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Find below awesome products and lovely stories of my makeup redevous!
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Ekene Patience

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1. Benefits cosmetics
2. Tarta cosmetics
3.Yves rocher
4.Mac cosmetics
Dior Barcelona

Wearing nice skin care and cosmetics items is advised.
Mac cosmetic is very popular in many cities. Anastasia beverly hills is also a great makeup brand.
Mac cosmetics is polularly known in Africa, europe and beyond.
For example, if you want to buy mac cosmetics you can buy it at mac shop in Lagos Nigeria or at Mac cosmetic shop in Amsterdam.

You can also buy mac cosmetic at Newyork.

I am a certified beauty, and health cosultant, if you do want to learn about the best skincare items, cosmetics, parfums and makeup items ideal for you please contact me.


  1. Sephora
  2. Dior
  3. ici Parisxl
  4. Mac Cosmetics
  5. Douglas
  6. Jacklyn Hills Makeup

You may want to shop for fabulous makeup online or via offline from these awesome shops mentioned above.

Makeup is essential for every lady.

I have used makeup items from some of these above-mentioned makeup brands, I liked their makeup very much and i do recommend you do so.

Makeup helps lady to boost their confidence and also enhances women’s beauty.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

I am a beauty and it consultant, please contact me if you need more info related to makeup.

Do find out more about my favorite makeup brands on my website Black Noir and on my fabulous beauties


  1. Kylie Cosmetics
  2. Dior
  3. Gucci
  4. Mac cosmetics
  5. Too faced cosmetics
  6. Chanel
  7. boozy shop

You may be able to shop for these above-men.tioned makeup brands from ici parisxl MiddelburgDouglasbol.comboozy shop or from mooie Perfumerie in Vlissingen.

Shopping for great makeup brands is very important. Mac cosmetics and these other brands are known worldwide for great makeup items and for the uniqueness of the makeup items.

I like using makeup from these above-mentioned brands and I do recommend you use makeup items from these above-mentioned brands.

Makeup is recommended for models and for ladies who does wants to enhance their beauty. Makeup can be worn for birthday party, photoshoots and for dinner dates.


There are six top makeup brands I do recommend for dark skin models in my own opinion;

  1. Loreal Foundation from kruidvat in Rotterdam or Middelburg
  2. Dior foundation from ici parisxl in breda
  3. Smash box eye shadow from ici parisxl in Middelburg
  4. Maybelline lipstic from etos Middelburg or from Etos Vlissingen
  5. Kiko milano  lipstick from kiko beauty shop amsterdam
  6. Face cleanser from the body shop Rotterdam

These above mentioned makeup items looks fabulous on dark skin model. You may aslo be able to purchase makeup items that might sooth light skin too..

It is very important to use day and night skin, keep your skin hydrated. Makeup helps women to enhance their beauty. Are you living in Lagos Nigeria, you may shop for nice makeup items from Spar super market in victoria island.

Are you a dark skin model, I do advice you shop for these makeup items from the above mentioned shops.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


1. Dior
2. Sephora
Mac Cosmetics
4. Jumia
6. Ici Paris xl
8. Me gorgeous

Makeup helps with enhancing the beauty of a woman.  Jeffree star, Estee lauder, Rimmel London, Nyx and Jacklyn Hills create very beautiful makeup videos on YouTube and has their own makeup line. You can shop for the makeup items from Estee Lauder, Nyx, Jacklyn hills and from Jefree star on their websites. Women loves makeup.

All women love to treat themselves with so much love, care, tenderness and all women deserves a loving, caring and understanding man. All women need to be told they are worthy and deserves so much love and attention. Women loves men that buys them nice lipstick, nice perfumes and more!

When using makeup, make sure you use makeup according to the occasion. You can wear light makeup look for going to work, you may want to wear a little bit of extra makeup if you do have a party.

Please do watch great makeup artist on YouTube so that you may be able to improve your makeup artistry skills. Makeup artist such as Beauty by jj Carli by bel, Manny Mua, Patricia bright, Michelle Phan is great makeup artist known worldwide.

Do remember to wash your makeup brush regularly. You can use warm water and a little bit of soap for washing your makeup items.


There are five top makeup artist you might need to watch to learn makeup artistry from

1. James Charles

2. Nikkis tutorial

3. Michelle Phan

4 Beauty by jj

5.Oma beĺle tv

Kylie Jenner is also a great makeup artist. She also has her own makeup line, so does Michelle phan.

I am beauty consultant and a mua. Please do contact me if you need my services


  1. Douglas at Middelburg
  2. Ici Parijs At Middelburg
  3. The Body shop Goes
  4. Rituals cosmetic shop in Middelburg
  5. Mooi parfumerie Vlissengen
  6. Mary Kay
  7. Kruidvat Middelburg

These above mentioned cosmetic shop has great cosmetics for a refined skincare regime from brands such as Be cosmetics,  channel, dior, gucci and more.  Aside from Middelburg and Goes, these above mentioned shops has branches in other cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda and other cities in The Netherland.  You may want to buy makeup and skin care items for very dark melanin skin or fair skin from Kruidvat or Etos in The Netherlands. You may want to buy nice skin care items from brands such as Nivea, Dove from Jumia in Nigeria. Rituals has very nice skincare items such as the body scrub, body wash etc.

Are you travelling soon? You may buy nice perfumes as well at schipol airport or at qatar airport. I do recommend perfumes from brands such as dkny, channel, dior, guerlin, absolutely great frangrance.


  1. Danielledicksonmakeup artist
  2. Makeup by Nadia
  3. Onyx makeup artist glasgow
  4. Makeup by erin

Makeup is very important for women, makeup can help a woman look more attractive and fabulous.

You may decide to wear simple day makeup look or you may decide to be very creative and wear makeup in a stylish artistic manner.

I like makeup from brands such as Kiko, Louis vulton, ysl, channel, dior and more. You may want to buy kiko cosmetics from De Benhams Glasgow or at Kiko shop.  Brands such as loreal , maybelline can be bought at superdrugs in Glasgow or any other city in uk.


Hi friends, i am going to share with you ideas on how to become a great makeup artist such as nikkis tutorial, manny mua, jefree star , beautybyjj , shirley b eniaag, dimma umeh, ekene patience house of tara

1. You need to attend a prestigious makeup school such as Tara makeup school.
Tara also offer makeup items to their student and allow them to pay installmentally. The students can then pay later, Before house of tara student finishes their study or payment, the tara student can already use the makeup or travel abroad with it, such as travel to lagos, ghana and senegal to do the makeup of their client. While they payoff the loan of makeup installementally every month.

2. You need to practise. Practise makes perfect. Remember, you need to take good care of your skin. You can use great face cleanser from biotherm, clinique or other brands.
3. Do wash your body and hands when you use the makeup, also please wash your hands when applying makeup on the model.Please use great brands for makeup such as makeup studio makeup, mac cosmetics makeup, the body shop , dior , armani and so on.

4. If you want to become a professional makeup artist, you can do your makeup tutorial and post them on YouTube. You may also want to visit makeup shops in rotterdam if you do want to buy awesome makeup such as makeup from the brand the body shop.
Are you planning a wedding soon in lagos Nigeria, please contact Tara soon for your makeup.

Would you like to watch me wear makeup or wold you like to learn about makeup artistry , please contact  me.

p.s. I offer basic dutch and English lessons, if you are interested in learning simple English and the Dutch language, please contact me!


Hello! Below are some cool real estate companies in my own opinion, this topic is not related to makeup, but come to think of it, you need a lovely home for your very cool makeup items.

1. John D Wood
Cross and Churchill
3. Regus

These above real estate management companies are great, has international presence, has brilliant customer service and experience.

Applying makeup is fun. I have been wearing makeup for over two decade. I enjoy wearing makeup because make up has enabled me to feel better, more confident, happier and self assured. I have given a lot of coaching regarding the best makeup to apply, quality makeup items, techniques, skincare and more. Below are list of cool items I use during my makeup look this year;


These are the items I use to create my awesome makeup looks for this year 2020.

  1. Mascara from Rituals
  2. Dior Lipstick
  3. Foundation from Mac
  4. Blush from Mac
  5. Eyeshadow from Jefreestar
  6. Eyeshadow from Urban Decay
  7. Eye pencil from Rimmel London
  8. Bronzer from Mac
  9. Eye Liner from Mac
  10. A primer from Pond cosmetics
  11. Finishing spray from Mac.
  12. Revolution Finishing powder from Boozyshop
  13. Concealer from la girl from Boozyshop
  14. Mac Powder
  15. Too Faced eyeshadow
  16. Ilash eyelashes
  17. Loreal foundation and powder

I also use other brands such as Rituals face wipes for removing my makeup, rituals face wash for washing my face. But these items listed above are the common beauty items I use for creating my makeup. I am a certified beauty consultant with a diploma in Makeup, Cosmetics, Perfume and Skincare from the prestigious beauty school Beauty Partners in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I did work and did my internship at Kruidvat, Detuinen, Mooie Parfumerie and Parfum star in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Today, I am going to share with you great cosmetics, makeup and perfume I really like this month of August. August 2021 has been a great month so far. The weather in The Netherlands is  great,  lots of fun places to visit such as holiday homes of Roompot, Boulevard, cool hotels such as Piccard hotels Vlissingen, Van Der Valk, Fletchers,  Hotel domburg, Hotel westduinen, nice shopping centre in Middelburg.

Below are list of cool items I truly like this month of August 202

  1. Nyx mineral powder
  2. Nyx lipgloss
  3. Guess seductive perfume
  4. E45 body lotion
  5. Body scrub and body lotion from Rituals
  6. My cool short story books, pictures and videos in usb stick
  7. Creating cool contents on Youtube for you guys!
  8. Offering Basic English language and dutch lessons

I am a beauty, it business and health consultant. If you do need advice on the best cosmetics that suits your dry skin, please contact me. I am also a photomodel. if you do want to have my photos and videos in a lovely portable usb stick, please contact me.

If you do have some skin discolouration, or really dry skin, please visit your dermatologist.



Hello muffins! You all must have noticed, winter is around the corner, autumn is almost over! I love wearing Mac lipstick, eyeliner,lipliner,concealer, foundation, blush etc. I also recommend black opal powder, concealer and foundation for dark skin ladies. Ysl, Blackup, Maybelline, Loreal are also great makeup brands. During the winter period, a good leather jacket from Omoda is a good buy. Primark has awesome clothing, manicure items and shoes for very affordable prices. In my video tutorials, you would find some cool handbags you can wear for this season. Spending money on good quality handbags is a must, because it would last for decades. Few years ago, when I was still married, I used to get a lot of present from my hubby then such as handbags etc. Well if you do not have high income for high end products such as expensive bags, perfumes, you may want to save up and give your self a nice present everymonth, its a nice way to reward your awesome self.

Some good brands of bags are Gucci, Prada, Louis Vulton, Cartier, Michael Kors, DKNY, some cool perfumes for winter period is Channel, Chloe, Dolce and Gabana and Hugo boss. Sephora, Douglas, Ici parijs are great retailers. For Men, Channel perfume, Hugo boss, Calvin Klein are good buy.

It is also going to be very chilly during the winter period, drinking lots of hot thee, reading and listening to audio books and spending quality time with friends and family members is an awesome way to be happy this season.

I hope you are inspired!!!

Only you Eye shadow – Ici – Parisxl


Hey loves, my piece of advice to you today is just be your self, because the minute you be yourself you become more fabulous! Do not let anyone change your personality, uniqueness, talent just because they want you to be like them. If you are yourself, you are more fantastic, more lovable.

My second advice is never to judge a book by its cover! I love making lovely pictures in several attires, it does not mean I am not focused, intelligent or dumb. I am very representative at all niveau! Making pictures and video is my own hobby and also how I love to express myself. Inspring youth my creativity gives me inner joy!.


Hey loves, I would like to start this topic by giving you guys some word of encouragement. My piece of advice to you is just be your self, because the minute you be yourself you become more fabulous! Do not let anyone change your personality, uniqueness, talent just because they want you to be like them. If you are yourself, you are more fantastic, more lovable.

My second advice is never to judge a book by its cover! I love making lovely pictures in several attires, it does not mean I am not focused, intelligent nor dumb. I am very representative at all niveau! Making pictures and video is my own hobby and also how I love to express myself. Inspring youth my creativity gives me inner joy!.

See Photos and videos to inspire you – Here

Cool Item A Lady Needs in 2020

One of the main reasons I love The Netherlands, and also other European countries is due to the fact you get to find great quality cosmetics, clothing items, makeup, and more. Below are some cool items, in my opinion, a lady should have

  1. Nice clean hair, Do wash your hair daily with nice shampoos such as Andrelon, Rituals or Loreal shampoo.
  2. Makeup such as Dior Lipstick, eyeshadow from Urban decay, ici Paris, Biotherm cream, Nivea body wash and so on
  3. Underwear. Hunke Moller does sells great lingeries and underwear for ladies
  4.  A nice winter jacket, nice shoes, jeans, t-shirt, body spray and at least one good perfume from a great brand such as Dior, Channel, Gucci or Giorgio Armani
  5. A nice per of jeans and T-Shirt
  6. A nice dress
  7. Toiletries such as shaving stick, body spray, face scrub, tampons, face wash, makeup remover and so on

In order to maintain. a great relationship, marriage, or friendship, you need to look tidy and well kept for your loved ones, kids, husband, for the job interview, or for working from home. There is an adage, that says, looking good is a great business.

I do love wearing makeup and nice outfits. It makes me feel beautiful! I started wearing makeup over two decades ago. My makeup look hs changed over the years. My makeup look varies, sometimes i wear smokey eyes, sometimes golden blue eyeshadow, sometimes red lipstick, and sometimes pink. I also love to wear blush, pink or red blush from Mac. Whenever I enter the makeup counter, I am always excited. Eight years, ago, I worked in a makeup shop in Rotterdam, there I tried several lovely makeup items.  It was a great thrill!  I am so happy I can apply my makeup look myself.

I got to learn how to apply makeup professionally about a decade ago at the prestigious beauty school called Beauty Partners. During my studies at Beauty Partners, I learned how to apply makeup on my face, I also applied makeup on several other models, I also learned how to take care of one’s skin professionally ( male and female) such as how to remove makeup from the face, how to steam, apply masker on the face, scrub,  great brands for day and night cream. I also learned about cool perfumes for male and females. I worked briefly for Mooi parfumerie in Rotterdam. I am so happy I spent one good year doing the study.

Aside from the diploma I earned as a beauty consultant, I spent five years studying biochemistry in Nigeria, spent roughly five years ago studying international business and management studies in Rotterdam, and then I spent one-year studies for my master’s studies with the University of Dundee in Scotland. In my free time, I coach persons regarding health, beauty, business-related topics.

Would you like to practice English or dutch language with me, consult with me regarding, beauty, fashion, makeup or other topics, please do contact me?

Email –
Whatsapp- +31683059224




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