masters (MSc.) in Management and Marketing graduate, Professional Secretary, Nigerian, Dutch, an entrepreneur, Philanthropist , a Beauty Consultant In The Netherlands and co-founder of Watch StarFabulous Beautiesand founder of fab beauties.
In addition to everything else, I am hopeful, loving, very optimistic and hardworking. I am residing in The Netherlands. I am currently studying Masters in Marketing Management in Scotland, I have a Bsc. in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Professional Secretary from Pennfoster U. S. A I recently graduated from a University in the Netherlands. I studied International Business and Management studies. My modelling experience in Netherland makes me part of who I am today. I have also modelled in Belgium, France, Germany, Milan, The Netherlands and in Nigeria. Apart from that, I am a fun loving person. I also possess other diplomas in Makeup, Cosmetics, Perfumery and skin care. I study at Beauty Partners in The Netherlands. In Nigeria, I earned my diplomas in excellent Microsoft word skills, excel and powerpoint with MultiMesh Nigeria. 
I’m an ambassador and sales representative for Van Vliet Trucks and Automobiles and work closely with the company, last year was a really interesting and educational experience for me with them whereby I wrote my thesis on Export of Maternal Mobile hospitals to Nigeria. 
I am depot manager for an international charity organisation in The Netherlands called Dorcas for over 4 years. Whereby I collect clothes for less privileged ones worldwide.
Looking for a very experienced caregiver? I am a carer. I have worked for many years for Allevo, a prestigious home care company in The Netherlands and Elder in the United Kingdom.
I have done shoots for books, exhibitions, calendars, DVDs, websites, webshops, art galleries, photography workshops, portfolios, postcards, and magazines.
I have also worked for the following prestigious companies in The Netherlands and Nigeria such as Ocean Crest as a teacher, Cedar oak laundry, a sister company to Cross and Churchill in Nigeria, Elder in United Kingdom, Eneco AdeccoVan Der ValkFriss b.v. Fletchers HotelsKruidvatDe TuinenAllevoMooi ParfumerieParfum StarAmadoreToro DoradoCandelabra b.v. Roompot in the Netherlands and Jacaranda Trading in Rotterdam The Netherlands the sister company to Van Vliet Trucks.
My motto in life is to never do to others DELIBERATELY what I wouldn’t like them to do to me.
Besides modelling, I am also a Makeup artist and certified beauty consultant.
You can find some of my work below here- Make-Up done by meMy Stylish Look
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Thank you so much for visiting my website! Stay blessed!
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If you do need me to create some customised pictures in a special outfit in a dress, suit, bikini, video or blog post, kindly ask via my email address ekenepatience@yahoo.com Whatsapp +31633651998. You may donate by cash or via donating here on patroen. I accept between 5 and 10 euros upwards donations. Thank you so much in advance for your support.

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