My Short Stories

The Shy Model

Once upon a time, there was a very very shy model, moi! I could not catwalk, I could not do my makeup and I was very very shy!

I used to live in a very small village then, studying and preparing for my exams. my room mate was called Ijeoma, we went to classes together, then I was preparing for my pre science examination to later become a medical doctor.

I studied really hard! I went to the university to study, sometimes, I walk thirty minutes going, and thirty minutes coming back. I was truly a great student and loved studying.

When ever I return so late in my little tiny bedroom then, my room mate Isioma would still be awake waiting for me. I always told her , do not worry about me, but no, she said to me, Patience, always come back home early, its better.

Emeka, was my college friend then, sometimes we studied together, there are certain subjects I did not understood, Emeka helped me out. Sometimes, me and Emeka would study in the classroom alone till midnight. After studying real hard with Emeka in the classroom, i would walk back home, sometimes Emeka, would excort me back to my room, sometimes i did walk alone.

Next day, I went to school, the classroom was filled up, one of my class mate whispered to my ears, she said, Patience, we have some visiting lecurers from the neighbouring university. I was so excited, because I learnt then that visiting lecturers were more kind, gave better lessons by the previously graduated student. So I was eager to meet the lecturers.

The next day, I woke up, took my bath, dressed up and hurriedly prepared for school. when I got outside of my big compound, my landlady was sweeping the big compound I was living in, I said to her, good morning ma, she replied to me, good morning my daughter, she asked me, how are you? I Sid fine, thank you. I ran to the university. I sat on the front sit, waiting eagerly for the visiting lecturers to arrive. Few moments later, the visiting lecturer arrived into the classroom, immediately, everybody stood up, and said, good morning aunty, she replied, good morning class, how are you all? we all said fine, thank you, immediately we sat down, I brought out my book from my schoolbag, grabbed my pen and immediately started writing. 

She thought us chemistry, she was such a brilliant lecturer and also very beautiful, after her lessons, the male lecturer walked in and thought us mathematics. The lectures was very nice and later in the afternoon, I went to a nearby canteen to buy lunch. I bought egg roll and coca- cola, after lunch, I went back to class. Around 4pm in the afternoon, I decided to walk back to school. On my way walking back home, a young lady stopped me, her name was Agatha, she said to me, Patience, I remember you, we are classmates. there is this upcoming miss campus that is coming up, I would like you to contest, you look so beautiful, you have long legs, pretty smile, and a nice figure, I said to her , that you ver much, I blushed a little, she gave me her number, she asked me to think carefully about the offer, I said ok, no problem, thank you. I said to her bye bye.

Few days later, I called the lady back on my new triumph phone, I told her , I am very interested in contesting for the beauty pageant. she was very pleased with my call and later that day, she invited me back to her home.

When I got to her bedroom, I met two other ladies with her at home, they brought out several beautiful dresses from their closet and they asked me to try it on, I was very very shy to get undressed, I asked the ladies to look to the other side of the room so that I quickly undress. I pulled off my jeans and my t-shirt, and tried out the long beautiful evening dresses. I called her name, Nkechi, look, I have the dress on now, she smiled and called the attention of the two other ladies whom went outside to buy banana and groundnut, wow, they said, omalicha, means beautiful. I smiled and sat down, greening from ear to ear, I was so thrilled, first time to have tried out such a beautiful long dinner dress. Nkechi sat me down and told me about the upcoming beauty pageant, she said I would be one of the contestant, and three other ladies, I was going to wear a very tiny bikini in front of lots of people, no, I said, I can’t wear that, what if my mummy sees it, or my daddy or my sister, she said it does not matter, it has to be very tiny and skimpy so that I can win the love of the audience.

The three ladies were so generous, they contributed money together and they asked me to join them to the nearby market in Awka to buy me more items that would make me look more stylish and glamorous, first, I declined, I said to them, please do not spend your money on me, you are just a student like me, and we all are managing to survive, one of the ladies said to me , never mind, my daddy is very rich and I have enough money and I am willing to spend any amount on you and make sure you win this beauty pageant. I was very surprised how generous she is. After a while, I was convinced and she decided to spend a lot of money on me. So we went to the market in Awka, she bought me lots of jewelries, headscarf , traditional outfits, makeup items, cosmetics and much more.

We got back from the market few moments later, and Nkechi said to me, Patience, these are the lovely cloths , all for you. You can take it home with you, next day, please come to my room with the bikini, dresses and traditional outfits, I shall personally teach you how to catwalk. So the next morning, I took my bath, prepared my simple meal income noodles, turn on the generator , uncle Joseph bought for me in Asaba, a small model generator, I quickly eat my income noodles and ran to Nkechi’s house. When I got to Nkechi’s bedroom, I undressed in her living room, and dressed up in the evening wear, walked to her bedroom and asked her, how does it fit? She said perfect. I smiled, and went back to the living room to try on the second outfit she bought for me, I went to her living room and asked her, how does it fit? she said, wonderful! Wow, I was so thrilled. Last but not the least, I tried out the traditional outfits, then I was already getting exhausted and anxious about the upcoming beauty pageant, she said to me, Patience, not to worry, I am going to teach you all you need to know about this upcoming event. She went to her second bedroom, she brought out a very shiny looking high heel shoes from the brand Chanel, she said, this is the shoes you would be wearing for the beauty pageant, I am going to ask all my friends, family to cheer you up aswell on the pageant. day.

Chapter 2

On a Monday morning, I woke up very happy and well fulfilled, dressed up and went to school. I went to my girlfriend living very close to my house, I called out her name, Chioma, are you ready? lets go to school, she called out and said, yes, I am ready. She and her brother Chukwudi came out of the house and the three of us went to school, we walked about thirty minutes to School. After the morning lecture, I went to the library to read my book, after reading my book, during the afternoon, I became very famished, so I went to a newly canteen and eat fufu and egusi soap. I really enjoyed the meal, after the meal, I went to the market and bought some dry fish, rice, red oil and so on to prepare rice and stew.

Later the afternoon, I went to my friends, home, I went to prepare for the pageant. it took me four weeks total to prepare for the beauty pageant, sometimes, I travel to my friends home living in Awka campus to learn some speech, catwalk and so on. During my visit at Awka campus, we listened to nice music such as music from Eve, sisqo and Brandy, these were in songs trending them.

My girlfriends prepared nice flyers and banner and shared it with everyone possible on the campus and also outside the campus such as Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka campus, nnewi campus and off course at Mbakwu. We also exchanged phone numbers with so many boys and girls then at school, then I was a very young lady, in my early sixteen. I remembered I weight less than fifty seven kilogram then, and had a very nice brown skin (brown skin girl). I travelled to Awka severally to make new friends, and invited my friends and family members then in Asaba to come and cheer me up.

One week before the pageant, I was very ready, I could catwalk very well, sing, dance and spoke queens’s English. On the main day of the beauty pageant, I was very confident. thousands of students were around during the pageant, all were very happy to see the contestants, we wore very beautiful dresses, wore nice hair, shoes and makeup.

All in all , I won the beauty pageant. I was very thrilled. It was a great experience to win a crown then at a very young age, made so many friends and had so much fans. My entire friends and family members were very happy and proud of me! But after the pageant, I became very very shy because whenever I went to school, all the students would be calling out my name, Queen Queen, miss MBK, I was so shy, I was one of the most popular girl on campus, at that young age, I felt so much pressure on me because of the high expectation from a campus queen, I was expected to keep up appearance, although those items (majority) of the items were not bought by me ( were bought and sponsored by my fellow young lad student) so I gave back the items to the ladies after the pageant and some of the items I was asked to keep them. I was not from a very rich home, so I could not buy expensive cloths, shoes, handbags, jewelries a queen ought to wear during a pageant, due to that I was very shy to attend lectures. I skipped school for several months. The other ladies whom came out second, third positions after the beauty pageant were keeping up appearance, they wore very pretty cloths, shoes and so on. I was very happy with the clothing and shoes my parents bought for me I used to study then. At the end of the pre- science studies, I did not pass my pre- science exams, so I had to do neck/waec exams, I passed and later went to another university in Nigeria.

The moral of this short story is to be a dutiful student, always work hard, if you are a shy student or have challenges at school, find a very kind lecturer to talk with or a student chancellor. Thanks for reading my short story


Second short story book

The African Girl In Holland

Chapter 1

Gbenga brought his newly wedded wife to Amsterdam for the very first time, her name is Opeyemi. Opeyemi is a beautiful lady, whom spent seven years studying and became a medical doctor. Opeyemi said to Gbenga, my loving husband, am so happy to be in Amsterdam, everything looks so nice and clean, Gbenga help Opeyemi close to his chest and gave her sweet loving kiss om her forehead, he said to her, iyawomi, welcome to Europe!

Ope ( short form of Opeyemi) her pet name felt so nice and proud, she is the first child of her parent with eight children, and the first among them to visit Europe, Oluwa oshe, she spread her hands, knelt down and started thanking God, am so happy to be in Europe, such a nice country. When she passed the checkpoint of the airport, Ope and Gbenga went outside of Schipol airport and boarded a nice taxi, The taxi was from the car brand Teslar, yee! Ope screamed, is this a taxi? she asked her husband, her husband said yes now, Gbenga said to Ope, iyawomi ( means my wife in Yoruba ), relax, setback enjoy the ride. So both of them arrived in wibaustraat, Amsterdam entered there beautiful home. Opeyemi was very happy with the home Gbenga bought for them. Ope went to the bathroom, took off her cloths and dressed up, she wore a very tight lingerie from marlis deckers and a very high heel Prada shoes with a nice stockings just the way Gbenga likes it. Gbenga loves to spoil his wife with lots of gift such as very expensive lingeries, designer shoes shoes from brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Louboutin and many more.

Gbenga worked into the living room, saw his wife wearing the lovely outfit, he said, wow, you look so beautiful my love, Ope walked to her husband and held him so tight, later they both went to the bedroom.

The next morning, around five am, Gbenga went to the Albert Heijn shop in Wibaustraat to buy some food such as chicken, fresh orange juice, eggs, bread, Salad, rice and vegetables. When Ope woke up, she took her bath in the beautiful jacuzzi bathroom in their lovely apartment, later she went into the inbuilt home sauna and later went downstairs to clean the dishes, clean the house and garden entirely and sat on the couch waiting for her beloved husband to come home. Her husband Gbenga came home with beautiful tulip flowers and groceries for his loving wife. He said my sweetheart, here is a beautiful dutch flower for you, his wife was so happy and felt so blessed to have earned such a loving adorable husband that spoils and shower her with lots of love and care. she took the flower, placed them in a jar, added some water and placed it properly in the living room.

Afterwards, she made her husband a very delicious breakfast. they both sat down on the sitting room dinning table gazing at each other with lot of Love.

The next day, Gbenga said his boyfriend is coming to visit him, his name is Kola, Kola is Gbenga’s childhood friends, they both grew up in Ibadan and did everything together, for example both friends attended university of Jos in Nigeria and studied industrial chemistry. Ope was so excited to meet Kola, Gbenga has told her a lot about him, how kind he is, gives him the best business advice, whenever he needs anything done, Kola does it for him. On that afternoon, Kola came to visit us, I, gbenga and Kola went to a cafe few blogs away from our lovely home in Wibaustraat Amsterdam, we had a nice drink and eat some chicken. Kola had his eyes on Opeyemi the whole time, his eyes was glued to her very pretty Gucci high heel shoes she was wearing the very tight true religion jeans she wore. Ope was very shy and did not pay attention to his gaze. Finally Gbenga returned from the bathroom after he finished easing himself. We talked about nice music from Bob Dylan, jjcale, Mary ja Blige, Jennifer Lopez. Ope danced a little with Gbenga, Kola was watching both love birds and was greening from chin to chin.

After launch, Ope, Kola and Gbenga boarded a taxi and went to Amsterdam Cs, they ate some nice snacks at a very popular lunch cafe in Amsterdam cs called febo, later they went to buy some nice souvenir, visited black is beautiful museum, Anna Frank museum, the zoo, the library, the canaal, kenkeuhof, where they plant beautiful flowers. It became very late, so they three friends decided to book a room at Novotel Hotel in Amsterdam. it was a great experience. Gbenga and Ope sent the night together in the same room, while Kola took a separate room. That evening, Kola said , am celebrating my birthday and my mummy, daddy, my wife and children, colleagues from work would attend. Ope immediately ran into Kola’s arm and gave him a very nice tight hug and squeezed his back, patted his back, congratulations, am so happy for you.

The next day Ope and Gbenga immediately rushed to the shopping centrum in Amsterdam, bought Kola a nice pair of Armani shoes, nice Prada perfume, We fashion blazers and a nice birthday card. The next day Ope and Gbenga visited Kola and gave him his birthday gift, he was so happy!

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