My Short Stories

Hello! My name is Ekene Patience. I write short stories! Enjoy! xo

First short story book

The Shy Model

Once upon a time, there was a very very shy model, moi! I could not catwalk, I could not do my makeup and I was very very shy!

I used to live in a very small village then, studying and preparing for my examination. My room mate was called Ijeoma, we went to classes together, then I was preparing for my pre science examination to later become a medical doctor.

I studied really hard! I went to the university to study. Sometimes, I walk thirty minutes going, and thirty minutes coming back home. I was truly a great student and loved studying.

Whenever I return so late in my little tiny bedroom then, my room mate Ijeoma would still be awake waiting for me. I always told her , do not worry about me, but no, she said to me, Patience, always come back home early, it’s better.

Emeka was my college friend then. Sometimes we studied together, there were certain subjects I did not understand, Emeka helped me out. Sometimes, me and Emeka would study in the classroom alone till midnight. After studying real hard with Emeka in the classroom, I would walk back home, sometimes Emeka would excort me back to my room, sometimes I would walk alone.

Next day, I went to school, the classroom was filled up, one of my classmates whispered to my ears, she said, Patience, we have some visiting lecturers from the neighbouring university. I was so excited, because I learnt then that visiting lecturers were more kind, gave better lessons by the previously graduated student. So I was eager to meet the lecturers.

The next day, I woke up, took my bath, brushed my teeth, dressed up and hurriedly prepared for school. When I got outside of my big compound, my landlady was sweeping the big compound I was living in, I said to her, good morning ma, she replied to me, good morning my daughter, she asked me, how are you? I said fine, thank you. I ran to the university. I sat on the front sit, waiting eagerly for the visiting lecturers to arrive. Few moments later, the visiting lecturer arrived into the classroom, immediately, everybody stood up, and said, good morning aunty, she replied, good morning class, how are you all? we all said fine, thank you ma, she said, have you sit, immediately we sat down, I brought out my book from my schoolbag, grabbed my pen and immediately started writing. 

She taught us chemistry. She was such a brilliant lecturer and also very beautiful. After her lessons, the male lecturer walked in and taught us mathematics. The lectures were very nice and later in the afternoon, I went to a nearby canteen to buy lunch. I bought egg rolls and coca- cola, after lunch, I went back to class. Around 4pm in the afternoon, I decided to walk back to school. On my way walking back home, a young lady stopped me, her name was Isioma, she said to me, Patience, I remember you, we are classmates, there is this upcoming miss campus event that is coming up soon, I would like you to contest, you look so beautiful, you have long legs, pretty smile, and a nice figure, I said to her , thank you very much, I blushed a little, she gave me her phone number, she asked me to think carefully about the offer, I said ok, no problem, thank you. I said to her bye bye.

Few days later, I called the lady back on my new triumph mobile phone. I told her , I am very interested in contesting for the beauty pageant. she was very pleased with my call and later that day, she invited me back to her home.

When I got to her bedroom, I met two other ladies with her at home, they brought out several beautiful dresses from their closet and they asked me to try it on, I was very very shy to get undressed, I asked the ladies to look to the other side of the room so that I can quickly undress. I pulled off my jeans and my t-shirt, and tried out the long beautiful evening dresses. I called her name, Nkechi, look, I have the dress on now. She smiled and called the attention of the two other ladies who went outside to buy bananas and groundnuts. Wow, they said, omalicha, means beautiful in igbo language. I smiled and sat down, greening from ear to ear. I was so thrilled, the first time I had tried out such a beautiful long dinner dress. Nkechi sat me down and told me about the upcoming beauty pageant, she said I would be one of the contestant, and three other ladies, I was going to wear a very tiny bikini in front of lots of people, no, I said, I can’t wear that, what if my mummy sees it, or my daddy or my sister, she said it does not matter, it has to be very tiny and skimpy so that I can win the love of the audience.

The three ladies were so generous, they contributed money together and they asked me to join them to the nearby market in Awka, Anambra state to buy me more items that would make me look more stylish and glamorous, first, I declined, I said to them, please do not spend your money on me, you are just a student like me, and we all are managing to survive, one of the ladies said to me , never mind, my daddy is very rich and I have enough money and I am willing to spend any amount on you and make sure you win this beauty pageant. I was very surprised how generous she is. After a while, I was convinced and she decided to spend a lot of money on me. So we went to the market in Awka. She bought me lots of jewelry, a headscarf , traditional outfits, makeup items, cosmetics and much more.

We got back from the market a few moments later, and Nkechi said to me, Patience, these are lovely clothes , all for you. You can take it home with you, next day, please come to my room with the bikini, dresses and traditional outfits, I shall personally teach you how to catwalk. So the next morning, I took my bath, prepared my simple meal of indomie noodles with fried egg, turned on the generator uncle Joseph bought for me in Asaba, a small modern generator, I bought it then for fifty thousand Naira, a Honda brand. I quickly ate my indomie noodles and ran to Nkechi’s house. 

When I got to Nkechi’s bedroom, I undressed in her living room, dressed up in evening wear, walked to her bedroom and asked her, how does it fit? She said it perfectly. I smiled, and went back to the living room to try on the second outfit she bought for me. I went to her living room and asked her, how does it fit? she said, wonderful! Wow, I was so thrilled. Last but not least, I tried out the traditional outfits, then I was already getting exhausted and anxious about the upcoming beauty pageant. She said to me, Patience, don’t worry, I am going to teach you all you need to know about this upcoming event. She went to her second bedroom, she brought out a pair of very shiny looking high heel shoes from the brand Chanel. She said, these are the shoes you would be wearing for the beauty pageant. I am going to ask all my friends, family to cheer you up as well on pageant day.

Chapter 2

On a Monday morning, I woke up very happy and well fulfilled, dressed up and went to school. I went to my girlfriend who lives very close to my house, I called out her name, Chioma, are you ready? let’s go to school, she called out and said, yes, I am ready. Chioma and Chinyere were my best friends, we did everything together, read together, sat outside in the backyard together, read mid night stories to each other and so on. She and her brother Chukwudi came out of the house and the three of us went to school. We walked about thirty minutes to School. After the morning lecture, I went to the library to read my book. After reading my book, during the afternoon, I became very famished, so I went to a nearby canteen and ate fufu, egusi soup and drank Coca Cola with pure water. I really enjoyed the meal. After the meal, I went to the market and bought some dry fish, crayfish , rice, red oil and so on to prepare rice and stew. When I was doing my pre-science then, my very close friend used to come to visit me every month , he would lodge in a hotel in Awka, and then pay for public transport to visit me.

Later in the afternoon, I went to my friends’ home to prepare for the pageant. It took me four weeks total to prepare for the beauty pageant. Sometimes, I travel to my friends’ home living in Awka campus to learn some speech, catwalk and so on. During my visit at Awka campus, we listened to nice music such as music from Eve, sisqo and Brandy, these were in songs trending then. 

My girlfriends prepared nice flyers and banners and shared it with everyone possible on the campus and also outside the campus such as Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka campus, nnewi campus and off course at Mbakwu. We also exchanged phone numbers with so many boys and girls then at school, then I was a very young lady, in my early sixteen. I remembered I weighed less than fifty seven kilogram then, and had very nice brown skin (brown skin girl). I travelled to Awka (unizik) several times to make new friends, and invited my friends and family members then in Asaba to come and cheer me up on the pageant day.

One week before the pageant, I was very ready, I could catwalk very well, sing, dance and spoke queen’s English. On the main day of the beauty pageant, I was very confident, thousands of students were around during the pageant, all were very happy to see the contestants, we wore very beautiful dresses, wore nice hair, shoes and makeup.

All in all , I won the beauty pageant. I was very thrilled. It was a great experience to win a crown then at a very young age, made so many friends and had so much fans. My entire friends and family members were very happy and proud of me! But after the pageant, I became very very shy because whenever I went to school, all the students would be calling out my name, Queen Queen, miss MBK, I was so shy, I was one of the most popular girl on campus then, at that young age, I felt so much pressure on me because of the high expectation from a campus queen, I was expected to walk like a queen by my peers, talk like a queen, eat like a queen and of course be behave like a queen. I had a very great support group then. My friends from Asaba would travel all the way from Asaba to come and visit me at school, then sometimes we both did study all night, from 9pm till 1am, everyday to make sure I passed the pre-science examination of pre-science.

Few months later, I did my prescience examination. More than five hundred students did the examination, but twenty students would be admitted maximum to study medicine. Unfortunately, I did not pass the pre – science examination to study medicine but I did pass my neco examination and later went to Anambra state university to study biochemistry currently known as odumegwu ojukwu university.

Few years after my prescience studies, and during my university studies, I met a very nice man. He gave me lots of clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and more. I also participated in beauty pageant in port harcourt and did some hosting jobs afterwards in Port harcourt and very often at civic centre lagos, Nigeria.

The moral of this short story is to be a dutiful student, always work hard, if you are a shy student or have challenges at school, find a very kind lecturer to talk with or a student chancellor. Thanks for reading my short story.


Second short story book

The African Girl In Holland

Gbenga brought his newly wedded wife to Amsterdam for the very first time, her name is Kehinde. Kehinde is a very beautiful lady, almost as beautiful as Beyonce, with very nice shape and personality who spent seven years studying and became a medical doctor. Kehinde said to Gbenga, my loving husband, am so happy to be in Amsterdam, everything looks so nice and clean, Gbenga held Kehinde close to his chest and gave her sweet loving kiss on her forehead, he said to her, iyawo mi, ( iyawo mi means my wife in Yoruba language) welcome to Europe! 

Ke ( short form of Kehinde ) felt so nice and proud, she is the first child of her parent with eight children, and the first among them to visit Europe, Oluwa oshe, (means thank God) she spread her hands, knelt down and started thanking God, I am so happy to be in Europe, such a nice country. When she passed the checkpoint of the airport, Kehinde and Gbenga went outside of Schipol airport and boarded a nice taxi. The taxi was from the car brand Tesla, yee! Ke screamed, is this a taxi? she asked her husband, her husband said yes now, Gbenga said to Kehinde, iyawo mi ( means my wife in Yoruba ), relax, setback, enjoy the ride. Both of them arrived in Wibautstraat, Amsterdam and entered their beautiful home.

Kehinde was very happy with the home Gbenga bought for them, the house has a total of five bedrooms. Gbenga furnished one of the rooms with over five hundred dresses, two hundred pairs of shoes from brands such as Louboutin, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Prada shoes, and fifty handbags from great brands too. Ope went to the bathroom, took off her clothes and dressed up, she wore a very tight lingerie from marlis deckers and a pair of very high heel Prada shoes with nice stockings just the way Gbenga likes it. Gbenga loves to spoil his wife with lots of gift such as very expensive lingeries from brands such as Victoria secrets, Hunke Moller, marlies dekkers, a night before her wedding, she wore a very expensive lingerie with a very high heel shoe just to please her husband, designer shoes from brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Louboutin and many more.

Gbenga worked into the living room, saw his wife wearing the lovely outfit, he said, wow, you look so beautiful my love, Ke walked to her husband and held him so tight, both of them had a nice dance while listening to jj cale and bob dylan songs.

The next morning, around five am, Gbenga went to the Albert Heijn shop in Wibautstraat to buy some food such as chicken, fresh orange juice, milk, eggs, bread, Salad, pizza, rice, Heineken beer and vegetables. When Kehinde woke up, she took her bath in the beautiful jacuzzi bathroom in their lovely apartment, later she went into the inbuilt home sauna and later went downstairs to clean the dishes, clean the entire house, do the laundry, iron clothes, and garden entirely and sat on the couch waiting for her beloved husband to come home.

Her husband Gbenga came home with a beautiful bunch of tulip flowers and groceries for his lovely wife. He said my sweetheart, here is a bunch of beautiful dutch flower for you. His wife was so happy and felt so blessed to have earned such a loving adorable husband that spoils and showers her with lots of love and care. She took the flowers, placed them in a jar, added some water and placed it properly in the living room.

Afterwards, she made her husband a very delicious breakfast. They both sat down on the sitting room dining table gazing at each other with a lot of love and admiration.

The next day, Gbenga said his boyfriend is coming to visit him. His name is Kola, Kola is Gbenga’s childhood friend, they both grew up in Ibadan and did everything together, for example both friends attended university of Jos in Nigeria and studied industrial chemistry. Ope was so excited to meet Kola, Gbenga has told her a lot about him, how kind he is, gives him the best business advice, whenever he needs anything done, Kola does it for him. 

On that afternoon, Kola came to visit us, Ke, Gbenga and Kola went to a cafe a few blogs away from our lovely home in Wibautstraat Amsterdam, we had a nice drink and ate some chicken. Kola had his eyes on Ke the whole time, his eyes glued to her very pretty Gucci high heel shoes she was wearing the very tight true religion jeans she wore. Ke was very shy and did not pay attention to his gaze. Finally Gbenga returned from the restroom after he finished easing himself. We talked about nice music from Bob Dylan, jjcale, Mary j Blige, Lenny Gravitz, Jennifer Lopez and Asa. Ke danced a little with Gbenga, Kola was watching both love birds and was greening from chin to chin.

After launch, Ke, Kola and Gbenga boarded a taxi and went to Amsterdam central station, they ate some nice snacks at a very popular lunch cafe in Amsterdam central station called febo, later they went to buy some nice souvenir such as MP3 player from media market Amsterdam, visited black is beautiful museum, Anna Frank museum, the zoo, the library, the canal, keukenhof, where they plant beautiful flowers. It was very late, so the three friends decided to book a room at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. It was a great experience. Gbenga and Ke spent the night together in the same room, while Kola took a separate room. That evening, Kola said , am celebrating my birthday and my mummy, daddy, my wife and children, colleagues from work would attend. Kehinde immediately ran into Kola’s arm and gave him a very nice tight hug and squeezed his back, patted his back. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. Kola felt so happy that he finally had the opportunity to have Ke in his arms, her skin felt so soft and she was wearing a Dior perfume. 

The next day Ke and Gbenga immediately rushed to the shopping centre in Amsterdam, bought Kola a nice pair of Armani shoes, nice Prada perfume,Gucci belt, We fashion blazers and a nice birthday card. The next day Ke and Gbenga visited Kola and gave him his birthday gift, he was so happy! 

Bunmi is the younger sister of Kehinde. Bunmi is her favourite sister and both sisters are very close. On Monday morning, Ke called her younger sister Bunmi whom lives in Lagos with her husband and four children, they both exchanged pleasantries, Bunmi asked ke to buy her Michael Kors wristwatch, some nice shoes and dresses, Ke happily accepted. During the afternoon, Ke went to Amsterdam city centrum and did some shopping for her self and her sister. She bought some nice perfumes for herself such as Dior, One million Paco Robanne perfume, Gucci and Chanel perfumes.

During the evening, her beloved husband came home, he said to his wife, coming weekend, my mummy, daddy, sisters and her kids would be visiting our lovely home. Kehinde was very happy she was finally going to meet the parent of his loving husband, she was also not sure if they would like her, Her husband family is from Osun state and Kehinde is from Abeo okuta in Ogun state. Although Kola was born and breed in Lagos state, Ke as well.

Bunmi is the younger sister of Kehinde. Bunmi is her favourite sister and both sisters are very close. On Monday morning, Kehinde called her younger sister Bunmi whom lives in Lagos with her husband and four children, they both exchanged pleasantries, Bunmi asked Ke to buy her Michael Kors wristwatch, some nice shoes and dresses, Ope happily accepted. During the afternoon, Opeyemi went to Amsterdam city centrum and did some shopping for her self and her sister. She bought some nice perfumes for herself such as Dior, Gucci and Chanel perfumes. During the evening, her beloved husband came home, he said to his wife, coming weekend, my mummy, daddy, sisters and her kids would be visiting our lovely home. Ke was very happy she was finally going to meet the parent of her loving husband, she was also not sure if they would like her, Her husband family is from Osun state and Ke is from Abeo okuta in Ogun state. Although Kola was born and bred in Lagos state, Opeyemi as well.

The next day, the parents and siblings of Gbenga came to their lovely home in Wibautstraat Amsterdam, they were very happy, they sat on the table and ate lots of amala and ewedu, chicken, rice, and fresh fish pepper soup. Few hours later, they left. Ke and Kola retired to the bedroom.

Kola needs to go back to Lagos Nigeria where he works. Kola works for Agip in Lagos Nigeria, an oil company. Kola is the assistant director of the company. On Monday morning, Kola and Ke went to Schipol airport to make some enquiries regarding ticket booking. On getting to the airport, Kola immediately bought business class tickets for himself and for his wife for the oncoming flight. On their way back to their car, Ke ran into her school mate, she exchanged pleasantries and Kola was excited to meet her. Her name is Kate. Kate is a very beautiful young lady in her early twenties with a very nice hot body and has a very sweet American accent when talks. Ke excused herself and went to the restroom, Kate secretly gave Kola her number in Kehinde’s absence. Few moments later, Ke came out of the bathroom and went home with her husband. 

The next morning, Kola secretly made an appointment with Kate and went into a hotel room with Kate in a very discreet hotel. Kola did not return home that night. Ke was very very worried, hence her first time of visiting Amsterdam, did not know where to go, she called her husband but his phone was switched off. The next morning Kola came back to his wife, his wife asked him, where are you coming from? He immediately confessed to her he said honey, i love you but i just cheated on you, Gbenga told Ke that he slept with Kate and that he was so sorry he said. Ke immediately accepted his apology. But she told herself she loves Kola more than anything in the world.

The next morning, kehinde woke up, she started thinking about what Kola did to her, wow, I can’t believe my eyes, so kola has the guts, the audacity to cheat on me, well, I must revenge. I am going to look up kola phone list, and sleep with his best friend. So at night, when Kola was sleeping, Kehinde quietly went through his phone, he saw Bayo’s number, Bayo is a very tall handsome black guy, very rich and well behaved. Ope took Bayo’s number, he called him up and invited him over to City hotel in Ibadan. Bayo went straight to her room. He did not ask any question such as, why did you want us to meet, is anything the matter? ke just called Bayo, she said to Bayo, Hello Bayo, please can we meet on Monday evening by 6pm in Ibadan at City hotel. Bayo said sure no problem. Bayo entered the bedroom of Ke, looking so mesmerising, he wore a Dior shoes, Dior jeans, Dior shirt, Dior hat and chanel perfume. Kehinde was wearing her very skimpy Marc Jacob dress she bought in London and a very high heel shoes from Louboutin and an underwear from Prada.

Bayo came into the bedroom and the first thing he did was grab Kehinde on the hands and gave her a nice kiss on her chin once, because in Nigeria, the kisses on the chin is once, while in The Netherlands the kiss on the chin is three times. 

Bayo has been a great friend to Kola and never disliked Ke for one bit, he has always advised his friend to take good care of his wife, keep to his word, avoid too much drinking, late nights, sleeping with other women, nagging, fighting, yabbing, Kola took his advice and has remained a good husband to Kehinde.

He has always advised Kola to be more sweet and kind to her, he did not arrange another woman for Kola or something like that. He apologised and sat down. 

They ordered drinks in the hotel, layed on the bed and watched tv. Ke said to her, since I have been married to Kola, he has never offered me a nice massage, I have always asked him to do so, but he refuses. He says all the time, real African men do not offer women massages, it is not in their culture.Please, I am having a terrible back ache and leg pain, please can you massage me, Bayo said sure! He said to her, sure, please I do not want to soil your channel dress, please can you take it off and wear something else, she accepted, and Bayo gave her a nice neck, back, shoulder massage. She felt so happy and fulfilled. She said to herself, wow, I have now my own revenge, my husband cheated on me and I have invited his friend to give me a massage, although she did not have any intercourse with him or neither did she said to Bayo, please can you sleep with me, she told herself, well, I did not cheat on him. Bayo did not ask her if she wanted to sleep with him either.

Kehinde went back to Lagos to her lovely home the next day. When she got back home, Gbenga asked her where are you coming from, she immediately told her husband everything that transpired between her and Bayo. Gbenga was not upset, he said, well, my loving wife, I have known you so well, I trust you and I know you will never cheat on me, so please feel free, whenever you want to see Bayo, you may go and see Bayo, and if possible you can invite Bayo over whenever you can so we three can sit on the sofa, drink beer together and if you need some leg, neck massage, Bayo can offer it to you at out matrimonial home. Ke was very surprised, she expected Gbenga to be upset, threaten to end the marriage etc but he was quite calm, she felt so proud that she made the right choice to marry such a loving and understanding man.

The moral of this story is that, men please be kind to your wife, give your wife the best care, love, understanding, me time and women be nice to your husband, be loving caring. Whenever you both have a misunderstanding, please do not remain in the house and allow the argument to escalate, rather, one of you may leave the house, rent a nice hotel or an airbnb accomodation and wait for a while until both parties are calm, afterwards please do reconcile! Another alternative is to seek the help of a counsellor or a shrink to help you with your issues.

Thank you for reading


Third short story book

The Tulip Flower

Once upon a time, Cynthia was a young teenage girl in her early teens, she just finished her secondary studies, she lived with her parents in a small town called Wuse Abuja. One morning on her way to do some groceries, she met Amanda,  Amanda is a young lady living close to Choice supermarket in Abuja where Cynthia does her groceries, Amanda said to Cynthia, I have seen you very often coming to do groceries here, Cynthia said to Amanda, yes, Choice supermarket is one of my favourite supermarket in Abuja, I also like to shop at Everyday supermarket and Park and shop supermarket in Abuja and victoria island Lagos Nigeria when ever I visit Lagos. Both ladies started chatting and exchanged phone numbers. The next morning, Amanda invited Cynthia to their lovely home. Amanda lives with her mum and dad and five other siblings, she said to Cynthia, I am very tired of living here in Wuse Abuja, I have been dreaming of visiting other great cities in the country. I do wish to visit another city such as Enugu, Port Harcourt or Lagos, so after much contemplation, Amanda and Cynthia decided to travel to Port Harcourt together. 

Both ladies contributed money and rented an apartment in Port Harcourt, there is this famous bar called the Pink cafe, both friends went there every evening to listen to nice blues songs. During the weekend they both went to a nightclub called Happy box in Port Harcourt to sit down and have a nice drink such as Guinness beer, heineken and dance the night away. At happy box nightclub, a lot of expatriates usually come there such as staff of companies from Onne, Intels, Agip, Saipem, Chevron all went to these cafes and of course some big boys in Port Harcourt. Both ladies bought some lovely dresses from collectibles and other shopping malls in Port Harcourt, spent thousands of Naira for clothes, pretty hair, jewelries and shoes, due to the fact that Amanda and Cynthia were very young, they enjoyed going to parties, events and wanted to look their best and so on.

The following week, Cynthia decided to apply for a university studies in The University of Port Harcourt, she gained admission to study Biology, she called her daddy in Abuja, she said Daddy, please I need some cloths at least two pair of jeans, two t-shirt, underwear, comb for my hair, money for soap , perfume and food. I do also need some money to pay for admission fees at the University of Port Harcourt and for the student accommodation, her daddy immediately sent five hundred thousand Naira to her Nigerian bank account.  Cynthia was so happy, she felt so happy to have great parents that buys her food, clothing, pays her school fees, accomodation and so on. The following day, she called her mummy and aunties, they all sent her some money to her bank account for travel costs, electricity bills etc. The next day she went to the university of port harcourt, wearing a very nice pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt she bought from a shop at Rumuola, close to Eligbam junction from the money her parent sent to her account, she also did her hair braids at a beauty salon very close to rumuokwuta junction. She felt so proud , very very happy and pretty She asked , one of the prospective students, please where is the admission office of biology student, the lady replied, walk straight on the hall, turn left, the first office on the right hand side, that is where you need to apply, she smiled and said thank you. She walked into the admission office, on the door was written mrs Okocha Ibe,  she knocked, Mrs okocha responded, please come in, she came in and smiled to Mrs okocha, Madam, please I do wish to apply for the course biology, I have my Neco and Waec result with me, I would like to submit it, Mrs okocha smiled and said, welcome to the university of Port Harcourt , I am very happy you chose to study with us. Mrs okocha collected her credentials, asked her to pay the sum of fifty thousand Naira for the admission fees, she told Cynthia , not to worry, I shall submit your credentials to the admissions office, you may come back two weeks time to check on the notice board outside my office in order to find out if you are one of the students admitted.

The next day, Cynthia followed Amanda to a very nice beauty salon close to Eligbam junction called Turkey salon. Amanda said she has a lot of scars on her waist and she wishes to cover it up with a tattoo, Cynthia told Amanda, please do not add a tattoo on your body, but Amanda insisted, she told Cynthia she wanted to look more trendy and get rid of the bad scars on her body with the tattoo. Cynthia escorted Amanda to the tattoo salon, helped her choose the tattoo design and Amanda got a huge tattoo worth two hundred thousand Naira then on her waist. Later Cynthia decided to get some little tulip flower tattoo as well on her back. Cynthia also got herself a nice piercing on her nose, her tommy and eyebrow tattoo. Cynthia felt so happy, trendy and stylish. Whenever she went to a pink cafe, she had all her girlfriends see her new brow tattoo, nose piercing and nice tattoo she had on, she was so proud. One evening, Cynthia was wearing a nice Dior brown dress and high heel Gucci shoes, she walked into a pink cafe and a Chanel wrist watch her previous American boyfriend bought for her , she bought herself a nice glass of Jack Daniel on the rocks. Amanda did not join her to the pink cafe, she travelled to Bonne island to spend the weekend with her Italian boyfriend called Paulo.

Cynthia was enjoying her drink. A few moments later, a man called Jack approached her, he told her he works with Saipam and that he is interested in being her boyfriend. Jack looked very handsome, wore very nice clothes. Both drank some drinks together in Pink cafe port Harcourt, later went home to relax together that evening.

The next morning, Cynthia walked to the street to get an okada( motorcycle) that would take her to her apartment in rumuokwuta. After thirty minutes of standing outside under the hot sun, Cynthia finally got an okada that took her to her room close to Rumuokwuta. Cynthia rented a very beautiful room in a boys quarter in rumuokwuta. She had her own kitchen and toilet in a very private, secured compound.

Sometimes she had friends and family members that came from Asaba and Benin to visit her And spend the night at her beautiful boys quarter. Cynthia had a very nice friendly landlord then, he was a chief and a honourable member of house of assembly in Port Harcourt, well respected and honoured in the community of that local government area. 

Few weeks later, Cynthia met an American man called Mark, who helped her pay for her home in port Harcourt and also Paid all the expenses of renting and furnishing her shop in port Harcourt. Her American boyfriend escorted Cynthia to her new shop at Eligbam junction, had a meeting with the owner of the shopping complex and paid for the shop and the interior decoration. Cynthia went to Aba, bought some nice shoes, hair extensions, wigs, slippers, perfumes. Cynthia was a very hard working student, she was able to pay her school fees with the money she earned from the shop. 

Few weeks later, Cynthia said admission in The University of Port Harcourt , she started her studies there, during her second year, she had a lot of workload, she had to write examination in biology, chemistry, statistics , physics, economics and other fun subjects, Cynthia decided to imply two ladies one lady from malabar, the other lady from delta state, both ladies started working for Cynthia in her top notch salon in Port Harcourt. Cynthia made a lot of money, paid for her rented apartment in port Harcourt, and her rented apartment at the university. Aside from being a beautician, Cynthia as a top model, she modelled often for some photographers in port Harcourt, 

My fourth short story book!

The young sexy bank Lady!

Once upon a time! Regina Halle Okolo started her new job at Bentley Bank in Newyork. Regina Halle Okolo is a young lady with very pretty long legs, long hair, flat Tummy and a very nice bosom. Immediately Regina walked into the office of the hiring officer Mr. Joseph Ashley , she was immediately hired. She had the prettiest smile, Mr. Joseph said to Regina, you are welcome to Bently bank, Regina smiled and said thank you. Mr Joseph told Regina Halle, one of the hiring procedure of our bank is that, you shall write an aptitude test. Halle wrote the aptitude test and passed.

Halle was very happy to have earned the job. She immediately went home and told her girlfriend Rose. Rose, I have earned a job . I am the new bank manager of Benty Bank. Rose  said congratulations  to Halle.  

Deep down , Rose was not happy. She also wanted to earn a job as a bank manager,  buy lovely perfumes from brands such dior, channel and Hugo boss, wear nice clothes from brands such as Hugo boss, Prada, Gucci and more, make new friends and have a very pretty car. So Rose said, I must stop this , I have to make sure she loses the position of a bank manager. I have to be the bank manager of bentley bank. 

Rose and Halle have been childhood  friends for over two decades, they both attended the same primary school and secondary school. Halle was more attractive  than Rose. Halle has the perfect shape, perfect dentition,perfect legs, perfect bosom,very pretty soft lips  and all the things a man likes in a woman, a nice smile, characters , humor and Charisma.

 Halle was supposed to start work the following week.Rose got all the necessary information she needed from Halle in regards  to her new job, address and so on.

The next morning , Rose went to Tina, her neighbour. She said to Tina , Halle has just gotten a new job, let’s find a way to make sure she does not acquire that position. As a matter of fact, I actually want the position myself. 

Tina said to Rose, well we have to come up with a plan. Tina told Rose, well, you have to apply for the same job position, Rose said no to Tina,I can not do that, Halle is going to find out I applied if I get the job eventually.  Finally realised she can not apply for the same role Halle applied for, in order to get a job in a bank, I need to have a very pretty leg, nice bosom, beautiful face and of course a nice decent height. She was just an average five feet tall lady and not so extrovert so she decided to go for plan b. She told herself, I am going to sleep over it and come up with a plan.

Tina said, yes,  you are right.  Well, I have got another plan. I am going to ask Doris, my younger sister who lives in Miami to apply for the same  job, at least Halle does not know her. Doris is a very beautiful young lady in her early twenties,  two feet tall, pretty long legs with an incredibly pretty face. I am sure if she goes and applies for the job, wearing a very nice tiny piece of suit with short skirt, she would earn the job.

Eventually Tina invited her sister who lives in Miami to Newyork, she applied for the job, she used her very pretty seductive body to seduce the employer and she got the job. The following week, when Tina went to resume work, she was  asked to go home, she asked why, she was told the position had been filled up.

Halle was quite sad she did not earn the job, so she kept applying for other jobs she could lay her hands on, finally she earned a job at ExxonMobil. She was offered four times the salary benty bank proposed to offer her. Wow, Halle joy knew no bounds. She was so thrilled. The next week, she went shopping, she went to Newyork shopping street and did a shopping  spree, she bought five chanel handbags, ten dior shoes, very pretty lipsticks, nice pair of trousers from the brand Celine, winter jacket from the brand Michael kors, some nice pair of jeans,  blazers and more.

Halle took her new job very seriously. She was the project manager for an offshore rig construction in Abu Dhabi.

She was working online, offline, onshore and offshore too. She also coached several expatriates from China, Holland with English language tutoring. Rose lived in the estate with some expatriates from India, China, France,  and from Germany. During the weekend, Rose would visit her expatriate friends, cook for them, keep them company for hours daily, sometimes they would go to restaurants, disco night clubs, jetty bars,  shopping sprees in Newyork and so on.

One day, Halle ran into her classmates, in the train, they both went to the University of california together, his name is Peter, a very nice young vibrant young man in his early thirties. Peter is an electrical engineer who owns an oil company called punk oil and gas. He has been self employed for many years and very successful at that. Peter helped Halle to secure an accommodation in one of the most beautiful housing complexes, bought her a bugatti and lamborghini car, bought over three houses in Newyork within the three weeks space of time they were dating. Peter and Rose were car hunting for three days before they decided to buy the bugatti and Lamborghini car. They went from one car garage to another, tested so many cars and finally Halle chose two beautiful cars from the last workshop they visited. Peter helped Rose to fix her home, the lamps, the paints in the house, the floor, her furniture and more. Peter was very happy to help Rose. Peter and Rose lived in the house after all the necessary renovations. Peter and Rose loved each other very much, they both slept in each other’s arms everyday, within a very short space of time, Peter and rose had three lovely children. One of the wonderful quality Rose loved so much about Peter is that, Peter is a wonderful cook, sometimes, Peter would leave his duties as the manager of Punk oil and gas, would rush back home to cook some very delicious meal for Rose, Rose would just sit back and relax in the living room, watching television while Peter prepared several delicacies for Rose.

Later that evening after both love birds has finished shopping for cars  spent over a week searching online and the beautiful fancy streets of New York, they decided to celebrate their newly bought babies. Peter called manhattan hotel Newyork reserved for an Indian cuisine, Peter decided to invite gabriel and his wife Patricia over for the nice dinner date in manhattan Hotel, they took a three course meal. Patricia and Rose are very close friends  both ladies used to work for a great real estate company in Florida, they both ride together in the car going and coming back to the real estate company, both ladies were very close and very  fund of each other.

After dinner, Peter and Halle decided to rent a hotel room in Manhattan hotel Newyork. Halle really loved the idea, she was so fond of Peter and enjoyed every little gesture he had towards her. For example, during her most recent birth, Peter bought Halle three samsonite boxes filled with shoes, clothes , makeup , perfumes, very high heeled shoes ( over twenty pairs in several colours, such as pink, blue, while, red, green) and lovely lingerie. Peter really loves Halle so much,whenever Halle is wearing her makeup in her bedroom or in the toilet, Peter would be staring at her with so much love and attention, he would always tell Halle how beautiful she was and Rose never failed to reward Peter with a dashing smile. Peter loves it so much when Halle dresses up like a doll for him, Rose sometimes would spend six hours to dress up, two hours for makeup, two hours to dress her hair up as a doll and few hours to select sexy outfits . When ever Rose dresses up so nice, Peter would take her for a nice outing inn Newyork, most times, they went to several night clubs in Newyork, and dance the night away. both lovers were so deeply in love with each other. During the evening or late night outings,  both love birds slept in top notch hotels in Newyork.

Peter and Hale decided to visit Europe for the very first time. Peter and Halle have lived in America for so many years, visited almost all the cities in the United States of America such as Florida, Philadelphia, Newyork, Pennsylvania, California, just to name it. So they decided to visit Scotland, Edinburgh to be precise, because the younger sister to Halle lives in Edinburgh with her family. Peter and Halle decided to visit Edinburgh in Scotland as a lovely gift to each other for the upcoming Christmas present. Peter and Halle and their kids usually celebrate Christmas with their kids at their home. Europe would be a lovely change, Peter, Halle and their three kids were so happy when they arrived in Scotland. They decided to stay at the Sheraton hotel in Edinburgh Scotland. Peter flew with their nanny, his wife and three kids from New York to Scotland. 

Their nanny Nancy is a young Chinese lady, very quiet, speaks basic English language, has a slender body and is well behaved. The nanny and the three kids of Peter stayed in a separate room while Peter and his wife stayed in the same room. Halle frequented the room very often. 

On Christmas Eve, the entire family went to different fun places at the hay market together, went for a bus tour, and visited various awesome  restaurants in Edinburgh. The entire family was so happy.

After Christmas, Peter and his family flew back to The United state of America, Halle earns a lot of money because she works with Exxonmobil, but Peter insisted on covering their trip. Peter spent over five thousand dollars for the flight tickets to and fro to Newyork and spent over five thousand dollars shopping for his lovely family. He bought his wife and three kids nice dresses, some perfumes, necklaces and more.

Peter and his family arrived at their home New York, went into their bedroom together, after some basic night time routine, Halle changed into a very skimpy nightwear, went to the stereo ,put up a nice music of Celine dion, started singing in a low tone, cos I am your lady, you are my man, slowly cropped into the bed and held Peter so tight he looked deep into Peter’s eyes and said, baby, I love you so much, I feel so happy to be your wife and I am very happy to be the mother of your three children. But I wish to ask you for a favour, Peter said, what, please go ahead, Halle smiled and said, Peter, since eight years we have been married, I have never had the chance to do anything at all by myself, we literally do everything together, use the toilet almost at the same time, brush our teeth the same time, take our shower together everyday, work almost everyday, I love our routine do not get me wrong she said, but I do need a me time, as a matter of fact, I do want to travel to Paris alone,  do some shopping, go skiing, start a computer lesson, I do want to learn how to build websites, webshops and so on and found a decent school online in Paris whereby I can learn some new skills, do some paintings and off course start writing again. 

Peter said no way, Halle, I love you so much, You are a beautiful lady,  I can not afford to lose you, I want to eat, drink, sleep with you every single day, I want to wake up next to you every morning, I want to hold you tight everyday in my arms. I just can not afford to be without you baby. I am so used to you, I fall asleep everyday in your arms, sleeping again without you at night would not be easy for me. Halle tried to convince Peter but to no avail, she decided to start a phd degree programme at University of California. Peter agreed, she started her phd programme in microbiology, at the university of california, she went to school from New York to california by public transport.

Halle and Peter have been together for almost twenty years now, Halle has told Peter she really wants them to spice things up in the bedroom, bring in more fun, perhaps try new ideas in regards to love language, Halle’s dress sense, body language, speech and scent for Peter. Peter brought up and idea, he said why don’t we find a nice couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, who are very young, trendy and vibrant who would guide us on how to spice things up in the bedroom, Halle said, I totally agree with you. So David went online, he went to an European dating site in Amsterdam, saw a nice young student couple there, flew them into New York and had them teach him and Halle some bedroom fun lessons. The young couples works with an international bank in Amsterdam, the lady’s name is Joan, she is a nice young dark skin lady, with nice bosom, long legs, pretty lips and cute smile, the young man was about five feet tall, chocolate skin, very handsome and brilliant, both young couples were studying banking and finance at the university in Amsterdam.

After six months of intensive lessons, Peter and Halle were professionals, their bedroom life improved and both couples were very happy. David covered all the expenses in terms of travel cost of the two young couples whom he flew from Europe to Newyork for some intensive coaching.

One day on her way to the university from New York to university of california, Halle was involved in a ghastly accident, over forty persons were sitting in the bus, a big huge trucks hit the bus Halle was sitting in, the two vehicles collided, immediately the two drivers of the trucks died and ten other passengers, some of the passengers limbs were broken into two places, some were deeply cut into two on their stomach, fortunately for Halle, due to the fact that Halle was sitting at the back of the vehicle, Halle had a very deep cut on her leg and several bruises. When Hallle was younger, she had fallen severally on a bike, she had several scars on her body but the bus accident was more significant. Halle and several other victims of the accident laid on the street of california, immediately someone called ambulance, ambulance immediately took the corpse of the ten dead bodies of the accident to the hospital, Halle was taken to the hospital in california, after one week, Halle went to her mother, Halle’s mummy took care of Halle for six good months.

Halle had to lay on the couch for six good months for recovery. Halle called Peter in New York whom was taking good care of Halle’s kids with their Chinese nanny and told him what happened, he was very much in shock, he felt bad that such terrible incidence happened to his wife, he felt so bad since that moment and had always felt guilty for everything that happened, he felt everything that happened to Halle was his fault, he should have stopped her from going to that university he told himself, I warned you Halle, I asked to stay back here with me in New York, no long trips, but you would not listen. Halle’s entire body was shattered, she suffered serious internal bleeding and bruises.

After six months, Halle recovered, she failed a lot of courses due to the fact she mixed lessons while she had her accident, but she recovered pretty well and went back to Newyork to spend time with her loved ones after several checkups at her doctors place in New York. After that accident, Peter found it too difficult to forgive himself, he became too over protective of Halle, he made sure Halle did not go out with friends all the time, made sure Halle did not travel to long distance journey all by herself, provided enough help at home such as a cleaner, cook, driver and a babysitter whenever Halle travelled, Peter became worried, but Halle always assured Peter she is fine, she loves to study and improve her mental health . Halle is a very strong lady, she never gave up, kept her head up and was very optimistic, she completed her phd studies in microbiology, saved her marriage and kept working for Exxonmobil.

The moral of this short story is that we always value true love! Love is a beautiful thing. Please do stand by your loved ones no matter their circumstances, everyone needs the best love, support and care ever they can get never neglect or criticise anyone with uniform of inabilities or impairment because some were caused by accident they never wished for or were born with it, he or she never asked God to create them the way they are!


Fifth short story book

Bello and His Wives

Bello is a young handsome vibrant hardworking man, he works as a fish seller in Zambia. Bello has lots of money, his dad was once the president of Zambia. He has over twenty fleets of cars. All the girls in Zambia wants to date Bello because of his handsomeness, charisma and for his wealth, but due to the fact that Bello was raised by a God fearing family, he was well disciplined and did not womanise. His family were one of the few christians in the northern part of Zambia.

Bello went to Shani hair salon in Zambia, met Amina, fell in love with her, he married her. Amina was nineteen years old when they got married, Bello and Amina did a church and traditional marriage in Zambia, after the marriage both couples travelled to London for a honeymoon.

Due to the political unrest in Zambia, Amina and Bello decided to buy a nice home in London and reside there.

Bello was twenty four years old when they got married. Bello is the only heir of his parent. He made four beautiful baby girls with Amina. Amina and Bello were very happy couple.

Amina loves being a full time housewife. She decided not to attend university studies, rather she chose to stay home and take good care of the beautiful girls she bored for Bello.

Bello’s parent whom still resides in Zambia were quite unhappy with the decision bello took. Bello is the only son of his parent. His parent were very rich and Bello was their only son.

During the summer of 2010, the mummy of Bello decided to fly from Zambia to visit bello and his wife in London. She visited them for holidays. Below was very happy that his mummy came to visit them in London, at least they would have a helping hand in regards to baby sitting their lovely daughters. One afternoon, Bello sat down with his mummy in the living room.

6th short story

Mary and the mysterious man

Mary is a young beautiful sixteen years old lady, she got married with Noah in Ontario Canada when she was seventeen years old.

Mary is a nice lady, she likes dancing, singing and wearing very pretty skimpy little dresses.

Naoh fell in love with Mary the very first day he saw her. Mary was equally in love with him.

Mary has a very beautiful mummy, Mary’s mummy always visited Mary and to keep them company and spent quality time together and cook for them at least 5 times in a year in Canada.

Naoh is a billonaire, Naoh likes to dress up really nice and he also likes to see Mary dress up real nice. Both loves instagram very much, they did posted lots of stylish pictures of themselves on instagram.

Naoh bought Mary Rolls Royce and ferrari because Mary is his loving wife .

Few year later, The lost and found previous lover of Mary moved in to town.

His name is Mathew, Mathew loved Mary very much. Mathew and Mary started dating when Mary was just sixteen years old. Mary and Mathew did not consumate the relationship because they were very little.

Mathew heard via someone that Mary lives in Ontario Canada, he decided to trace her down to Ontario Canada and rented a mansion close to the home of Mary and Jacob, he also paid several men lots of money to keep their eyes on Mary because he was a very jealous love. Mathew loves Mary very much and did not care if she was married, he never wanted any other man to talk to Mary, no mechanic should talk to Mary, no teacher should talk to Mary , no electrician should talk to maryy, no one except him. He was exceptionally possessive and over protective of Mary when they were teenage lovers then. He wanted to destoy the marriage of Mary by all means nice he moved to Canada, he said to himself, if he can not have Mary, no one else would.

Mathew was practically obsessed with Mary ignoring the fact that Mary is the wife of someone else.

He said to himself, when Mary was sixteen years old a very little teenage girl, she promised to marry him, they even planned to make alot of babies together after marriage. Mary has a another man in her life, he was very upset.

He came up with a plan, Noah has a fashion shop on the high streets of Canada where he sells top notch brands of cloths such as hugo boss dior gucci and prada shoes belt and more.

Mathew met Rebecca the owner of the shopping complex. He rented the same shop exactly the same shop Jacob has.

He furnished the shop with expensive wrist watches. He hired a sales girl. He came up with a plan to win the heart of Mary back his teenage lover.

Mathew decided to visit the shop of Jacob, when he buys prada shoes, gucci shoes, dior perfume for himself, he decided to buy for Jacob as well.

He was monitering all the novement of Jacob, any hotel Jacob rented, that was where Mathew would go, any restaurant, spa thats were Mathew went. He was so obsessed with everything Jacob was doing.

Any male friends Jacob had, thats the friends Mathew had.

Naoh noticed how nice Mathew had , he was so happy with Noah, they both decided to hang out more together, sometimes they would spend the night in a hotel together in seperate rooms, go to the same restaurant together, went to the same gymnastic together, cook together, enjoyed chinese food together they both really enjoyed the company of each other.

Mary started noticing the change of behavoir of Naoh, he started coming home by 9pm instead of the usual 5pm. He comes home every night drenched in alcohol. When ever mary complains he scolded her and asked her to mind her business.

Mary was worried, one night when Naoh was sleeping , he saw so many pictures jacob took with Mathew , she was very shocked.

She also went through the phone and saw all the times Naoh and Mathew has been calling each other.

She became very worried. She decided to secretly call Mathew and have fun with him.

The next day, she called Matherw, Mathew was so excited to hear the beautiful soothing voice of Mary, He said, oh Mary, I am so happy to hear your voice, I love you so much, I missed you, he said much (kisses) via the phone to Mary, Mary was equally happy to hear his voice. They planned to meet in a nice hotel in Newyork one week later, a nice get away together, Mathew immediately booked a flight ticket for Mary and himself, both met each other at Novotel hotel Newyork, exchanged pleasantries, discussed their fun activities they both did when she was fourteen years old and later feel asleep in each other’s arms. Mary realised he still loves Mathew, the next day he called Jacob her husband, told him she would be away for two weeks, he acccepted

Mathew spoilt Mary with several gifts such as Dior bags, shoes, Diamond jewelries, Rolex watches, clothing from Prada and gave her credit card gift of one hundred thousand dollars worth. Mathew said to Mary, please divorce Naoh and Marry me, I am going to make you the happiest woman on earth.

One month later after quality time with Mathew, Mary became pregnant, she was not sure if she was pregnant for the man that has already married her, Naoh or if she was pregnant for her old flame Mathew, she was so biased.

Eventually she had the baby, it was for Mathew, Naoh know immediately because the baby looks so much like his new friend, he confronted Mary, Mary told him about Mathew, how they met and so forth, Naoh said, wow, I understand. I am not mad at you, as a matter of fact Mathew is also my friend, Mary said, I already know, I saw his contact on your phone, and he has visited our home, and I see how you people work together at the shopping complex.

Both couples whole heartedly accepted Mathew as a family friend, the three friends had so much great time together! Sometimes, Mathew will ask his driver or gardener to bring flowers to Mary, and Mary was so happy she has two men that loved her. One was married to her and the other was her old school love, she could not afford to lose her marriage and return to her first love, she explained to her husband and her husband accepted.

Their children lived together as one in the same home, everyone visited each other home, Naoh said to Mary, always feel free to visit Mathew, but you shall forever be my wife!

Short story books in dutch

Het verlegen model

Er was eens een heel erg verlegen model, ik! Ik kon niet catwalken, ik kon mijn make-up niet doen en ik was heel erg verlegen!

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